April 6, 2015

March Movies

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One of my goals for 2015 was to see at least one movie per week. I’m not a movie person, and if you ask me about recent movies or mention an actor, most likely I don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course I know about well known actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Lautner, and females like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, but that’s because they’re my faves. I just don’t know a lot of names. I have other interests and watching movies wasn’t one of them. In the past I enjoyed horror movies, but not anymore. It disrupts with my inner tranquility and can get into your subconscious mind sometimes creating bad dreams. I notice I tend to like movies that are sci-fi or futuristic, involving high-tech or robots. Things that can possibly exist in the advanced future. But I also like romance, and stories based on a true story. So these were the movies I got to see in March and would recommend in you haven’t seen them…..

2014 In Your Eyes
I actually saw this movie last day of February. This was recommend by a user on a Facebook group just at the same time that I was searching for a movie to watch. I looked up the trailer and immediately knew I wanted to see this movie. It’s about a young guy that has the wrong group of friends, and a young woman married to a successful man. They start hearing voices in their head, thinking it’s their inner voice. They also feel pain or see flashes of events. They soon learn it’s someone else they’re communicating with. They end up having long conversations every day using their mind and soon they create a special bond.

2006 Blood Diamond
This movie is based on the true story behind the diamond industry. It has graphic scenes that made me almost want to turn away. It starts with a married couple with three children. Soon their village is taken over by the rebels and taking many of them as slaves to harvest diamonds. Throughout the whole movie it has gruesome parts and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The main character Vandy is determined to reunite with his family once again and with the help of Archer they start working together. Only thing is, Archer is willing to help Vandy if he recovers one of the biggest diamond pieces he had hidden. This movie made me depreciate the value of diamonds. It’s a beautiful stone but it’s not worth all the cruelty behind it.

2015 Cinderella
I saw this movie at the movie theater with my sister and little Lyn second day of release. From seeing the trailer it seemed like a great movie, and it was! I was amazed by everything! The outfits, the dresses, the palace, the golden carriage, and the glass heels. What’s not to like about this movie? It brought me smiles and tears. It had some sad parts, as well as some happy ones. One of my favorite scenes had to be the first time Cinderella met the prince. I also liked the scene after the ball dance and they went into a secret garden. I even enjoyed seeing the mice, but I would have liked to see more of the birds that were a big part of the story as well. The animals don’t talk in this version as in the original one. Other than that I know I will be buying this movie when it comes available in stores.

1997 Rough Magic
I was browsing through my tv channels when I stumbled upon this movie. If it has magic, most likely I’m going to like it. And this movie offers that. One of the main characters is a classy beautiful woman that has talent for magic after she drinks a special potion. She is about to marry a wealthy man that will offer her everything. In the midst of everything she meets a detective and they soon feel attracted to each other. This movie offers symbolism scenes, one of them when she took out her ‘heart’ (a heart poker card) and flushed it down the toilet. She literally was alive with no heart beat and her skin was cold. This movie will keep you interested and make you wonder what’s going to happen next.

So far so good as to completing one of my goals, and that is to see at least one movie per week. This week I have also started watching an anime called Eve no Jikan. It’s been years since I last saw a full anime series. This is short with about seven episodes and it’s about families having robots to help them out with daily tasks. What they don’t know is that these robots like to spend time at a cafe where they don’t have to feel like a robot and feel like any other human.

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