November 20, 2020

50+ Best Vegan Cookbooks For Any Occasion

Best vegan recipe books for gift giving

50+ Best Vegan Cookbooks for Gift Giving

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This post is all about cookbook gift ideas for vegans.

Whether you’re fully vegan or looking to switch up your diet by eating less meat and dairy intake, this list has you covered with the best vegan cookbooks available. Vegan cookbooks are a great way to prepare delicious plant-based meals. Good thing there are so many helpful, and inspiring vegan cookbooks to choose from. When you purchase a recipe book consider whether you’re looking for everyday recipes with minimal ingredients, fancier recipes that you can serve to guests, or a combination of the two.  You will definitely find something you love right here.

Some of these cookbooks are written by chefs and bloggers to hlep you transition into healthier relationship with food, yourself, the planet, and animals.

There are literally hundreds of books related to veganism, and here are the best vegan books depending on the category you’re looking for.

Anyone can spice things up in the kitchen with these plant-based recipe books!





















Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes

“You’ll find lots of gluten-free and soy-free options. The best part? Dinner can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. So ditch those diet shakes. Skip that lemonade cleanse. And fight for your right to eat something satisfying! Now you can look better, feel better, and have more energy while eating the food (and portions) you deserve.”

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I love how this book is arranged by categories and how easy to follow the directions are. The recipes are straightforward and quick, unless you choose to soak your beans (think ahead)! Love the nutrition breakdown for each recipe! I wish there were pictures to go along with these recipes, as in some of Isa’s other books, but I gave been photographing the beautiful results as I go! Love it! Recommend it to anyone looking for a good-quality cookbook with healthy plant-based recipes. – Amazon Review



But I Could Never Go Vegan!: 125 Recipes That Prove You Can Live Without Cheese, It’s Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come Over for Dinner

700+ Reviews

“Can’t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that dairy-free baked goods just don’t cut it? Hate the taste of tofu and not a fan of boring salads? EXCUSES, BE GONE!”

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“BUT I COULD NEVER GO VEGAN! may well be the best and most exciting cookbook of the year. I am quite familiar with the reasons offered by persons who “can’t” go vegan and love the responses Kristy offers to all of them. Her recipes are well written and easy to put together. Some of them look complex at first glance, but once the ingredients are assembled, they go together quickly. Very few exotic ingredients are called for and minimal amounts of oil are used, so the book has a healthy focus, but more important, the food is delicious. The Lentil & Mushroom “Meatloaf” is the best vegan loaf we have ever had and I’m looking forward to creating a spread of vegan cheeses for New Year’s Eve. In fact, I’m looking forward to cooking my way through the whole book!” – Amazon Review

Another similar book: But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!: 125 Recipes to Win Everyone Over



Chloe Flavor: Saucy, Crispy, Spicy, Vegan: A Cookbook

300+ Reviews

“Chloe believes the most delicious dishes come from plant-based ingredients, and has debunked the myth that vegan cooking is bland and visually unenticing. Enter: CHLOE FLAVOR. Every recipe here is bold in taste, loud in color, unabashedly unique, and, above all, easy to make. With dishes like Smoky Grits & Greens, Mango-Guacamole Crunch Burgers, and Sea Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies, this food is for fun, friends, and family—and it’s all about the flavor. Vegans will delight in Chloe’s creations and carnivores won’t miss the meat one bit.”

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“I’ve been a fan of Chloe for years, and have all of her cookbooks. Though I recommend all of them this one is quickly becoming my favorite of the four. I’ve been using the recipes all week for dinner for myself and my omnivore husband, and we both approve on taste. The few breakfast recipes I’ve tried have been good as well, and my book is filled with dog-eared pages of recipes we’d still like to try.” – Amazon Review



Epic Vegan: Wild and Over-the-Top Plant-Based Recipes

200+ Reviews

“How does it work? Recipes are built from the ground up, so you can stop at just the biscuit, or go beyond to the Deep Dish Brunch Pizza with Garlicky Cheddar Biscuit Crust—the choice is yours! Also included are recreations of fast-food classics, like Norito’s Los Tacos and Cray Cray Bread (you know you can’t resist). Every creation is a flavor sensation guaranteed to wow your friends and your taste buds. The level of indulgence is up to you to decide!”

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“Just received my copy of Epic Vegan and I immediately had to make the lobster roll recipe. It’s an easy one-bowl meal that tastes fantastic and looks impressive. I love how the cookbook puts together the simpler recipes and before you know it, you’ve made something that looks way harder to make that it was. I’m looking forward to making the lobster mac and cheese and the lobster roll ‘n a biscuit sliders since I know the lobster parts of those recipes will be easy and delicious. I like having one cookbook that has a nice range of easy to make to more involved recipes. This looks like it’ll fit the bill perfectly. The pictures of the recipes are mouthwatering and a nice touch so you can see how EPIC the meal can be. I’m looking forward to cooking my way through the entire Epic Vegan Cookbook. Highly recommend!” – Amazon Review



Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook: 100 Mouth-Watering Recipes for Time-Crunched Vegans

400+ Reviews

“This flavorful vegan cookbook doesn’t require a long list of ingredients or a huge time commitment. The preparation techniques are simple―there’s even a chapter devoted to not cooking at all (Gazpacho, anyone?). Every recipe lists nutritional information, and most include tips for ingredient substitution, adding more protein, or other easy customizations.”

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“Good looking fast & easy vegan recipes! Whether you are plant curious , starting on your vegan journey, or a vegan veteran looking to switch up your meals, JL has something for you! I also love that she acknowledges so many allergies and preferences with gluten free, soy free, nut free, and oil free options to almost every recipe. I am going to try to narrow down my first couple of recipes to try!” – Amazon Review



Forks Over Knives―The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year

7,500+ Reviews

“Forks Over Knives—the book, the film, the movement—is back again in a cookbook. The secret is out: If you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, avoid cancer, and prevent (or even reverse) type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the right food is your best medicine. Thousands of people have cut out meat, dairy, and oils and seen amazing results. If you’re among them—or you’d like to be—you need this cookbook.”

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“I’ve followed the recipes in this book/plan very closely for over 12 weeks now and I’ve lost 47 lbs. This is a must read for those of you who have always failed at losing weight or just want a better health profile. You won’t be disappointed!” – Amazon Review



Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking

400+ Reviews

“Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee are your guides to changing up your vegan cooking routine using less expensive ingredients. There’s a meal idea for every time of day, whether it’s a hearty breakfast of Pineapple Scones or Biscuits and Gravy; a Backyard BBQ Bowl or Crunchy Thai Salad for lunch; or Beer Battered Avocado and Black Bean Tacos, Mushroom Stroganoff or Chickpea Curry for dinner. Host movie night with a delicious snack like Salted Peanut Butter Popcorn, or indulge in Chocolate Coconut Cream Puffs for dessert.”

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“My problem with vegan cookbooks is the use of a lot of exotic (jackfruit), labor-intensive (nut milks), expensive (cashews), or distasteful (aquafaba) ingredients I’m not interested in. This cookbook primarily uses everyday ingredients you can find at almost any grocery store. Most of the recipes are very quick and tasty with short ingredient lists and something you can assemble after a long day at work and be sure to get your daily supply of vitamins and amino acids.” – Amazon Review



Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week

1,500+ Reviews

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“This book is HUGE, and every recipe I’ve tried is good. LOVE Alphabet Soup, Babushka Borscht, Cheddary Broccoli Soup (this alone might be worth the price of the whole book!), Ancho Lentil Tacos, Lentil-Quinoa Stew, Dilly Stew (yum!), Roasty Soba Bowl, Garlicky Thyme Tempe, Classic Baked Tofu, Scrambled Chickpeas, Puffy Pillow Pancakes, Lemon-Blueberry Loaf, Marbled Banana Bread (the best banana bread ever!), Jumbo Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Orange Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, and Chocolate-Zucchini Bundt Cake. These are all excellent, and that’s just a start. I have so many more to try. So glad I got this book!” – Amazon Review



The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out

4,400+ Reviews

“This is Angela’s long-awaited debut cookbook, with a trasure trove of more than 100 moutherwatering, wholesome recipes — from revamped classics that even meat-eaters will love, to fresh and inventive dishes — all packed with flavor. The Oh She Glows Cookbook also includes many allergy-friendly recipes — with more than 90 gluten-free recipes — and many recipes free of soy, nuts, sugar, and grains, too!”

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“This is my first Vegan experience and cook book. I bought two cook books. This is the best one. I have tried over half the recipes in this book and every one of them is Delicious! Her use of herbs and spices is amazing. Her sauces and dressings are so flavorful every dish tastes gourmet. I am hooked on the cream sauces and dressings she has in her book made with soaked cashews. Her recipes are incredible and easy to follow. I am working on trying every single recipe in the book. I am half way there, and having so much fun doing it. I am new to the Vegan world, and this book is making my transition easy! Thank you Angela!” – Amazon Review

Other similar books:



Plants-Only Kitchen: Over 70 Delicious, Super-Simple, Powerful and Protein-Packed Recipes for Busy People

1,550+ Reviews

“Plants-Only Kitchen offers an explosion of flavour, with more than 70 vegan recipes that work around your lifestyle. With symbols flagging whether recipes are high-protein, take less than 15 minutes, are gluten-free, one-pot or are suitable for meal prep, Plants-Only Kitchen explains how best to make a vegan diet work for you. No fuss, no fancy ingredients – just fantastic food using plants, only. Gaz Oakley (aka @avantgardevegan) has amassed well over a million followers on social media with his exciting vegan dishes, which emphasize that a plant-based diet doesn’t mean missing out on taste. In Plants-Only Kitchen, Gaz’s recipes are easier than ever before – following his step-by-step instructions, tips and advice, anyone can cook great vegan food.”

