February 13, 2015

Today I Met Mimi & Alex Ikonn (LuxyHair)

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Today I got to meet Mimi from LuxyHair and I can’t stop smiling!! It was wonderful meeting her, and she is so nice as she looks in her videos!! ♥

I had been MIA from my social medias for about two weeks. Something made me go back to my Instagram and as I was browsing my feed I saw Alex had posted a photo in Miami!! They were here in Miami?!! I had to check Mimi’s account, and to my surprise she was setting up a meetup! I had to go!

I have been following the LuxyHair channel for a few years now. I think I stumbled one of Leyla’s hair tutorial, and from there I became a new subscriber. Their main channel focuses on everything hair. You will find videos on beautiful hair dos, hair extensions, hair care, etc. They also add plenty of other videos that are beauty related, or motivation. One of my favorite videos is by the two sisters giving away free hugs and kisses to strangers :))

Initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to go. The meetup was today at Lincoln Road across Ted Baker at 5:30 pm. I told my sister of going with me but she already had plans with her date. And the Boat Show also started today, so I thought getting to Miami Beach wouldn’t be easy. Thanks to Waze app I found the best route to get there to avoid traffic. I left my apartment at around 4:45 pm, and it made it there exactly on time! I was delighted to find parking. At first I was lost as I had no idea where Ted Baker was. I asked around and finally got there. I saw a few girls gathered around and asked one of them if they were there to see Mimi too? They asnwered yes with a friendly smile, so I had finally made it!!

Few minutes later, Mimi and Alex arrived! Mimi quickly started greeting everyone! I think I was the third to greet and gave me two kisses on each cheek. I gave her a valentines card and made me feel comfortable and asked me questions like, “Where are you from? Are you from here?” “Would you like to take a photo together?” And I wish I could have said more, but I know she also had to make time to talk to all the ladies that were there to meet her, and at the same time I was nervous hehe. She is slim, and tall in person. With beautiful skin, and a warm smile. I was there for about an hour and I wish I could have said goodbye to both Mimi and Alex before leaving.

She inspires me to continue. I have goals to achieve and they have taught me to not only hope and dream, but like Alex would say, “My secret is to just do it!” It was amazing seeing both of them!

Watch video vlog here…

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