November 19, 2016

October Favorites / Favoritos de Octubre 2016

  Read in English      Leer en Español OCTOBER FAVORITES (cruelty-free beauty, and vegan) Better late than never! I always do these type of posts on time, but I didn’t publish a new video for two weeks. One of my goals this year was to make a favorite’s video each month, so I really didn’t want to miss my October favorites post… Beauty I had three beauty favorites for October. If you’re a follower of mine you would know that I…

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November 16, 2016

How to Center Everything on Blogger

For more of my styled desk photos visit my Etsy store! HOW TO CENTER EVERYTHING IN BLOGGER / BLOGSPOT Whether you are trying to center your header image, or center your post titles, I have all the codes for you. I remember having a hard time trying to center the sidebars, and center the page tabs and I couldn’t find a solution to this. After a lot of Google search, it wasn’t until I came across Carrie Loves that I…

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November 12, 2016

Closet Organization Ideas / Ideas Para Organizar Closet

 Read in English      Leer en Español CLOSET ORGANIZATION IDEAS (tips + tricks) I had been wanting to share my closet for so long! I believe I have some useful tips, and tricks to save you space, and organize your closet. Because at this moment I share one bedroom with Little Lyn, I’m always thinking of maximizing space. I want to keep things organized, but also take advantage of the space that I have. When I organize it makes my mind…

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November 7, 2016

November Goals / Metas de Noviembre 2016

 Read in English      Leer en Español I love setting up goals each month because they make stay on top of everything. I like having personal goals, as well as some business goals. Personal goals for me at this time is anything related to organizing, and having a more minimal life. Whereas business for me is anything related to my YouTube channels, and my blog. October Accomplishments Even though I wasn’t able to achieve all of my October goals, I did…

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November 4, 2016

Cruelty-Free Beauty Tshirts! / Camisas Belleza Libre de Crueldad

 Read in English      Leer en Español The Cruelty-Free Beauty T-Shirts are here!A trendy way to spread the cruelty-free beauty message ♥ So happy to announce that the cruelty-free beauty tshirts are here!! I came up with a couple of cruelty-free beauty designs, and they will be available in my cruelty-free shirt online shop! For now I have available two cruelty-free beauty designs. One says ‘Beauty Without Cruelty’ with a red kiss, and the other one says ‘Be Cruelty Free’ with…

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