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“As an omnivore who is making a switch to healthier plant based eating at home, I can say, this book makes it an effortless transition. They may not be the healthiest choicest in the entire world or anything, but they are all so incredibly tasty so far. I can’t wait to try them all. This cookbook will not disappoint! Easy to make, and so damn good! I couldn’t be happier!” – Amazon Review



Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats: Tasty Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day

“Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats offers brilliant plant-based dishes that make cooking and enjoying delicious vegan food every day genuinely easy—and fun. No bland or boring dishes, and forget all-day cooking. Rachel takes inspiration from naturally vegan dishes and cuisines as well as her Caribbean and West African roots to create great full-flavor recipes that are easy to make and will inspire you to make vegan food part of your daily life. Rachel’s recipes are quick and often one-pot; ingredients lists are short and supermarket friendly; dishes can be prepped ahead and, most importantly, she has included a song with each recipe so that you have a banging playlist to go alongside every plate of delicious food. Recipes include cinnamon french toast with strawberries, chickpea sweet potato falafel, peanut rice and veg stir-fry, caribbean fritters, a plantain burger, tabbouleh salad, and carrot cake waffles with cashew frosting. So if you share Rachel’s attitude that vegan food should fit into your life with ease and pleasure—whether you are a fully fledged vegan looking for new ideas, want to reduce your meat intake, make more environmentally friendly food choices, or just keen to eat more veg—Rachel’s genius cookbook is for you. All recipes in this book use metric measurements and UK cooking terms. ”

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“Love it and her! Recipes are in both US and UK metrics, easy enough for beginners and advanced enough for professionals to make an awesome presentation. I don’t like eating processed mock meats and everything she makes is whole food plant based and delicious, from hearty to healthy to breakfast to desserts you will have to to meals you’ll never tire of. Her Caribbean influence is amazing, I learned to cook west Indian inspired foods from a Jamaican boyfriends grandmother so having some vegan version of these foods that bring back memories and tastes is so wonderful.” – Amazon Review



The College Vegan Cookbook: 145 Affordable, Healthy & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

300+ Reviews

“Forget about fake meat. This vegan cookbook features 145 modern, whole food recipes designed with college life in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a full kitchen or you’re stuck with a hot plate on your dresser, The College Vegan Cookbook will have you preparing affordable vegan meals you’ll love.”

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“What a pleasant surprise! I ordered this book for my granddaughter because she is Vegan and soon to be college age. At the time I was teaching a transition to plant-based cooking class to a group of elderly men and women. Although this cookbook wasn’t the reference book used, it sure came in handy when the group started asking how do you say Quinoa, much less spell it. This is a wonderful cookbook for those who are just beginning, at any age. Enjoy the simplicity and really cool way she lets you know if it is to share, cook, or a one pot meal. My granddaughter and I plan to tackle every recipe and put Nonni’s special touch on them. It will be a treasured memory for the both of us. Oh yeah! the cost per serving is definitely for the parent who is paying for that college education!.” – Amazon Review



The Essential Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook: 75 Whole Food Recipes to Fry, Bake, and Roast

300+ Reviews

“If you’re serious about eating a healthy, plant-based diet but still have cravings for the crispy crunch of fried foods―this book has good news for you. The Essential Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook serves up the most comprehensive collection of good-for-you vegan recipes that pack deep-fried taste―without all the guilt.”

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“I’m loving this book already! The color codes are really helpful, as it reminds me of fueling properly. I also love all of the tips throughout the recipes. I’m a mess in the kitchen, and this book is written without all the “code”! Recipes contain real ingredients I can find in the local grocery, clear language, and simple steps!” – Amazon Review



The Friendly Vegan Cookbook: 100 Essential Recipes to Share with Vegans and Omnivores Alike

100+ Reviews

“Eating vegan doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of bland veggie burgers and boring salads—nor does it have to make every shared meal a source of stress. As all plant-based cooks know, when it comes time to please a crowd, the pressure is on. You want to serve delicious, memorable dishes, and you’re also well-aware that many will be skeptical of vegan food measuring up to their favorites.”

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“I am fairly new to the vegan world, and they’re many foods that I miss, and I am not sure how to make them vegan. I love these recipes in the book because they are simple, and anyone can make them. Also, I love that most recipes have a picture of what you will be making. I am a visual person, and seeing what I will be cooking gets me so much more excited about the process. Just what I needed!” – Amazon Review



The Simply Vegan Cookbook: Easy, Healthy, Fun, and Filling Plant-Based Recipes Anyone Can Cook

350+ Reviews

“Forget about vegan cookbooks that require specialty ingredients and leave you unsatisfied. The Simply Vegan Cookbook takes vegan cooking to the tastiest level with easy, delicious recipes that are fun to make and a delight to eat. Creator and host of The Vegan Roadie, Dustin Harder has travelled over 110,000 miles―and visited every grocery store along the way― to find out which vegan foods are (and are not) accessible. Taking this into account, The Simply Vegan Cookbook provides healthful, balanced vegan meals using easy-to-find, affordable vegan ingredients.”

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“For someone who has a lot of gut issues, this book provided me clean, simple recipes that don’t irritate my stomach! I also hate recipes that have a ton of ingredients, so this was also a great source for recipes with fewer ingredients. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you don’t want to spend an hour at the stove.” – Amazon Review



The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook: Entertaining for Absolutely Every Occasion

300+ Reviews

“Gone are the days of stressing over how to please family and friends with different dietary needs. Bursting with knock-your-socks-off, mind-bogglingly tasty vegan recipes for Cinnamon Apple Crepes, Cheeseburger Pizza, Biscuits and Gravy, Churro Biscotti, and so much more, The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook will make everyone at your table happy-even meat eaters and the gluten challenged.”

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“Oh my god- I have already made multiple Thanksgiving recipes from this book for my Friendsgiving celebration this weekend. SO. GOOD. The green bean casserole and pumpkin pie were both perfect and I can’t wait to try the cauliflower onion casserole + stuffing recipe for the day of Thanksgiving. These recipes are “superfun” but not only just for holidays. I will use a lot of these during the year! Anything from Isa Chandra never disappoints and this is no exception.” – Amazon Review



The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook: 90 Whole Food Recipes with Deliciously Simple Ingredients

“The perfect vegan diet is the monumental ambition of most vegan cookbooks. The problem is, there are so many vegan foods that are loaded with processed sugars, white flour, and unhealthy fats and not many vegan cookbooks that address it. The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook is for anyone looking to remove these additional, unnatural contents, and enhance their, already noble, animal-friendly, dietary lifestyle.”

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“I’m fairly new to the plant-based eating lifestyle, so I’ve been on a search for a variety of cookbooks. Some I’ve gotten have been very involved with many parts to a recipe. I’ve cooked a number of recipes out of this so far, and most of them have been great! There aren’t many pictures, but the recipes are simple to follow. So far, I haven’t come across any unusual or difficult-to-find ingredients. And, the calorie count and other nutritional information is included.” – Amazon Review



Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck (Thug Kitchen Cookbooks)

12,000+ Reviews

“Thug Kitchen lives in the real world. In their first cookbook, they’re throwing down more than 100 recipes for their best-loved meals, snacks and sides for beginning cooks to home chefs. (Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos? Pumpkin Chili? Grilled Peach Salsa? Believe that sh*t.) Plus they’re going to arm you with all the info and techniques you need to shop on a budget and go and kick a bunch of ass on your own.”

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“Bought this cookbook based on rave reviews and the fact that it’s hilarious. In my quest to eat healthier I’ve been looking for recipes that will appeal to my kids, as well as my husband and myself. I have made several recipes out of it so far and they’ve all been delicious. Some took more prep time than others and some were spicy (So beware, if you have small kids). Some of my favorites are the BBQ bean burritos with grilled peach salsa (if you are sensitive to spicy stuff, use less chipotle peppers! Cuz it’s spicy), roasted chickpea and broccoli burritos, baked Spanish rice, cornmeal waffles w/ strawberry syrup and mixed veggie and tofu chilaquiles (they’re bomb!). I’ve only had this book a week! So can’t attest to the rest of the book, but what I’ve made rocked! My kids and husband approved. I also just bought the other Thug cookbooks!” – Amazon Review



Vegan 100: Over 100 Incredible Recipes from Avant-Garde Vegan

1,850+ Reviews

“Tempted to try your hand at vegan food but don’t know where to start? Or even just to make meat free Monday a regular thing? Long gone are the days of vegan food being dull and worthy: Vegan 100 is bold, vibrant and gorgeous. The emphasis in Gaz’s 100 tempting vegan recipes is first and foremost on FLAVOR. From Deep Purple Soup to Sage and Smoked Chilli “Dog”, through vegan “Fish and Chips” to Chocolate Tart and Raw Cacao “Cheesecake”, it’s all incredible tasting food that just happens to be vegan. Delectable, beautiful and packed with dishes that are good for you, this is like no other vegan cookbook.”

Buy from Amazon

“The wife and I have been vegan for many years. This cookbook made it fresh and new again with tons of recipes for things we used to have to buy ready made and tons of comfort food classics done vegan so you can enjoy the foods you grew up with and still enjoy the benefits of being vegan. Gaz really packs in a ton of flavor using lots of spices. Nothing in this book is boring or run of the mill. I HIGHLY recommend getting it and checking out his YouTube channel as well!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Comfort Cooking: 75 Plant-Based Recipes to Satisfy Cravings and Warm Your Soul

350+ Reviews

“Pump up your mornings with Black Forest Breakfast Crepes or Rustic Skillet Potato and Greens Hash. Gather around the dinner table with family and friends to enjoy favorites like Soul-Warming Stew and Dumplings, Sticky Sweet-and-Sour Tofu and Rich and Saucy Bolognese. And satisfy all those between-meal cravings with sweets and snacks like Bangin’ BBQ Cauliflower Wings and Sky-High Apple Pie.”

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“I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and food prep, and this book has helped me stay the course. Easy, delicious recipes that even my meat loving husband has enjoyed. Added notes in the book are very helpful when I’m unfamiliar with an ingredient. Great book!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Everything: 100 Easy Recipes for Any Craving—from Bagels to Burgers, Tacos to Ramen

“Whatever you may be craving for dinner tonight—pizza, burgers, quesadillas, ramen, dumplings, curries, falafel, jambalaya—you can make—totally vegan, completely delicious, and faster than you’d have thought possible. But you won’t just find delectable dinners here. From breakfast to dessert, Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer have got you covered—from savory breakfast waffles to classic French toast, decadent mocha cupcakes to chocolatey brownies and beyond.”

