June 2, 2015

LOA: The White Rose

It was late at night and I was in bed imagining a rose. Using my senses to the best of my abilities I was seeing, touching, and smelling specifically a white, beautiful blooming rose. The Universe says, ask and ye shall receive, and now I have that beautiful rose in my hands 🙂

If you’ve seen or read The Secret then you know what I’m referring too. The Law of Attraction (LOA) states that whatever you think you will  attract. No matter if good or bad. That’s why when you think you have started with bad luck in the morning, it will continue the same way throughout the day. You think bad, then bad things will happen. And vice versa, if you think good, then good things will happen. We have the power to create or own reality.

How does it work you might ask? Well, we are part of this Universe. The same elements that stars are made of, we have them too. Like the nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, and our atoms comes from stars are just to name a few. As you can already see, we are part of the whole thing. And even people that are part of history now like Thomas Edision, and Albert Einstein said that the brain is a transmitter and a receiver of energy and frequency.

“We are made of star stuff.”

So to put things into perspective, think about when you switch channels on your tv from the remote control…. you don’t really know how it works, but you know it does. And what about when you change radio stations?…. Same thing, without knowing the whole concept you know it works too. So sSame way with our thoughts and emotions we are attracting circumstances into our lives.

A few weeks ago I wanted to put it into practice again. I had forgotten how good it felt. I seem to concentrate more at night time when I feel comfy under my bed blanket, and everything is quiet. Selena’s favorite flowers were white roses and I was thinking it would be great to attract a rose into my life. I began to use my senses to feel like if I actually had one in my hands. I’ve done this before and in the past I have been able to attract a pink tool kit, a new camera, a spandex, and even more flowers. I know these are silly things but first I want to start with the small things before I get into the bigger things.

To time it takes to manifest something might take from a few days to a few weeks. It all depends how much you believe. When you want to attract anything just believe it will happen without questioning the how or when. In this case it took about a month.

Yesterday I attended an elegant wedding reception and as I was bringing the flowers home I immediately remembered what I had asked for, a white rose. I had an immediate surge of excitement and I was truly happy. I had asked for one but got two instead :)))

Next thing I’m going to attract into my life will be a specific book that I’ve had in mind for a while. Today at night I will be using the same technique.

Thanks for reading and here’s a cool video of a guy talking about the amazing things he’s been able to attract into his life.

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