January 18, 2015

My 2015 Goals!

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Initially I wasn’t going to post this as I never make my goals public. But this year I thought why not? It will be kind of my way to document my progress and it will be my motivation to keep going! To not give up, and that I can do it!! So here it goes….

Reach 105 pounds!!
My goal is to go from 90 to 105 pounds! My normal weight had always at around 102. In 2009 when I gave birth to Little Lyn I even reached 115!! Breast feeding truly helped me loose weight to go down to 105. That’s the weight I really enjoyed. About three years ago I made a new lifestyle change, I went vegan! Ever since then I have felt my best, but it made me loose even more weight and I honestly miss the figure I used to have. So more carbs it is!

Commit to eye exercise.
It can get boring to depend on eye glasses and contacts after you have been wearing them for so many years (15 years in my case). Not to mention the time it takes to drive to see the doctor, wait to go into the office, and pay for the costs. The same way we exercise to get abs I think eyes that is composed of muscles can regain strength again! This video motivated me!

Read a new book every month.
I have a long list of books to read. I enjoy reading non-fiction. Books that are going to help me become a better person or make me learn more about myself. Some of the titles on my list to read are: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The New Earth, Linchpin, The Alchemist, Mastery of Love, etc. (You see the theme.)

Sleep 8 hours per night.
I have been so bad at this. Sleeping five or four hours per night. Advantages: I get more things done. More photo editing, video editing. Disadvantages: I break out, I don’t smile as often, sleepy at work. My goal is to go to bed by 11 pm and wake up every morning as usual at 7 am.

Learn French!
I took three years of French back in high school. But that was a looooooong time ago! Sadly I can say I almost forgot everything. I will be using Duolingo app to start learning again!

Work solely from home. 
I feel comfortable where I am now. I work as a Call Center Agent and I love it there! I seriously have the best boss ever! She is so nice, and sweet. She is always well dressed like a telenovala actress. My coworkers are great too but this job has nothing to do with what I studied. Either way I want to venture more on the creative side and combine it with my plant-based lifestyle…


    -YouTube: Reach at least 1,000 subscribers on each of my three channels! My beauty channels is about using cruelty-free beauty cosmetics. And our vlog channel to be able to look back to.

    EnglishLynSire // SpanishLynSireEspañol // VlogLynSireTV

    -Have new content weekly for each of my channels, and blog.
    -Get into Kindle Publishing.

    Move to a new place.
    I am happy where I am now. But with rumors going around the building might be sold, I want to be safe in a new build.

    Travel to a new place.
    Ever since Little Lyn was born I haven’t traveled out of state.This year I have in mind of going to a place I haven’t visited before. Somewhere with beaches like: Bahamas, Hawaii, Costa Rica. I will even consider joining the WWOOF program.

    New relationships.
    I just want to attend more meetups, potlucks, protests, just more events in general to be surrounded by like-minded people. And be in a committed relationship.

    There’s a gap in my teeth that has always bothered me as long as I can remember. In some photos it’s more noticeable, it all depends on the lighting. I don’t like it there, and I have more crooked teeth. I think it’s time to get it fixed. If I don’t get braces then I will opt for surgery. I have a few in mind but this can be a sensitive topic for some and people judge you for this so I rather not talk about it here.


    I know I’m going to be keeping my hands full but when time permits these are things I also want to fit in my schedule on a regular basis.
    +Try new recipes. Raw vegan desserts, cooked foods, I just want to explore with new flavors. 
    +Learn more about photography. Photography is my hobby, but I want to become more skilled. I want to be able to create stunning photos that make me go, “Wow! Did I really create that?!”
    +Have good singing voice. I want to be able to sing in front of others once I feel confident singing is not only during shower time.
    +Play the lottery. The odds of winning the lottery is hard but not impossible. If others have won it makes me think why not me? Somebody has to win and maybe I could be next! Young lottery winner.

    There you go! That’s my list of things to accomplish this year! Can’t wait to see my progress, and make this year the best one yet!

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