Buy from Amazon

“I am shocked that this cookbook does not have more reviews! I have an extensive collection of vegan cookbooks, including VBQ by these same authors. This cookbook has a great assortment of recipes, and there truly is something for everyone. Further, flipping through the pages is a real treat – lovely photos and drawings. The recipes are simple enough that a new vegan could cook them successfully, but seasoned vegans will also find plenty of new inspiring dishes. I highly recommend this cookbook!” – Amazon Review



Vegan for Everybody: Foolproof Plant-Based Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and In-Between

1,400+ Reviews

“Can vegan cooking be flavorful? Satisfying? Easy to make? Through rigorous testing on the science of vegan cooking, America’s Test Kitchen addresses these questions head-on, finding great-tasting and filling vegan protein options, cooking without dairy, preparing different whole grains and vegetables, and even baking. Reimagine mealtime by celebrating vegetables at the center of the plate and in salads and grain bowls. Take a new look at comfort foods with a surprisingly rich and creamy lasagna or hearty burger with all the fixings. Bake the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie or a layer cake that stands tall for any celebration. With more than 200 rigorously-tested vibrant recipes, this cookbook has something satisfying for everyone–the committed vegan or simply those looking to freshen up their cooking.”

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“I’ve made 4 recipes since I received this cookbook a week ago. The results are really extraordinary. The blueberry muffin recipe produced the most delicious muffins I’ve tasted, vegan or not. I made the fettuccine alfredo last night and the sauce was creamy, smooth and velvety. The “parmesan cheese” recipe yields the best I have tasted. I can’t wait to try every recipe. The photographs are beautiful and the recipes are well written. This may become the Gold Standard of vegan cookbooks. Highly recommended!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes: A Vegan Cookbook with 106 Quick & Easy Recipes

800+ Reviews

“Vegan Recipes in 30 Minutes is the cookbook for busy vegans. Filled with healthy, whole food recipes that take 30 minutes or less from start to finish, this vegan cookbook makes it easy to prepare fresh and savory foods for every meal―no matter how little time you have.”

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“As someone who is newly vegan, I was having trouble completing all of the super hard recipes. This book fixed that! It has the tastiest recipes and they legit only take 30 minutes or less. As someone who is quite picky, I have loved every single meal I have made and so have my roommates. I would highly recommend.” – Amazon Review



Vegan with a Vengeance, 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Delicious, Cheap, Animal-Free Recipes That Rock

800+ Reviews

“Ten years ago a young Brooklyn chef was making a name for herself by dishing up amazing vegan meals — no fuss, no b.s., just easy, cheap, delicious food. Several books — including Veganomicon, Appetite for Reduction, Isa Does It, and Superfun Times Holiday Cookbook — later, the punk rock priestess of all things tasty and animal-free returns to her roots-and we’re not just talking tubers. The book that started it all is back, with new recipes, ways to make those awesome favorites even awesomer, more in-the-kitchen tips with Fizzle–and full-color photos of those amazing dishes throughout.”

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I use this cookbook constantly! It would be a great place to start if you’re new to vegan cooking. I usually skip the info in the front of cookbooks, but it’s one of the best parts of this book. And of course every single recipe is great and easy to customize to your own liking. – Amazon Review



Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

1,400+ Reviews

“Who knew vegetables could taste so good? Moskowitz and Romero’s newest delicious collection makes it easier than ever to live vegan. You’ll find more than 250 recipes–plus menus and stunning color photos–for dishes that will please every palate. All the recipes in Veganomicon have been thoroughly kitchen-tested to ensure user-friendliness and amazing results. And by popular demand, the Veganomicon includes meals for all occasions and soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options, plus quick recipes that make dinner a snap.”

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This cookbook is phenomenal. I’ve tried being vegan before and found myself subsisting on a lot of grilled vegetables. I didn’t really understand how to adopt the new cooking methods and flavor profiles I would need to making eating vegan interesting and enjoyable. I reverted back to vegetarianism. This time, a visit to The Gentle Barn (Google it. It’s amazing.) strengthened my resolve. This book us by far my favorite resource. It covers basic cooking techniques all the way through show-stopping recipes you can use to dazzle non vegans too. It’s written it a funny and cool voice do it’s also enjoyable to just read through when you’re not looking for a specific recipe just to get ideas. I can’t say enough good things about it. – Amazon Review 



Viva Vegan!: 200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers

“As coauthor of the phenomenally successful cookbooks Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Terry Hope Romero has long been one of the most popular vegan chefs around. Now, in her first solo cookbook, Romero opens the world of Latin flavor to vegans and foodies alike. Viva Vegan! expands the palates of anyone looking for a way to add fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic spice to their meals without relying on animal products. A proud Venezuelan-American, Romero’s enthusiasm for her culture shines through every recipe.Viva Vegan! covers every aspect of Latin cooking across the Americas: refreshing bebidas (drinks), vibrant ensaladas, hearty empanadas, nourishing stews, and one-dish wonders. Learn the basics-how to make the perfect tamale, salsa to complement any dish, and beans from scratch-plus special treats like flan, churros, and more.”

Buy from Amazon

“I am currently transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and as a Dominican was having a really hard time of it. I am so glad I found this book, I have made about 60% of the recipes in it and they have all been awesome. One of my favorite comfort foods is Sancocho and was so happy with the Sancocho recipe in this book. Of course, if you are Spanish you will tweak the recipes so they taste more like your grandmother’s house, but this book is an excellent guide to vegan spanish food. The Tres Leches cake and the Coconut flan are also pretty darn good. I continue to be impressed by this book, so glad I got it.” – Amazon Review





The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners: The Health Benefits of Eating a Plant-Based Diet. 21-Day Meal Plan, Shopping List and Easy Recipes That Will Make You Drool

800+ Reviews

“Scientific research is proving that a plant-based diet can reduce the risk many chronic diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer and other major illnesses.

And even without worrying about the bigger concerns, a plant-based diet can just make your feel a lot better inside and out.

Yes, a plant-based diet is 100% the way to go and this is the best for now. Plant-based eating is a holistic approach to better health, but in a tangible, simple, and actionable way that won’t overwhelm you.”

Buy from Amazon

“If you want easy, delicious and inexpensive recipes to make, this is the cookbook for you! Every recipe we have tried and has been wonderful. It takes very little time to assemble the recipes and not many ingredients. The ingredients are very common and what you would already have in your pantry. If you are vegan or not vegan, you would still enjoy these recipes. I would definitely recommend this cookbook to everyone!” – Amazon Review



The Plant Based Diet for Beginners: 75 Delicious, Healthy Whole Food Recipes

3,500+ Reviews

“Dishes like Walnut Crunch Banana Bread, Savory Sweet Potato Casserole, and Oat Crunch Apple Crisp come with detailed instructions and use simple, everyday ingredients you can easily find at your local grocer. You’ll find nutritional information for each recipe, a guide to eating a plant based diet even when you don’t want to cook, and much more.”

Buy from Amazon

“Gabriel Miller (Plant Based Gabriel) overcame his struggles with weight and health by researching and eating a Whole Foods, Plant Based (WFPB) diet. I first heard about him on Facebook, where his recipe blogs came up often and wasted no time in subscribing. Many of those recipes are here in this book. Most of his recipes are SOS (no salt, oil, or sugar), gluten free, and nut free. Those that aren’t, have options to fit your needs. I adore that he has recipes for condiments and sauces, main dishes, snacks, and let us not forget desserts! He gives information as to the what, why, and how to eat this way. I’m not a beginner to this way of eating (WOE), but I love having a handbook at my disposal (did I mention recipes?) I preordered both the Kindle version which is out at the time of this review, and the hard copy. Kindle version is easy to use and the links work great! Looking forward for the hardcopy next week and it will make great Christmas presents!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started

“Discover the incredible health benefits of going vegan with Vegan Cookbook for Beginners. Eating a vegan diet that is free of animal products requires creativity. For those who are exploring veganism for the first time, Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will inspire you to create filling and flavorful plant-based meals to please even the most skeptical carnivore. With more than 150 versatile vegan recipes, Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will let you experience the benefits of improved health and increased energy through eating vegan with recipes that are hearty, comforting, and nutritious. Going vegan is a smart choice for your body and the planet, and Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will take the guesswork out of cooking everyday vegan meals. Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will help you enjoy the benefits of veganism today with: * More than 150 easy and delicious vegan recipes straight from Vegan Cookbook * 2-week Vegan Cookbook meal plan * Introduction to the core principles of veganism * Overview of the health benefits of going vegan * Advice on equipping your kitchen and stocking your pantry from the editors of Vegan Cookbook With help from Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, the transition to a vegan lifestyle will be easy and enjoyable.”

Buy from Amazon

“This book gets right to the point, easy to understand, and uncomplicated which is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to spend my life in the kitchen so I found the recipes pretty simple to make, without a ton of ingredients. I look forward to making many of them. A great book to kick off a vegan lifestyle.” – Amazon Review






5-Ingredient Vegan: 175 Simple, Plant-Based Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Meals in Minutes

“Solve the daily dilemma of planning meals that are healthy, tasty, and ready to eat in half an hour or less. Vegan expert Nava Atlas has created super-simple, plant-based recipes that incorporate fresh produce, good quality canned and frozen foods, whole grains, and timesaving off-the-shelf prepared sauces. With dishes like Scallion Pancakes, Baked Polenta Fries, Coconut Sweet Potato Bisque, Spinach Pesto Pasta, Salsa Verde Bean Burritos, and Chocolate Granola Clusters, this collection is a vegan feast!”

Buy from Amazon

“I love this book! I have made several of the recipes in it and they’ve all been wonderful! Great quick and easy recipes for work nights when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m often done prepping, eating and cleaning up all within an hour of getting home! Several of my friends have bought it now too!” – Amazon Review



Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking: 101 Entirely Plant-based, Mostly Gluten-Free, Easy and Delicious Recipes

“The highly anticipated cookbook from the immensely popular food blog Minimalist Baker, featuring 101 all-new simple, vegan recipes that all require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.”

Buy from Amazon

“My wife loves this vegan cookbook. I think she uses it 5 out of 7 nights per week. I have only found two recipes to be unsatisfying. Everything else from this book has been absolutely wonderful.” Amazon Review



The Easy 5 Ingredient Vegan Cookbook: 100 Healthy Plant Based Recipes

“You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen or buy expensive ingredients to create delicious, creative, plant-based meals. The Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Cookbook is dedicated to providing you with nutritious recipes from the 5 main food groups essential for a healthy vegan diet.”

