July 5, 2015

How to Get Clear Skin in Photoshop and Add Bokeh Effect


Hello, hello. After my trip to Orlando and visiting the Universal parks I am back with a new Photoshop tutorial. This is a photo I uploaded to my Facebook and Instagram. It’s been a while since I shared a Photoshop tutorial so I decided to share how to achieve this effect. For this photo I use a combination of Photoshop to achieve a clear, and soft skin, and a brush to add eyelashes. And last I use PicMonkey to change the tone color of the image, and add a bokeh texture. To know how I achieve this you can see the video below or go through the tutorial down below. To check out the rest of the photos you can check out my ‘Dark Blue’ Photoshoot.


Let’s begin…

Select your image and get clear skin.
I will be using the following photo that I took on the same day and you can use it too for practice. Once you already have selected your desired photo to edit we are going to get clear skin. To do that duplicate your layer with the shortcut Ctrl + J or Command + J and select the Healing Brush Tool.

I will be using this one and you can use it too for practice.

With the Healing Brush Tool select a clear area of your skin near the blemish you want to remove while holding down the Alt key. This will let the tool know you want to clone an area of good skin to replace with the blemish and you will get clear skin like magic! Repeat the same step until you get rid of all the acne and don’t be a perfectionist because either way we are going to make the skin smooth later on.

Get rid of under eye bags. 
In the photo I have under eye bags so I’m also going to get rid of them. Again, duplicate the selected top layer with the same shortcut Ctrl + J or Command + J. I will be using the same Healing Brush Tool from before to get rid of under eye bags. Same as before, select a good area of your skin while you hold down the Alt key, let go, and then drag the tool underneath your eye. You will see your under eye bags disappear! You you will notice this looks a bit too fake so in the Layers panel you can bring down the Opacity between 40 – 70 % but I will leave mine at 40%.


Under eyes gone with an Opacity of 40%

Get smooth skin.
Now time for smooth skin. In the menu bar go to Filter > Blur >> Surface Blur (or Smart Blur) but for my image I will select Surface Blur. In the dialog box you can play around with the adjustments to select the best levels for your photo. The higher you go in Radius and Threshold, the more blurry the skin will look. So for mine I will make the Radius at 5 pixels and the Threshold at 10 levels. When you finish press Ok.

Add layer mask.
Now the blurry effect has been applied to the whole image but we want to leave this effect only on our face. So for that hold the Alt key and at the same time click on Add vector mask from the Layers panel (The rectangle with a circle in the middle.) You will notice a black rectangle beside your recent layer and the whole effect is gone. Now with the Brush Tool make sure your foreground color is white. (To switch colors use X on your keyboard and to make the default colors Black and White press D)

With the Brush Tool color the whole face. Now you will see smooth effect back on your skin but we still want to leave our facial features sharp. So switch back to color Black and brush on your eyebrows, eyes, nostrils, lips, etc. and you will see it’s not blurry on these areas anymore. (If you make any mistakes just go back between White and Black)

Smooth skin except on the facial features.

Add eyelashes.
For a little bit of glam let’s add eyelashes! Create a new blank layer by going to Edit > New >> Add Layer… and in the dialog box press ok. You will need an eyelash brush so to create one just follow the steps from this mini tutorial…

How to add eyelashes tutorial.

Adjust the eyelashes.
Now that you have your eyelash brush tool ready let’s add it to the eyes. With the Brush Tool click on your face. This should have added an eyelash on your face. It should look big or small depending on your photo size. Now we need to modify it to make it the right size for the eye so on your keyboard select Ctrl + T or Command + T. Now you will see a box surrounding the eyelash with tiny squares on each corner so this means it’s now adjustable. While I hold the Shift key I will make it smaller. This helps to maintain the same scale without distorting the eyelash. You can also use the arrow keys Up, Down, Left, and Right to move it around. Once you have the perfect fit for your eye click Ok from the Options Bar.

Now you need an eyelash for your other eye so duplicate your current layer by using Ctrl + J or Command + J and go to Edit > Transform >> Flip Horizontal. Not it’s ready to be used on the your eye and repeat the same previous step to adjust it. Once your have both eyelashes on your eyes bring down the Opacity to around 70% on each layer to make the Black eyelashes less harsh and more realistic.

Image is done!

Now your photo is finished! You have clear, smooth skin with no under eyes and you have added eyelashes. Now you can save your image so right click on any of the layers in the Layer panel and select Flatten Image. Go to File > Save As… and save it in your computer. I selected the Desktop to find it quickly and in the dialog box click Ok.

Click Ok to save.


Add bokeh.
For the next few steps I will be using PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a free editing site that has basic editing tools. With this site you can add text, textures, fix lighting and contrast, and so much more. I use it for my blog or sometimes to create my YouTube thumbnails. I also want to mention I am a Royale Member to have access to a lot more options but you can achieve a similar effect with the free options available.

Drag your photo from the desktop and drop it on main page of PicMonkey in the ‘Drop image to edit’ option. Now that you have your photo open with PicMonkey you will see the editing tools on the left column. Now you are ready to add some effects.

In the Effects area, second icon down (The wand with the stars) go to ‘Intrepid’. I will make the Opacity 70% and click on Apply. This will give your image like a Blue / Orange tone. You can use ‘Tranquil’ instead which is a free option with an Opacity of 70 % and this will look similar.

PicMonkey – Intrepid 70%

Now go to the Textures section, second icon up (The striped diamond) and you have a lot of textures to choose from. I will select ‘Bokeh’ and I will apply the default texture. From the options available you can rotate it and flip it by clicking on the Move button. You can also make it bigger to make the bokeh appear larger. (If you don’t have access to the Bokeh texture you can also find a lot of free options on Deviant Art here. You can add the bokeh texture either with Photoshop or PicMonkey and make he necessary adjustments.)

Go back to the Effect button to get the Paint tool and we’re going to erase the bokeh effect from the face and clothes. I will make the Brush size bigger and start erasing the bokeh effect from these areas.

Now that you have applied the bokeh effect you can save it. Click Save from the Options Bar and you can name your image and select where you want to save it. A little monkey will appear saying ‘Masterpiece saved!’ I saved mine to my Desktop and your image is complete!!!

Your finished result should look something like this…


Roll over image to see a Before & After

Now you have a photo ready to share on any of your social media accounts. I did three versions and I shared mine on my Instagram account here, here, and here!

I know it was a long Photoshop tutorial but I hope you had fun with me!! I really enjoy editing photos and it’s so much fun knowing all the things you can edit on a photo. If you would like to see more tutorials on how I edit my photos let me know and thanks for staying with me this long! I also have a another Photoshop Tutorial: How to Sharpen Your Photos. Until next time!



PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


Tutorial de Photoshop con PicMonkey: Linda Piel + Agrega Pestañas + Bokeh

Hola, hola. Después de mi viaje a Orlando y visitar los parques Universal estoy de regreso con un nuevo tutorial de Photoshop. Esta es una foto que puse en mi Facebook e Instagram. Ya ha pasado un un tiempo desde que compartir un tutorial de Photoshop así que decidí compartir como lograr este efecto. Para esta foto use una combinación de Photoshop para tener una limpia, y suave piel. También use una brocha para agregar pestañas. Por ultimo use PicMonkey para cambiar el color de la imagen, y agregar una textura bokeh. Para saber como logro hacer esto pueden ver el video de abajo. 


Gracias por ver!!


This post is all about how to get clear skin with Photoshop.
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