April 9, 2015

My Birthday

My sister noticed the flower matched my dress color.

I have a three part birthday celebration. My birthday was on March 28th, and I turned 27! The day of my birthday we were at the Ariana Grande concert, this past weekend we had a family lunch, and this coming weekend we have planned a getaway at Key West.

I had been MIA from my blog for a long time not updating it regularly but one of my goals this year was to treat my blog like a baby. I will be updating it more often and want to add more quality photos. I plan on watching more tutorials and maybe even attending photography classes.

Beautiful hibiscus ♥

We spent this day with a small family reunion with a plant based meal. I’m the only vegan in my family, and my sister is the only vegetarian but my family is ok with eating plant based when we are around. Our meal was simple and it consisted of rice, pico de gallo, beet salad, mashed black beans, and nachos on the side. It’s a typical latin american meal but it was so delicious. My mom’s aunt, Mimi, even made us a melon smoothie. Sadly I wasn’t able to find a vegan cake at Whole Foods when I needed one but instead went for a Daiya strawberry cheezecake. I was surprised to see they offered a dessert section. Daiya is well known for their plant based cheese.

The cheesecake was amazing! They offer cheesecake in four flavors and I hear Key Lime is the best. I can’t wait to try the other three flavors.

Then heading to the beach for a while. The weather here is so warm, more like hot and humid. My sister and I didn’t go in the water, but Mimi and Lyn did.



As you can see we stayed under the shade. We don’t think we were even there for an hour, it was too hot. We can’t deny it was a beautiful day spent out in nature, and we had a good time with our family. I’m looking forward to this coming weekend and receiving my new laptop. Once I get my new laptop I will resume with my videos. I can’t wait!

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