Buy from Amazon

“My husband and I tried our first recipe from this book last night the Easy Corn Chowder, it was delicious and so incredibly easy! There are so many fantastic recipes to choose from, can’t wait to try the next one!” – Amazon Review



The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients or Less

500+ Reviews

“Five years ago, popular blogger Brandi Doming of The Vegan 8 became a vegan, overhauling the way she and her family ate after a health diagnosis for her husband. The effects have been life-changing. Her recipes rely on refreshingly short ingredient lists that are ideal for anyone new to plant-based cooking or seeking simplified, wholesome, family-friendly options for weeknight dinners. All of the recipes are dairy-free and most are oil-free, gluten-free, and nut-free (if not, Brandi offers suitable alternatives), and ideally tailored to meet the needs of an array of health conditions. Try Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins, Fool ’Em “Cream Cheese” Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Cajun Veggie and Potato Chowder, Skillet Baked Mac n’ Cheese, and No-Bake Chocolate Espresso Fudge Cake.”

Buy from Amazon

“I am not really into cookbooks in general because I don’t really like following recipes, but my wife purchased this cookbook as a surprise and I’m so glad she did! The photography is stunning for starters. I just keep paging through looking at the pictures! The recipes are super simple and delicious too. We’ve made about 6 things from the book already (mashed potatoes, gravy, bbq sauce, brownies and toffee cake) and everything was perfect. I also really love all the little tips she gives throughout. I’ve never actually left a review on any product in my whole life, but felt compelled to do one with this cookbook because I’m so excited about it!” – Amazon Review







51 Plant-Based High-Protein Recipes: For Athletic Performance and Muscle Growth

“Make your plant-based diet effortless with these 51 delightful high-protein recipes. Incorporate whole foods in your diet and get inspired by culinary arts from around the world. Many recipes are combined with appetizing photographs. All include macro values, number of ingredients used and storage info for the fridge and freezer.”

Buy from Amazon

“Yummy vegan recipes high in protein! I love the photos, detailed storage info and tips to improve the recipes in this one. 51 Delicious plant-powered protein recipes that include soy- & nut-free options. Excellent for meal prepping or simply more protein in our plant-based diets!” – Amazon Review



Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert fueling strategies for training, recovery, and performance

100+ Reviews

“Learn how to get proper amounts of all essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, taking into account your personal caloric needs. Draw inspiration from athletes who share how they succeed in their sports while following a plant-based way of eating. Enjoy plenty of recipes to use for training, event, and everyday nutrition needs and utilize the tailored meal plans and training strategies to properly fuel your body. Understand nutrient timing and relative energy deficiency syndrome (RED-S) as well as how to meet protein and amino acid requirements while doing light, moderate, or intense training for your sport. Get information on keto diets, tips for optimizing bone health and iron intake, and instructions for making your own fluid-replacement beverage.”

Buy from Amazon

“I wish that every plant based / vegan athlete would read this book. It covers everything you need to know (and then some!) to ensure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients to keep performing at a high level. I also really appreciate that they go into detail about how much males and females need, as males have different nutritional needs than females. I haven’t seen many books do this and I am really glad they did.” – Amazon Review



The No Meat Athlete Cookbook: Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Fuel Your Workouts―and the Rest of Your Life

750+ Reviews

“Now The No Meat Athlete Cookbook—written by NMA founder Matt Frazier and longtime health coach, yoga teacher, and food writer Stepfanie Romine—showcases 125 delicious vegan recipes, many inspired by plant-based foods from around the world. Put nourishing, whole foods on the table quickly and affordably.”

Buy from Amazon 

“I’m a big fan of the no meat athlete and this book does not disappoint. Well done! Must buy for vegans or anyone transitioning. We certainly do not need meat to be healthy or strong. I cured my illness with a meat diet said nobody ever. Billions of animals are tortured every year for this unhealthy habit. Billions. It’s unethical and unnecessary. Watch “What The Health” documentary and clean up your diet. It feels good to feel good!” – Amazon Review



The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Meal Plans for Plant-Based Bodybuilding

200+ Reviews

“Learn to complement your training regimen with a plant-based diet featuring 102 delicious recipes, nutritional guidance, and meal plans. With the knowledge presented in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your bodybuilding goals and gaining enormous health benefits.”

Buy from Amazon

“I don’t consider myself a vegan bodybuilder but I’ve been vegan for 4 years and training hard at the gym. A lot of times I just do not want to think about my diet breakdown and creating meals. This book gives so much information on nutrition with delicious recipes, it offers variety of options on whether you can calculate your own and include the meals you like the most or if you are like me 🙂 it also has a breakdown for bulking/cutting/maintaining. It is so easy written and I have not tried everything yet but I did started with the dessert section 🙂 Definitely would recommend this to anyone who is vegan, non vegan, beginner etc…” – Amazon Review



The Vegan Cookbook for Athletes: 101 Recipes and 3 Meal Plans to Build Endurance and Strength

“Whether you’re a committed vegan or just starting a vegan diet, you can create a tailored nutrition plan for your athletic demands, from general training to an Ironman. From learning how to balance carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to things like eliminating cooking oil, this standout among vegan cookbooks is your dietary guide to a life of athletic success.”

Buy from Amazon

“Just bought this book yesterday and I’ve already made one recipe (Mediterranean couscous salad, it was so good!) and have a bunch more lined up that I’m excited to try. I really love that it includes nutrition information and meal plans along with the recipes, it’s a great resource for anyone. I just recommended it to a friend of mine who’s really interested in nutrition and has been wanting to try out more vegan meals.” – Amazon Review






Gluten-Free, Vegan Cooking in Your Instant Pot®: 65 Delicious Whole Food Recipes for a Plant-Based Diet

“With these wholesome Instant Pot® recipes, you can have all the developed flavor of low and slow cooking in half the time with meals like Jackfruit White Bean Chili and Veggie Hunter’s Lentil Quinoa Stew. You can even prepare kitchen staples tailored to your dietary needs with recipes like Easy DIY Yogurt without Soy!, No-Oil Vegan Corn Butter and Oil-Free Chickpea Sliceable Cheese. So whether you’re a full-time vegan, gluten-intolerant or just looking to make healthier choices, this book has something for everyone.”

Buy from Amazon

Easy to read, pictures are beautiful and leaves me wanting to make‼️ I’m new to the Instant Pot yet have it for years. Now I have pictures and easy pantry ingredients, directions and the Food is DELICIOUS 😋😋😋😋 I now have favorites that are staples in my weekly food list. “Rainbow Vegetable Rice”, “Instant Dry Vegetable Bouillon”, “DIY Poultry Seasoning”, “Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine”. – Amazon Review



The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: Wholesome, Indulgent Plant-Based Recipes

1,750+ Reviews

“With food and photos as vivid, joyous, and wholesome as the title of her popular cooking blog–Rainbow Plant Life–suggests, Nisha Vora shares nourishing recipes with her loyal followers daily. Now, in her debut cookbook, she makes healthy, delicious everyday cooking a snap with more than 90 nutritious (and colorful!) recipes you can make easily with the magic of an Instant Pot pressure cooker. With a comprehensive primer to the machine and all its functions, you, too, can taste the rainbow with a full repertoire of vegan dishes. Start the day with Nisha’s Homemade Coconut Yogurt or Breakfast Enchilada Casserole, then move on to hearty mains like Miso Mushroom Risotto, and even decadent desserts including Double Fudge Chocolate Cake and Red Wine-Poached Pears. The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook will quickly become a go-to source of inspiration in your kitchen.”

Buy from Amazon

“I received this cookbook yesterday and have been very pleased so far. I flipped through all the pages and found that there was a lot that i really wanted to make! I ran to the store today for the ingredients for the mushroom risotto…. it is amazing!!! Sooooooo good! It could seriously rival any top chefs traditional risotto. Look forward to making many more of the recipes. The directions were easy to follow and all the recipes have nice pictures showing exactly what it looks like.” – Amazon Review






Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker: 200 Ultra-Convenient, Super-Tasty, Completely Animal-Free Recipes

“Robin Robertson has built a publishing record of successful books in the vegetarian/vegan category. Her earlier cookbook, Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow-Cooker, established her bona fides as an expert on the creative use of slow-cookers, and her entire body of work speaks to her ingenuity in the kitchen and the breadth of enticing ingredients and flavors with which she works. Fresh from the Vegan Slow-Cooker provides practical guidence on how to work with different models of slow-cookers, taking into account the sizes of various machines, the variety of settings they offer, and the quirks and personalities of each device. She addresses any lingering skepticism readers may have about whether slow-cookers can have delicious, meat-free applications, and she shows how to take into account the water content of vegetables and the absorptive qualities of grains when vegan slow-cooking. Fresh from the Vegan Slow-Cooker includes eleven recipe chapters, four of which focus on main courses. There are homey and comforting foods in the American and European style, such as a Rustic Pot Pie Topped with Chive Biscuits and a Ziti with Mushroom and Bell Pepper Ragu, and there are lots of East Asian, South and Southeast Asian, and Mexican/Latin dishes, too. Beans, which cook slowly under any circumstance, are fabulously well-suited to the slow cooker, and Robertson includes such appealing recipes as a Crockery Cassoulet and a Greek-Style Beans with Tomatoes and Spinach. Eighteen robust chilis and stews – two more categories that do well in the slow-cooker – include a warming Chipotle Black Bean Chili with Winter Squash and a surprising but yummy Seitan Stroganoff. Beyond the mains, there are chapters devoted to snacks and appetizers, desserts, breads and breakfasts, and even one on drinks. The many soy-free and gluten-free recipes are clearly identified. Altogether, the collection offers readers loads of ways to expand their vegan repertoire and to get maximum value from their investment in a slow-cooker.”

Buy from Amazon

“I have owned a slow cooker for years. Occasionally I would make chili but other than that it sat in the cupboard. I have loved all of Robin Robertson’s cook books. When I heard she had put out a new slow cooker collection I knew it would be a must have. My slow cooker now sits on the counter as I am working my way through the book. I have tried about 15 recipes; every single one of them has been amazing. The pizza I made 2 days in a row it was that good. The book is well organized and the recipes are easy to follow. Robin has introduced me to wide range of spices. I buy spices in bulk so I am not stuck with a big jar of any one spice and it is much more cost effective. You do not have to be vegan to love and enjoy this gem of a book. The recipes are very satisfying for any palate. I highly recommend this book.” – Amazon Review



The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook: 100 Easy, Healthy Recipes That Are Ready When You Are

1,000+ Reviews

“Create healthy, whole food, vegan masterpieces that take 15 minutes or less to prep. The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook features over 100 simple slow cooker recipes for mouthwatering plant-based plates. From Curried Ginger Butternut Squash Soup to Spicy Ethiopian Lentil Stew, discover how easy cooking real food with real ingredients really is.”

