October 7, 2020

5 Useful Tools For Skincare

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5 Useful Tools For Skincare

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.


Now days it is so easy to take good care of our skin from the comfort of our home. There are so many nice options, some more on the affordable side and some on the splurge side. Whichever tool you use it will leave a nice sensation on your skin.

Some of these skin care tools also make for a nice flatlay Instagram photo, while at the same time taking good care of your skin to always look perfect for your photos.

Some of the following tools are so popular now days it is not surprising to see they are Amazon’s top best selling products under the beauty category.

As you gain more years you realize the importance of investing more into skin care. Makeup can be a good way to hide your skin problems, but skin care is more important to know what works for your skin. Thankfully there are so many tools in the market to choose from.


5 Useful Tools For Skincare


This post is all about useful skin care tools.

The following are some amazing skin care tools that are popular right now and give amazing results…


1. Foreo Luna 3

The brand Foreo Luna has been the rave for the last couple of years. The latest model is Foreo Luna 3. This is a small cleansing tool that fits nicely in your hand. It has tiny silicon bristles that won’t accumulate dirt and bacteria. That’s why it is so easy to maintain clean, and it is so hygienic.

This handy skin care device works by vibrating. As you slide it across your face, it will vibrate really quickly. The vibrating movement helps to do an amazing job at removing all the dirt from your pores and leaving your beautiful face squeaky clean.

All you need to do is wet your skin, and add a small amount of cleanser on the Foreo Luna. Then just massage your face with the Foreo Luna. You do the cleansing for about a minute to remove all the dirt from your skin.

The good thing is that it already has a one minute timer so after one minute it will automatically stop, so you know you are done cleansing your face.

After your cleaning routine, you can turn the device over where it has silicone ridges. This is the massaging side and you can do this on days that you feel you are a little bit puffier and to diminish signs of aging.


2. Skin Scrubber Spatula

If you are not familiar with this skin care device it might sound a little strange at first. Basically this is know as a skin scrubber and also as a skin spatula. This particular model vibrates as your are using it. The vibrating motion helps to clean clogged pores but also to extract some blackheads and whiteheads.

Always wet your skin and apply a cleanser before using any of these devices to make it easier to glide across your skin. This skin care tool can be used once a week for a really clean skin. When you are done cleaning your skin with this spatula, you can apply skin moisturizer or your favorite serum.



3. Natural Stone Roller

One of my favorite skin care tools are these natural stone rollers. I love it because it is made out of natural stones. There’s something special about using natural Earth elements on your skin. The green color skin roller is made from Jade stone, and the pink color skin roller is Rose Quartz. They come with a handy certificate that proves they are authentic stones!

You can warm it up between your hands to boost circulation, or pop them in the freezer to use it as a cooling face roller. When you use it cold it helps for inflammation and to depuff.

The advantages of using a skin roller is to boost circulation, smooth fine lines, flush waste. As you use authentic gemstones you get the benefits of their energy. You can use these natural stone rollers after you apply your favorite serum to massage product into your skin.

These particular stone rollers come with two sides, a small roller and a big roller. You can use the small roller for the area around your eyes and nose, and the big roller for larger areas like your cheeks and forehead.



4. Derma Roller

This next skin care tool is known as the derma roller. This skin care tool has been in the market for quite some time. Basically it has a lot of tiny needles on the roller. It might seem a little scary at first but it is the number one solution for treating various skin issues like acne scars, chicken pox marks, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, aging, and more. This is a great alternative to laser treatment or chemical peeling which can be so costly.

Another benefit of the derma roller is that it helps to absorb better the skin care creams you use. They will penetrate more deeply in your skin to give your better results.

Also, the derma roller also helps to increase collagen production when your skin is punctured with tiny hole. Scientifically speaking, it will make very tiny punctures on the skin when this roller is used, which may cause a little pain. The human body is built to work in a way that when part of your skin is “damaged”, it will naturally regenerate and create new cells.

This particular kit of derma roller comes in a set of two. The small roller is ideal for your face, and the big roller is perfect for bigger areas like your tummy if you have stretch marks.



5. Blackhead Remover Vacuum

The next skin device is this blackhead remover vacuum. As the name implies, it’s literally like a mini vacuum for your skin. This is a great tool to use on your nose and to remove all the blackheads. It is an effective tool to remove oil, impurities, dust particles in your clogged pores.

As the same time it increases blood circulation and skin elasticity, shrinks pores, and much more. It has different intensity levels to adjust it to your appropriate suction level.

Never leave this device on one same spot for too long, always keep it in a moving motion to avoid creating purple or red skin.




To sum it up these are 5 skincare tools on the market right now. Each one is different and will give you different results depending on what you need for your skin.

It it so important to have the right tools to keep your skin looking at it’s best all the time. Try different ones to see what works for you and use them regularly but without combining all of them at the same time. Balance is key to not overuse them.

Thanks for reading, and until next blog post!





This post is all about useful tools for skincare.
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5 Useful skin care tools

5 Useful Tools for skincare


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  • Mosaics Lab October 7, 2020 at 3:50 PM

    The stone roller is awesome! I don’t think my wife has one! Great Christmas gift idea.

  • Tammy October 8, 2020 at 10:37 AM

    I love my silicone face pads and ever since I’ve started using it I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin. I’ve been thinking of investing in a Foreo for a while now. I use a lot of these products which is so exciting…the blackhead remover vac is another one on my list that I’ve been wanting. I prefer skincare over makeup honestly…great products!

  • Jasmine Hewitt October 8, 2020 at 12:37 PM

    i have a jade stone roller, and really like it! the silicone pads are great for cleaning brushes too

  • Yeah Lifestyle October 8, 2020 at 4:16 PM

    Thank you for sharing about these five fabulous tools, I have not used any of them but would love to try the Natural Stone Roller

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