March 10, 2015

My New Website Design!

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For the past few weeks I have been working on giving my site a new look! This time I wanted to make it more simple, and modern. Getting rid of many widgets I had on the right bar, and make it more black and white, with my photos adding the pop of color it needs.

I’m still not completely done, but some of the new changes are…

New Banner
It went from having some of my self photos, nails, baby Lyn, and ‘LynSire’ text in fancy font called Scriptina to a more looking chic style in Quicksand and adding the words ‘Beauty Hauls Oufits‘ below it. This will give the reader more of an idea what they will find on my site by just reading the banner. 

Blog Width
Both columns, left for blog posts, and right column for widgets were increased in width.

About Me
I didn’t have this section before. I added a self image with a white background and a small description underneath my image.
Blog Title 
The post titles font was increased in size, and the font style is still the same. Now clickable links are still black but turn pink when you hover over them.

Font in general. 
The font in general was like a dark gray, now it’s black, and smaller. The date font is a light gray and smaller, and I made it appear underneath the post title instead of the default which is above the title. This tutorial was helpful with that.

Social Media
I added my Instagram images on the bottom right of the page. I also have new social media buttons by POWr.

Other changes…
I removed the navbar. Updated holiday cursor. I added ‘Related Posts‘ gadget so that it appears underneath each blog post. Added the search box. Popular last month widget on the right column.

Most of these changes will not appear on the phone. On the phone it looks more basic, and with almost no design. It’s very basic just showing the banner, an image of each blog post, and first few sentences before you click on one of the posts. I still have more changes coming but basically the whole new look is complete. I will be adding more content in the ‘Downloads’ and ‘Vegan Lifestyle’ pages and making other small changes here and there.

Until next time!!

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