Buy from Amazon

“LOVE this cookbook! Some reviews comment their disappointment at frozen vegetables or can goods being used in the recipes but to be honest – I’m happy that it does! As a married couple on a budget, we are always striving to make our money and food stretch a little farther every week. I’m thrilled to know that I have many of the items in my cupboards right now to cook up something healthy, easy and delicious!” – Amazon Review



The Vegan Slow Cooker, Revised and Expanded: Simply Set It and Go with 160 Recipes for Intensely Flavorful, Fuss-Free Fare Fresh from the Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

“The reward for your simple morning prep is perfectly cooked, intensely flavorful, one-dish meals that are hot and ready as soon as you walk in the door each day. You’ll find recipes that cover every meal and type of cuisine, from your favorite comforting casseroles and stews, to fresh and exciting new takes on pizza and desserts—all deliciously plant-based and vegan-friendly.”

Buy from Amazon

“Love, love, LOVE this cookbook! My boyfriend and I finally splurged and purchased our own Crockpot several months back, and it has become a weekend routine for us to cook several meals using our new slow cooker + freeze items to eat throughout the week. This cookbook does NOT disappoint! Our favorite recipe include the smoky vegan mac’n’cheese and the black bean + soyrizo stew (topped with Tofutti sour cream, for added flavor). If you’re a vegan and own a Crockpot, you NEED this cookbook!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You: More than 100 Delicious One-Pot Meals for Your 1.5-Quart/Litre Slow Cooker

“If you have a small family or are looking for better-portioned vegan meals (that don’t force you to eat chili for a week straight!), Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You is the perfect resource for you. Featuring recipes geared specifically for use with a 1.5- to 2-quart slow cooker, you’ll find endless meal ideas that you can make with minimal effort and maximum taste. Just prep a few items the night before or morning of, and come home to a hot meal – or even side or dessert – the moment you walk in the door! The little slow cooker is so easy to use that it makes cooking everyday a snap, so you can have a healthy variety of foods at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Inside, you’ll find a whole new world of food to fall in love with, from breakfast-y Pumpkin Polenta to comforting White Bean Quinoa Gumbo to luscious Blueberry Lemon Cake. You’ll be amazed at what your little slow cooker can do!”

Buy from Amazon

“If you’re not vegan or vegetarian, make some subs! This book is excellent if you’re cooking for only 1 or 2. Most slow cooker books assume a 4-6 quart cooker. This is awesome! I do eat dairy, so it’s easy to sub. Highly recommend if you like to cook interesting, inventive food!” – Amazon Review






Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget: 112 Inspired and Effortless Plant-Based Recipes

300+ Reviews

“Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget is filled with 112 simple recipes from breakfast to dessert that share Olivia’s passion for inspired and effortless vegan food. With a focus on balance between health and comfort and sweet and savory, you’ll find tons of tasty recipes with beautiful full-color photos, including Tropical Green Smoothie, Half-Baked Cookie Dough Pancakes, Spicy Mango Salsa, Famous Lasagna Soup, Ginger-Glazed Carrots, Sweet Sriracha Cauliflower Wraps, Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai, No-Bake Brownie Bites and Deep-Dish Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce. She also includes easy-to-follow icons that identify which recipes are gluten-free, portable, and great for gatherings, to help simplify your time in the kitchen.”

Buy from Amazon

This is the best vegan cookbook I’ve ever seen. The recipes are realistic and don’t require a bunch of obscure ingredients you’d use once and then never need again. I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried so far and can’t wait to make more. Liv did an amazing job with this!” – Amazon Review



Plant-Based on a Budget: Delicious Vegan Recipes for Under $30 a Week, in Less Than 30 Minutes a Meal

1,400+ Reviews

“Through her popular website, Toni has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to eat a plant-strong diet while saving money in the process. With Plant-Based on a Budget, going vegan is not only an attainable goal, but the best choice for your health, the planet—and your wallet.”

Buy from Amazon

“This book is beautifully laid out and the photos are perfect. We used the Plant-Based on a Budget meal plans when we first went Vegan and it really took all the guesswork out of what to eat. We love all the recipes and are so excited to have such a gorgeous cookbook to use all the time. It also has a forward from Dr. Michael Greger, who is our Vegan Jesus (nothing against Earthling Ed), so you know its legit.” – Amazon Review






Plant Based Dips n’ Dressings: Raw Vegan Gluten Free Dips, Dressings, Condiments & sauces

“A collection of 117 recipes including no-fat, low-fat and higher fat options for anyone looking at including more plant-based options in their diets. Dips, dressings, sauces, salsas, condiments, and toppings. Raw, plant-based, vegan, gluten, grain and oil-free ideas for healthy salad enhancement.”

Buy from Amazon

I follow Lissa’s page on Facebook and was floored at the work she put into this! SO many sauces and recipes you will never be bored with healthy food again! 🙂 Great gift to anyone trying to eat clean and be healthier. – Amazon Review



The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples

1,450+ Reviews

“A guide to creating vegan versions of pantry staples–from dairy and meat substitutes such as vegan yogurt, mayo, bacon, and cheese, to dressings, sauces, cookies, and more.”

Buy from Amazon

“Can I give this 100 stars?? I can’t even tell you how much I absolutely love this book! I have already made a lot of the recipes and they are easy and everything I have made is delicious! The recipes just turn out so well. I only wish I had gotten this sooner! I have had to get a few special ingredients I hadn’t used before but it has been well worth it! I put pictures of the easy-cheat-method jam, whole wheat pancakes, almond creamer, and the vegan Alfredo sauce.” – Amazon Review






Artisan Vegan Cheese

“Gourmet restaurateur and vegan food expert Miyoko Schinner shares her secrets for making homemade nondairy cheeses that retain all the complexity and sharpness of their dairy counterparts while incorporating nutritious nuts and plant-based milks. Miyoko shows how to tease artisan flavors out of unique combinations of ingredients, such as rejuvelac and nondairy yogurt, with minimal effort. The process of culturing and aging the ingredients produces delectable vegan cheeses with a range of consistencies from soft and creamy to firm.”

Buy from Amazon

“Yes, it is different of course. I was expecting a different recipe for making vegan cheeses and this is the book. The big difference is the culture. The book is based on this, which make the cheese gain a consistency and flavor which reminds you of real cheese. I have made the Cashew cheese with quinoa culture and it tastes just like Ricotta cheese. It is not suppose to be what she intended with the recipe, but it works for me, because i was missing Ricotta. Just try for yourself, it is a great pile of knowledge.” – Amazon Review



Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook: 70 Delicious Plant-Based Cheeses

“From Zesty Dijon Cheddar to Roasted Garlic Pistachio Cheese, this vegan cheese cookbook serves up plant-based alternatives to classic cheeses along with new favorites using nuts, coconut, and even cauliflower. Requiring nothing more advanced than a blender and using few, easy-to-find ingredients, the Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook has everything you need to bring the craft of cheese making to your kitchen.”

Buy from Amazon

“I’ll start by saying this: I was apprehensive to give this book a go and the recipes a try because I’ve never been vegan, nor do I foresee myself taking the vegan plunge in my near future. That being said, I HAVE been trying to eliminate processed foods and work towards a healthier goal of more plant-based eating. The “Super Easy” part of this title caught my eye and ultimately I decided to give a few of these recipes a try. I’m still learning and getting the hang of the process, but it truly IS simple! I’ve never been uber talented in the kitchen, but I’m feeling like with a little practice, I’ll be able to master making cheese. Janice seems to take her time explaining the steps, and why they’re important in the cheese-making process. I’m excited to have found another way to incorporate a healthier version of something I love. Great work!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

“Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making cheese―vegan cheese is simple and straight-forward, with clean, basic ingredients. Here, green-lifestyle expert Jules Aron shares the tricks of the trade for making sauces, cheese you can grate or slice, and soft spreadable options, using homemade nut milks, vegetables, and natural helpers like lemon juice, probiotics, agar-agar, and nutritional yeast. Her flavorful creations are enhanced with herbs and spices, and run from incredibly easy to more complex, mimicking familiar cheeses.”

Buy from Amazon

“Cheese made from a zucchini?! This was the first cheese I made from this book and it got a 2 thumbs up from my teenager (one of my harshest critics). The second cheese I made was the Dill Herbed Farmer Cheese, because I was too lazy to go to the store I used virgin coconut oil instead of refined, and dried (gasp!) dill instead of fresh. Despite these changes the Farmer Cheese is delicious and the teenager who gave the zucchini cheese two thumbs up declared this one her favorite. I am definitely looking forward to trying more recipes from this book.” – Amazon Review







The Global Vegan: More Than 100 Plant-Based Recipes From Around the World

“Ellie’s plant-based dishes are infused with her trademark flavor, color, and texture and will have you eating well throughout the day. There are vibrant smoothie bowls or vegan fried eggs for easing into the morning; Salt and Pepper “Calamari,” Tom Kha Gai Soup, or Aloo Jeera when you need something more substantial; and chai-spiced cookies or Portuguese custard tarts to have with an afternoon cuppa. There are also healthy, plant-based versions of well-known favorites, such as Pad Thai, Fish and Chips, and Spicy Ramen Soup. A qualified dietitian, Ellie explains everything you need to know about adopting a plant-based diet, including how to get enough iron and achieve the right balance of carbs, proteins, and good fats. With extraordinary travel photography scattered throughout, Global Vegan is an explosion of color and flavor, and is imbued with Ellie’s unique sense of adventure and her love of plants. Includes a conversion chart.”

