April 28, 2012

My Hair Care Routine

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My hair care routine changes for me every few months but now that my hair is in such a healthy state I want to share what I use to keep it healthy. I have even received compliments on how great my hair looks something I never got before. So let’s begin…

Before I get into the shower I brush my hair to get rid of tangles. This is the only time I brush my hair and not while it’s wet. When the hair is wet it is more susceptible to break because it is heavy with water.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner – I got these bottles from Ross for about $10 each but retails for a lot more. The Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner bottles are huge in size so it will last a long time. It has a list of natural ingredients including lavender oil, jojoba oil, and the main ingredient, olive oil. I love how it lathers, smells good, and I love the results. My hair is manageable, soft and shiny. I’m sure this shampoo plus the conditioner has helped a lot to get my hair looking the way it does.

2. Microfiber cloth. It is so soft that it feels like a towel for a baby, but literally that is how you need to treat your hair, like a baby. This gentle towel will keep your hair safe from breakage while drying it. What I like to do is get rid of excess water with my hands before I fold this towel on my head like a bun. Microfiber material is great at absorbing water and I leave it on for about 20 minutes. When my hair is damp I let it air dry completely.

3. Hair brushes. I found this eye-catching brush with the Ed Hardy design also at Ross for about $7 (Regular price is about $15). This paddle brush has a combination of natural and nylon bristles. It also has a non-slip handle for easy gripping. Looove this brush! The other brown brush is another fave. I always make sure to start brushing from bottom and work my way up.

4. TRESemmé products. I love this brand one, for being cruelty free, and two, for delivering what it says it will do. I enjoy using the hairspray to help my hairstyle stay in place or to get rid of flyaways. And because sometimes I use a hair straightener I use the Heat Protectant spray. This is a must if you want to protect your hair from the heat.

5. Straightener. I don’t use an iron often but when I do I use the popular CHI straightener for a sleek look. This is not a cheap hair iron but it is well worth every penny. Not only can you straighten your hair, but believe it or not you can also create waves, and curls with just this iron. It leaves my hair shiny and silky with not frizz. To me it is a good investment.

6. Oils. I am a fan of using oil masks. I use any natural oil but favorite is coconut oil. I leave it on between 30 minutes to an hour (or even overnight) before I wash my hair. This is great because is it natural and it will moisturize your hair. After application expect soft, and shiny hair. TIP: Put on a shower cap so that the oil penetrates even more into your hair.

My natural hair with no products on.

In summary…
+Brush your hair when it’s dry.
+Use natural hair products.
+Dry your hair gently.
+Don’t use too much heat on your hair.
+Give your hair special treatment from time to time.

Apart from my hair routine I also try to eat healthy. I have a plant-based diet and I have not colored my hair in more than a year. Even after giving birth to Lyn I continued to take prenatal vitamins. Hope this helps and until next time!

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