Vegan eBooks Bundle – Lifestyle & Beauty


Save $20 off when you buy both Vegan eBooks.

This bundle includes both Vegan eBooks: Kind Lifestyle and Kind Beauty Care.


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Vegan eBooks – Kind Lifestyle and Kind Beauty Care

This bundle includes both of my vegan eBooks: Kind Lifestyle and Kind Beauty Care.


Living a kind life is a lifestyle.
This includes the foods we eat, how to dress ethically, and life in general.

  • How to eat a complete meal
  • Foods to avoid
  • Food recipes
  • How to dress ethically – vegan fashion
  • How to understand clothing labels
  • Conscious travelling
  • Healthy morning checklist
  • And much more!


Feel your natural beauty radiate from the inside out!
Have natural beauty for life by eating natural foods and making your own skin care products.

  • What foods to eat according to season
  • Best foods for the skin
  • Best foods for the hair
  • Best foods for the nails
  • How to make your own skincare products
  • How to make your own makeup with kitchen ingredients
  • Hair mask recipes
  • And much more!



This download includes two online eco-friendly PDF eBooks.



Lifetime access to updated content. Every now and then we we will update the eBooks with current information.



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