Buy from Amazon

I absolutely love this cookbook from Ellie! I have purchased both her cookbooks and I love how she takes inspiration from places/dishes she and Alex love and makes something of her own. Most ingredients in her book are very easy to find or I already have on hand which was a HUGE plus for me. The photography is stunning and I honestly think it is my favorite cookbook on my shelf right now! Thank you Ellie for an amazing addition to my kitchen in helping me along on my vegan lifestyle journey! – Amazon Review





The Chinese Vegan Kitchen: More Than 225 Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from the Culinary Regions o f China

“The harmonious blending of color, aroma, and flavor has made Chinese cuisine one of the most popular on the planet. As the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables, China boasts an impressive array of meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free dishes that has also made its cuisine one of the earth’s healthiest. From tasty appetizers to mouthwatering desserts, The Chinese Vegan Kitchen is a collection of easy yet authentic recipes from the various culinary regions of China—Canton, Hunan, Peking, Shanghai, Sichuan, Taiwan, Tibet—that you can prepare in your own kitchen with ingredients readily available in western supermarkets.”

Buy from Amazon

“I grew up in Japan. I love Asian food and I love cooking. My favorite cookbook to date is The Chinese Vegan Kitchen! I have made over four dozen recipes so far and they were all delicious. I cook from this book daily! I actually don’t mind that there are no photos. I prep everything before I start cooking. What I love about this book is how incredibly fast the recipes come together! I can’t believe how much time I save cooking with these recipes! I live 10 minuets from an Asian grocery so I got all my pantry staples. If the author writes another vegan cookbook I will be the first in line to buy it! I seriously cannot say enough good things about this cookbook!” – Amazon Review





East Meets Vegan: The Best of Asian Home Cooking, Plant-Based and Delicious

“When Sasha Gill went vegan, she wasn’t about to leave her family’s home-cooked favorites behind. Pad thai without fish sauce? Curry without ghee? In East Meets Vegan, Sasha proves that Asian cooking can be plant-based—as well as easy, affordable, and delicious!”

Buy from Amazon

“I’ve ordered 3 now and gifted 1 so far. The first recipient, a teenager, has already made several recipes and they came out perfectly, looked lovely and she plans to work her way through the whole book.” – Amazon Review



Love Vegan: The Ultimate Asian Cookbook: Easy Plant Based Recipes That Anyone Can Cook

“This book won’t ask you to buy a rare Asian herb harvested only on the full moon in the Northernmost province of Laos!Love Vegan is packed full of plant-powered mouthwatering dishes, made from staple (and easy to find!) ingredients that are as delicious as they are simple. Discover a world of exciting and exotic dishes that are bursting with flavor and color.”

Buy from Amazon

“I’m really glad I bought this book. I have been thinking about going vegan for ages and was just a bit concerned that i wouldn’t get a healthy balance diet and that the food would be boring. This book has removed all my fears. There is a wide range of ingredients needed to cook these dishes and the tastes and levels of flavour are quite superb. I love Asian cuisine anyway and these recipes are right up there. Give yourself a treat and try some even if you are not vegan or even vegetarian.” – Amazon Review



The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East: 150 Asian-Inspired Recipes — from Soba Noodles to Summer Rolls

“Noted vegans and vegetarians love Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray’s food. Food Network host and author Ellie Krieger lauds their recipes as “delicious, exciting, healthful, [and] accessible for everyone,” while Deborah Madison notes their — appealing recipes, good information about food and cooking in general [and] surprisingly realistic approaches to thirty-minute cooking — Now, Reinfeld and Murray turn their skillets to the East, featuring over 150 vegan versions of favorite cuisine from India, Thailand, China, and Japan. Taste of the East also offers inspired animal-free recipes from Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Korea, Tibet, Iran, and Afghanistan.”

Buy from Amazon

“Another great book by the 30 minute vegans. If you love Asian food like I do, try this book. Great recipes with superior taste that I have come to expect and all under 30 minutes. It’s great!” – Amazon Review



The Asian Vegan Kitchen: Authentic and Appetizing Dishes from a Continent of Rich Flavors

“The Asian Vegan Kitchen is a collection of recipes from across Asia, featuring the spices and the many tasty ingredients that have made these cuisines popular world-wide. It caters to the growing segment of people of all ages who have chosen to eschew animal products, yet still want to add some global spice and excitement to their diet.”

Buy from Amazon

“I love this cookbook! I have made every recipe in the Indian section and they are all excellent. Just for this section alone, it is worth the price. But wait, that is only about one tenth of the book. I cannot wait to try the rest of the. This cookbook is a keeper.” – Amazon Review



Vegan JapanEasy: Over 80 Delicious Plant-Based Japanese Recipes

“Japanese cuisine: Fatty tuna! Wagyu beef! Pork broth! Fried chicken! Squid guts! It’s a MINEFIELD for mindful vegans. OR SO IT SEEMS. In reality, there’s an enormous amount of Japanese food that is inherently vegan or can be made vegan with just a few simple substitutions. And it’s not just abstemious vegan Buddhist temple fare (although that is very lovely) – you can enjoy the same big, bold, salty-sweet-spicy-rich-umami flavours of Japanese soul food without so much as glancing down the meat and dairy aisles. Because Japanese cooking is often inherently plant-based, it’s uniquely vegan-friendly. The oh-so satisfying flavours of Japanese cuisine are usually based in fermented soybean and rice products, and animal products were seldom used in cooking throughout much of Japanese history. Yes, there is fish in everything, in the form of dashi, but you can easily substitute this with a seaweed and mushroom-based version that’s every bit as delicious. This book won’t so much teach you how to make dubious ‘vegan versions’ of Japanese meat and fish dishes – because it wouldn’t be good, and there’s no need! Instead, Vegan JapanEasywill tap into Japan’s wealth of recipes that are already vegan or very nearly vegan – so there are no sad substitutions and no shortcomings of flavor.”

Buy from Amazon

The book I’ve been waiting for! I love Japanese food like crazy, but have never been able to eat fish or meat. Shojin-ryori is a good option, but sometimes you just want a heaping bowl of ramen. This book makes me so happy. The humor is great, too. Especially the jokes around “meat-free” dishes containing ham. 本当だ!Thanks for writing this lovely book. – Amazon Review



Vegan Street Food: Foodie travels from India to Indonesia

“Dotted with personal anecdotes from her travels, family photos and fascinating local information, Jackie takes us from India to Indonesia on a journey of tastes and textures, via Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia. Recipes includes classic dishes that we might be already familiar with, such as Simple Sri Lankan Dal or Cauliflower and Kale Pakora, as well as regional specialties such as Oothapam (vegetable crumpets from South India) or Tahu Campur (Javanese fried tofu with cassava cakes). Street food is a central part of life in Asia. It brings families and communities together from breakfast to dinner, through all the scrumptious snacks along the way.”

Buy from Amazon

“I really enjoy this cookbook, and look through it often for inspiration when I am craving eastern flavors. These recipes are a bit more complicated for the most part, so I consider this a weekend cookbook. The author is very authentic, and does not take any short cuts or substitutions with ingredients. Thankfully I have an Asian market down the street where I can acquire most of the ingredients! The Pad Ka Prao and Nasi Goreng have been my favorites so far.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Thai Kitchen: 75 Easy and Delicious Plant-Based Recipes with Bold Flavors

“Jansala’s 75 reimagined Thai recipes are designed to be nutritious, quick and, above all, tasty. She includes starters like Tofu Satay, mains like Spicy Basil Tempeh, curry sauces that you will want to make over and over again and even vegan desserts like Mango Sticky Rice. With every recipe, Sarah does more than teach you to cook amazing food― she gives you insight into the flavors, history and significance behind Thai dishes. The Jansala mother– daughter duo has squeezed all of their generational and industry knowledge into one simple guide to traditional Thai food.”

Buy from Amazon

“Best Vegan Cookbook! I have it on my kindle and use it sooo much that I decided to order the paper copy to keep in my kitchen. Love love love this book! ♥️” – Amazon Review





Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed

1,200+ Reviews

“Blending African, Carribean, and southern cuisines results in delicious recipes like Smashed Potatoes, Peas, and Corn with Chile-Garlic Oil, a recipe inspired by the Kenyan dish irio, and Cinnamon-Soaked Wheat Berry Salad with dried apricots, carrots, and almonds, which is based on a Moroccan tagine. Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup with Okra, Corn, and Tomatoes pays homage to a popular Brazilian dish while incorporating classic Southern ingredients, and Crispy Teff and Grit Cakes with Eggplant, Tomatoes, and Peanuts combines the Ethiopian grain teff with stone-ground corn grits from the Deep South and North African zalook dip. There’s perfect potluck fare, such as the simple, warming, and intensely flavored Collard Greens and Cabbage with Lots of Garlic, and the Caribbean-inspired Cocoa Spice Cake with Crystallized Ginger and Coconut-Chocolate Ganache, plus a refreshing Roselle-Rooibos Drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth. ”

Buy from Amazon

“I feel like vegan cookbooks can sometimes be repetitive, they always contain some type of “cheeze” recipe, and they all contain complex versions of traditional meat-based entrees. This book however, stays true to veggies and spices that stand on their own. The first recipe I tried was the blackened okra and red rice. The combination of flavors in this dish were truly remarkable. Terry doesn’t just provide recipes, he pairs them in ways that make a grand feast. If you love veggies and spices, buy this book! I’m working my way through it and I have yet to be disappointed. I still haven’t garnished the courage to try the pickled watermelon rinds, but I’m hoping I will soon.” – Amazon Review



Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion

“Welcome to the Caribbean, home to an incredibly rich cooking tradition. Here, African, French, Asian, and Spanish influences combine with the local flavors of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and more.”

Buy from Amazon

“I was born in Guyana and grew up in Antigua. I’m a Caribbean girl through and through. This cookbook is PHENOMENAL! It truly captures authentic Caribbean dishes from all throughout the islands, with informative back stories and beautiful photos. This book has been a GEM for me now as a Vegan who wants to stay true to my Caribbean heritage through cuisine. Can’t recommend this book enough!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh, Healthy, and Creative African-American Cuisine

“One of the foremost voices in food activism and justice, Bryant Terry brings soul food back to its roots with plant-based, farm-to-table, real food recipes that leave out heavy salt and refined sugar, “bad” fats, and unhealthy cooking techniques, and leave in the down-home flavor. Vegan Soul Kitchen recipes use fresh, whole, healthy ingredients and cooking methods with a focus on local, seasonal, sustainably raised food. Bryant developed these vegan recipes through the prism of the African Diaspora-cutting, pasting, reworking, and remixing African, Caribbean, African-American, Native American, and European staples, cooking techniques, and distinctive dishes to create something familiar, comforting, and deliciously unique. Reinterpreting popular dishes from African and Caribbean countries as well as his favorite childhood dishes, Named one of the best vegetarian/vegan cookbooks of the last 25 years by Cooking Light Magazine, Vegan Soul Kitchen reinvents African-American and Southern cuisine — capitalizing on the complex flavors of the tradition, without the animal products.”

