March 7, 2015

My Life List

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I have always had a list of things I want to do in my lifetime and I thought it would be a great idea to share it here. Things in this list will be changing as I grow as a person and realize what things are important to me. My goal is to accomplish most of this as much as I can.


Fly in a helicopter.
See an UFO craft.
Go to Disney World.
Get a driver’s license -2005
Visit Canada. 
Have a child. – August 2009
Be in a magazine – March 2010
Graduate college – Dec 2010
Go completely vegan – April 2011
Own a deck of Angel cards –  Dec 2011
Participate in an animal protest – Jan 2012
Have a pet. 
Get my first car. – March 2013
Attend a vegan meetup -Sept 2014
Start my YouTube channel – Jan 2014
Start vlogging. 
Try Ortho-K contacts – May 2014
Get a Brazilian bikini wax – Oct 2014
See Pitbull in concert. – Oct 2014
Meet Mimi Ikonn – Feb 2015
Ride a Jet Boat –  Feb 2015
Be inside a mansion – March 2015
Ariana Grande concert – March 2015


Be hypnotized.
Be in a movie/commercial
Be in a music video.
Complete a marathon.
Create a phone app.
Eat raw-vegan for a whole day.
Eat vegan pizza in Italy
Explore a rainforest.
Fall in love.
Fly first class internationally.
Fly in an air balloon
Get 1,000 blog followers
Get braces.
Get engaged.
Get Married
Go bungee jumping
Go hang gliding
Go mountain climbing
Go on a safari in Africa
Go on a Honeymoon
Go para-sailing
Go Skydiving.
Go to Easter Island.
Go whale watching.
Have a past-life regression therapy.
Have perfect eyesight.
Hike a volcano
Learn to swim.
Learn to swim.
Live abroad
Live in a modern apartment.
Own a Benz G-Class.
Own a house.
Rappel down a waterfall.
Ride a segway.
Ride a zip line.
See the Aurora Borealis
Swim in the Bioluminescent Bay
Swim with pigs at the Bahamas beach.
Take a cruise.
Try acupuncture
Try ayahuasca
Try hair keratin.
Try the sensory deprivation tank.
Visit  Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.
Visit a farm sanctuary.
Visit Bora Bora
Visit Dubai
Visit Eiffel Tower.
Visit every continent.
Visit Hawaii
Visit Niagara Falls
Visit Taj Mahal.
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Great Wall of China
Visit the moon.
Visit the pyramids in Egypt
Visit the tallest building in the US.
Visit the Tomb of Jesus.
Win the lottery.
Write a book. 

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