Buy from Amazon

“I have had this book for just three days but I jumped at the chance to try it out yesterday and what a find! I made the black eyed peas fritters with the recommended hot sauce, the succotash soup with garlicky cornbread croutons, and molasses ice cream with candied walnuts. While, admittedly, it took all night since each ingredient requires from-scratch making (I cheated with canned black-eyed peas), it was well worth it. Everything was just perfect. I would like to clarify something in case others have some confusion regarding the succotash soup, I didn’t see the step where you drain the bean mixture after cooking and before pureeing but I am sure that is what is meant. I think most people would notice that 10 cups of water would make for a very liquid-y soup, but some wouldn’t know this until it was too late and I would hate for that to happen! Also, I only used a couple of tablespoons of coconut “oil” because it was so expensive ($9 for a small jar), and make my fritters in the shape of small medallions so that I could flip them in the shallow oil and it worked just fine. This is a collection I’d recommend to vegans and non-vegans alike.” – Amazon Review





Veganbell’s Indian Vegan Cookbook: 90 Easy, Plant-Based Recipes from India

“Discover the authentic taste of India – right from your kitchen. Whether you’re new to Indian food and looking to experiment at home, or you’re a level 10 curry-lover (like we are) and wish to recreate restaurant-style flavors, this is the cookbook for you.”

Buy from Amazon 

“I really love all the recipes in this cookbook. I grew up eating my mom’s indian cooking and missed a lot of my favorite recipes since becoming vegan. This book allowed me to make and enjoy some of my favorite foods without the dairy. Everything I’ve made so far tastes fantastic!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen: Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook

“From delicious dals to rich curries, flat breads, savory breakfasts, snacks, desserts and much more, this book brings you Richa Hingle’s collection of plant-based Indian recipes inspired by regional cuisines, Indian culture, and local foods. Who would have thought you could one day enjoy dairy-free rasmalai, sandesh, or gulab jamun.”

Buy from Amazon

“Richa’s recipes are just fabulous. I’ve never made one I didn’t like. This book get used more than any other in my collection and my collection is LARGE. Vegan or not, these recipes are worth a try.” – Amazon Review





Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen: 150 Pizzas, Pastas, Pestos, Risottos, & Lots of Creamy Italian Classics

“If you think a healthy vegan diet means giving up pasta in creamy sauce, cheesy pizza, and luscious tiramisu, think again! Following her hit cookbooks Chloe’s Kitchen and Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, Chef Chloe goes to her family’s homeland to veganize its time-honored delicacies—and add some distinctively delicious twists.”

Buy from Amazon

“Amazing recipes!!!!!!!!!!! Really terrible quality book. I have had it for 6 months and the pages are falling out. I have used it a number of times but still I find this unacceptable. But the recipes are soooooo yummy. Some are “Whole foods” diet friendly and others are not overall everything but the deserts is more healthy than your standard Italian food. The deserts are sooooooo yummy. One of my friends hates red wine. I made her the red wine chocolate cake and she devoured it. If you have gone vegan and miss Italian food buy this book! Seriously you need it in your life. I would strongly recommend the white butternut squash lasagna. It tastes like it is exploding with dairy with 0 dairy products.” – Amazon Review



The Plantpower Way: Italia: Delicious Vegan Recipes from the Italian Countryside: A Cookbook

“Julie Piatt and Rich Roll have inspired countless people to embrace a plant-fueled lifestyle, and through their advocacy efforts, podcasts, and talks, thousands of people are now living healthier and more vibrant lives. Now, with their new cookbook, they’re doing it again but with added Italian flair. If you think a healthy vegan lifestyle means giving up your favorite creamy pastas and cheesy pizzas, then think again. In The Plantpower Way: Italia, they pay homage to Italy’s rich food history with an inspiring collection of 125 entirely plant-based recipes for the country’s most popular and time-honored dishes. Julie is known for her creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen, and her recipes will show just how rich and luscious Italian cuisine can be, without a drop of dairy in sight! Filled with fresh vegan takes on Italian staples, inventive new recipes, and stunning photographs of the Italian countryside, The Plantpower Way: Italia is a celebration of Italy’s most delicious flavors and will show everyone a fresh, beautiful, and healthful side to Italian cooking.”

Buy from Amazon

“This book is a truly masterful work of art! The recipes are BRILLIANT- and bring me right back to my Italian favorites I’ve been missing. The desert section is off the wall- raw chocolate pie, lavender cheesecake, caramel brûlée, and almond chocolate chip cookies made my mouth drop- to the floor! I was literally transported to another dimension by the deep, rich flavors of these easy to make recipes. The recipes are super do-able and quick, and the photographs are exceptional. Not being much of a chef myself, I am so excited to dive into this book, as Julie has never let me down! I’m wildly excited to feed my friends and family these lush recipes!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Italiano: Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from Sun-Drenched Italy

“In the sumptuous style of classic Italian cuisine, this collection of delectably authentic recipes reinvents vegan. Mouth-watering dishes burst with fresh fruits,vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil – all within an animal-free diet, ideal for lactose-intolerant eaters and vegetarians, too.”

Buy from Amazon

“This is a wonderful cookbook. The food is delicious, quick to prepare, and the ingredients are very standard. You won’t need to spent hours hunting up obscure ingredients you can’t pronounce; you can find pretty much anything you need in a standard grocery store. I cook out of “Vegan Italiano” several nights a week, and am thrilled when there are leftovers for lunch the next day.” – Amazon Review



Vegano Italiano: 150 Vegan Recipes from the Italian Table

“The Italian table, from north to south, has always borne minestrone, bean soups, bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil, pastas with vegetable sauces, preserves, fruit. These dishes, typical of the Mediterranean diet, are all also entirely compatible with the vegan point of view. Vegano Italiano celebrates these dishes and more.”

Buy from Amazon

“I first saw this cookbook while visiting the Getty Villa in Malibu, and was immediately drawn to the easy-to-follow recipes and format for the seasons. The recipes are delicious!! It doesn’t feel like a vegan cookbook as much as an authentic Italian cookbook, bringing home the flavors of Italy to your own kitchen. I highly recommend this cookbook to every aspiring (or well-established) cook who wants to create healthy, plant-based dishes that everyone is sure to love.” – Amazon Review





The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Dishes from the Healthiest Region Under the Sun: A Vegan Cookbook

“With recipes for everything from nutritious appetizers to dairy-free desserts, this unique Mediterranean vegan cookbook is ideal for vegetarians, those with a lactose intolerance, and anyone who wants to make gloriously delicious dishes without meat, eggs, or dairy. Dishes include:”

Buy from Amazon

“This is one of my go-to cookbooks and I am not vegan. Everything I have made is so tasty and really easy recipes. Nothing crazy and ingredients are pretty standard and easy to come by. I have gifted this book on multiple occasions to the vegans in my life.” – Amazon Review



The Vegiterranean Diet: The New and Improved Mediterranean Eating Plan — with Deliciously Satisfying Vegan Recipes for Optimal Health

“The Mediterranean diet has been the gold standard dietary pattern for decades, and with good reason: it has been linked with lowered risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Now, Julieanna Hever takes the Med to a whole new level! By focusing on whole-plant foods that promote long-term wellness and ideal weight management, you can reap the benefits of the most researched and beloved diet—made even healthier.”

Buy from Amazon

“Julieanna is a wealth of information! If you are looking for a strictly recipe book, this isn’t it. If you want delicious recipes, and to know how much vitamin A you need at every life stage, then this is the book for you! The recipes are easy, and tasty. The information is overflowing but presented in a way that anyone can learn it. Recommend this book to every person I know who wants to eat healthier, heal their bodies, or lose weight.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Mediterranean Cookbook: Essential Vegiterranean Recipes for the Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle

“Learn how to mix vegan eating into the bold flavors and healthy lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet―called “vegiterranean.” This vegiterranean cookbook bridges the gap between the two and shows you how to create wholesome, flavorful, satisfying Mediterranean dishes that are free of both animal products and artificial ingredients.”

Buy from Amazon

“This cookbook is fantastic. We were looking for ways to add more mediterranean meals to our plant based eating. Every recipe has been a knock out – 4 adults (2 plant based eaters, 1 vegetarian, and 1 flexitarian) have enjoyed each dish. That is something unusual – to find a recipe that everyone likes and then for every recipe we have made to be a home run has been sweet!” – Amazon Review





La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Mexican Cooking with Authentic Flavor

“Amaze your taste buds with healthier versions of kitchen staples like Queso Fresco (Fresh Cheese), Chile de Árbol y Tomatillo (Árbol Chiles with Tomatillo) and Tortillas Hechas a Mano (Handmade Tortillas). Then make hearty, filling mains that carnivores and vegans alike will come back to again and again, such as Tacos de Yaca Carnitas (Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos), Sopa de Tortilla con Crema (Tortilla Soup with Cream) and Mole Verde con Champiñones (Mushrooms in Green Mole). With these 60 recipes you’ll be cooking the foods you love with better-for-you ingredients.”

Buy from Amazon

“I own several hundred cookbooks, with three of them centering on Mexican vegan dishes. This is by far, one of my favorite cookbooks – period. You will never think of Al Pastor or Carnitas with meat again after trying the Jackfruit variations. Do not hesitate and buy this jem of a cookbook!!!” – Amazon Review



¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook: 150 Mouthwatering Recipes from Tamales to Churros

“Tamales. Enchiladas. Churros. There are so many delicious reasons to love Mexican food. ¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook takes a twist that’s both mouthwatering and healthy on these classic dishes. Renowned chef Eddie Garza combines his innovative cooking techniques with traditional Mexican staples. As a leading voice on Latino health and nutrition, Garza is committed to finding healthier ways to enjoy delicious Mexican fare without animal ingredients―and with ¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook he does exactly that.”

Buy from Amazon

“What a wonderful cookbook! I’ve tried several recipes and they are all delicious and easy to follow. Even my meat-eating friends and family love every dish from this book. It’s become my favorite cookbook!” – Amazon Review



Vegan Mexico: Soul-Satisfying Regional Recipes from Tamales to Tostadas

“Jason’s delicious recipes capture the essence of the moles of Oaxaca, the Mayan legacy of the Yucatan, the smoky chile flavors of Zacatecas,the fruit-centric Southern regions, the Spanish influence of Veracruz, and the street food of Mexico City.”

Buy from Amazon

“I love this. I am not a vegan but often cook for some who is. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to cook authentic Mexican food. The instructions are clear, and it covers everything I was looking for and more. For the record, I am an experienced cook, and I have cooked a lot of Southwestern style food, and am now excited to redirect myself to more authentic Mexican fare.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Tacos: Authentic and Inspired Recipes for Mexico’s Favorite Street Food

“Celebrated chef Jason Wyrick showcases the excitement of Mexican flavors and textures with recipes for traditional and creative tacos you can make at home, featuring your own homemade tortillas, salsas, and condiments.”

Buy from Amazon

“This book is beautiful. Great recipes. What I like it that there are lots of options in here that is NOT soy based. Trying to eat vegan can be difficult as many recipes have processed food to fill in for meals. I like that there are many other options. The sauces I have made are excellent. There are some recipes I may change myself (less vinegar, or sugar) but this is my personal taste preference. All around I am excited to see what else I will be making.” – Amazon Review





Southern Vegan: Delicious Down-Home Recipes for Your Plant-Based Diet

400+ Reviews

“Start the day with a proper southern brunch, complete with a Giant Gooey Toffee Cinnamon Roll and Black Pepper-Chive Biscuits and “Sausage Gravy.” Gather the whole family for a seriously good feast, with Cheesy Biscuit Vegetable Pot Pie, Pecan-Crusted Tofu with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Collard Green Carbonara. Don’t forget to serve them with the best southern staples, like Candied JalapeÑo Hushpuppies, Pimento Cheese Spread and Dill Pickle Pasta Salad. Finish the meal off with a slice of Mississippi Mud Cheesecake, Berry-Peach Cornmeal Cobbler or a Red Velvet Funnel Cake. These comforting recipes perfectly capture the rich flavors of the South, all while helping you discover a delicious plant-based side of everything fried, stewed and barbecued.”

Buy from Amazon

“Been anxiously awaiting this cookbook! Huge fan of the blog. Raised in Georgia and living in South Florida I miss country food! Got the book yesterday and this morning we made the giant gooey cinnamon roll. MASSIVE in size and flavor. Have flipped thru the entire book and am excited to try so many of the books. I do wish there was a time listed for prep etc so I’d have an idea without needing to skim but by no means a deal breaker” – Amazon Review



Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul : A Cookbook

“From decadent pound cakes and ginger-kissed fruit cobblers to smokey collard greens, amazing crabcakes and the most comforting sweet potato pie you’ll ever taste, these better-than-the-original takes on crave-worthy dishes are good for your health, heart, and soul.”

Buy from Amazon

“Yes, I eat animal products, but on the days that I designate as “V” days, usually 2 or 3 per week, this book is filled with wonderful recipes that don’t use any animal products; I’m slowly trying to adopt a totally vegan diet and this cookbook will certainly help me on my journey.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Soul Food Cookbook: Plant-Based, No-Fuss Southern Favorites

“If you love classic soul food but are hungry for options that don’t rely on meat or dairy, the Vegan Soul Food Cookbook is here to delight your taste buds. It’s full of mouthwatering, plant-based versions of comforting favorites like Gumbo, Biscuits and Gravy, and Cajun Fried “Chicken” that are totally vegan but still hearty, delicious, and satisfying.”

Buy from Amazon

“I highly recommend this book for anyone that is interested in trying vegan recipes but is intimidated by all the different ingredients that you see in some recipes. You won’t be disappointed!” – Amazon Review






Plant-Based Meal Prep: Simple, Make-ahead Recipes for Vegan, Gluten-free, Comfort Food

“Eating a plant-based diet–one that embraces veggies and ditches the meat, eggs, and dairy–is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Whether you’re ready to go entirely vegan or just want to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, Steph and Adam will show you how to plan and prep ahead, so your meals are ready to go when you’re ready to eat. Flexible meal plans include all your favorite foods and flavors, from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes, all made with plant-based, whole-food ingredients.”

Buy from Amazon

“I’ve had this book for about a week and I’ve prepared around five recipes in that time. All of the recipes are generally simple with common, easy to find ingredients. All of the recipes I’ve tried so far have turned out very good. The flavors are amazing and I haven’t eaten any other food since receiving this book. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to either go fully plant based to someone looking to add a few plant based meals into their diet.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Meal Prep: Ready-to-Go Meals and Snacks for Healthy Plant-Based Eating

“Featuring 8 meal preps that cater to a variety of nutritional needs and tastes―grains, greens, legumes, bowls, and more―this cookbook provides nutritious, balanced recipes for 5 days of the week. Complete with a start to finish guide for prep day efficiency, plus meal prep must-haves like shopping lists and storage tips, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is choose which meal prep is right for you.”

Buy from Amazon

“Whatever is the culinary equivalent of “dancing with two left feet” describes me. I’m a lawyer with an infant. This isn’t the time of life when I’m suddenly going to turn into Martha Stewart. I need idiot proof, fast, healthy and tasty recipes. I want cookbook with recipes that use pantry staples and doesn’t shame me for using (obv BPA free) canned products. This hits the nail on on the head.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Yack Attack’s Plant-Based Meal Prep: Weekly Meal Plans and Recipes to Streamline Your Vegan Lifestyle

“With The Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook, author Jackie Sobon does all the “figuring” for you, giving you meal plans you can start on Sunday–or whatever day works for you–and use throughout the week. From bulk grains and beans to big-batch sauces and soups you can use in all sorts of different ways (think Kimchi Cheese Sauce drizzled over a baked potato or rice), there’ll be no more “What’s for dinner?!” panicking. You’ll also find ideas for great car breakfasts and work lunches, along with all the tips and tools you’ll need to plan ahead and make your life easier.”

Buy from Amazon

“If you’re like me and don’t mind eating the same thing all week long then this cookbook is perfect for you. I’m on week two so far and loving it. The Lemon Rosemary Chickpea Pasta Casserole..drool worthy! The layout is super easy, includes the grocery list and some basic prep instructions for each week. I do all my prep on Sundays so this is perfect, everything is in a container and ready to grab and go during the week. I’ve had a little trouble with some of the portions, not in a bad way just in the my sandwich is so stuffed I can’t keep it together and how the heck am I supposed to fit my mouth around this? She also has a section in the back with meal plans for families or couples, they aren’t broken out as much as the indivicual meal plans in the main part of the book though. I would most definitely recommend this book!” – Amazon Review





365 Vegan Smoothies: Boost Your Health With a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies

“With 100,000 Twitter followers and a blog that receives half a million unique visitors a month, food writer Kathy Patalsky loves sharing her passion for healthy, vegan cuisine. With 365 Vegan Smoothies, she makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this daily diet enhancement that is free of animal products (even honey) and the saturated fats, chemicals, and hormones that often accompany them. From her frosty sweet “Peach Pick-Me-Up” to green smoothies such as her revitalizing “Green with Energy,” Patalsky’s innovative smoothie recipes are built around themes such as brain boosters, weight loss, healthy digestion, and detoxification. She also includes mood tamers, such as the “Cheerful Chocolate Chia,” with B-complex vitamins and omega fatty acids to boost serotonin levels. Featuring vibrant color photographs and simple steps to stock a healthier pantry, 365 Vegan Smoothies serves up the perfect blend for everyone.”

Buy from Amazon

Best smoothie book as long as you are OK mixing fruits & vegetables AND non-vegans and those with soy allergies can think enough to sub soy milk out for something else. I am a fan of her blog & love the book just as much. Easy to find ingredients & everything tastes great. Also, the book is not a preachy vegan book either so it makes a great gift for all my friends. The book is arranged by desired health benefit (energy, brain, etc) but the index is arranged so its easy to find your favorites again by ingredient. Wish the serving size/nutritional values or aproximate ounces it makes for each recipe would be provided but maybe that can be for the revised version 🙂 – Amazon Review



The Blender Girl Smoothies: 100 Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Paleo-Friendly Recipes

“The Blender Girl takes smoothies to the next level in this comprehensive guide, helping you blast your way to good health and blended bliss. These 100 creative and delicious recipes are designed to fit your every need, whether you want to detox, lose a few pounds, get energized, or guard against seasonal colds. Each smoothie has three optional boosters (like chia seeds, ginger, coconut oil, or wheat grass) that allow you to ramp up flavor, nutrient value, or both. Featuring gorgeous photography throughout, a smoothie pantry that demystifies unusual ingredients, icons to identify smoothies that fit your particular dietary needs, and strategies for achieving smoothie success, this accessible handbook makes it fun and easy to find your perfect blend.”

Buy from Amazon

Wow !! What a fabulous cookbook (or should I say blendbook)…… everything smoothies (I might be in heaven) !!! This book is like an encyclopedia of all things blended !! I absolutely love the layout…. fabulous pictures, easy guide to find what you want, and simple instructions. Tess Masters is a smoothie goddess!! – Amazon Review




This post is all about vegan cookbooks for gifting.
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  • Reply Heather November 25, 2020 at 9:24 PM

    I had no idea there were so many vegan cookbooks available! These are perfect for a few people on our list.

    • Reply LynSire December 1, 2020 at 12:33 AM

      There’s so many I only wish to keep adding more! Haha

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    omg these are so excited!!! I can’t thank you enough for this amazing selection, wow!!!

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      Yay, glad you like it!

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    Oh what a wonderful selection! It’s tough finding good vegan recipes but this is fabulous and I know a friend of mine would love to browse these. Thanks for sharing!

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      That’s great! Thanks for checking it out ♥

  • Reply Yeah Lifestyle November 26, 2020 at 3:50 PM

    What a lovely compilation! I do have vegan friends and will be using your resources to pick the best book for her

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      I’m glad it will give you some ideas!

  • Reply Amy Smith November 26, 2020 at 8:58 PM

    What a great roundup of books! I have the Epic Vegan book. It has a lot of great recipes. I will check out these other books.

    • Reply LynSire December 1, 2020 at 12:32 AM

      That’s awesome!! I need to add more to my collection.

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