November 25, 2020

10+ Best Vegan Guide Books for Pregnancy and Baby Food

Best vegan guide books pregnancy baby food

10+ Best Vegan Guide Books for Pregnancy and Baby Food

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This post is all about vegan guide books for pregnancy and baby food.

You can go through an easy pregnancy with this list of wonderful guide books. You won’t have to worry about eating the right foods, because these books will guide you through everything.

Mother Earth provides us with an array of many plant based food options, that not only they are full of color, but also all the vitamins, and nutrients during this important stage of your life.

In this list you will also find helpful books to make baby food that is healthy and delicious.

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Vegan Pregnancy Guides

Vegan Baby Foods



Vegan Pregnancy Guides


Plantfed Mama’s Holistic Guide to a Vegan Pregnancy 2nd ed. Edition

“Registered Plant-based Nutritionist and Registered Master Herbalist, PLANTFED MAMA, Candy Marx, shares everything you need to know about thriving on a plant-based diet during pregnancy, and in everyday life. With an infant feeding guide and 75+ gluten-free vegan wholefoods recipes, amongst 22 chapters of extensive nutritional and holistic health information.”

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“I love this book. I love how kind and personal and informative it is. It has wonderful recipes and information about nutrition but also things I didn’t think much about like when to pinch the umbilical cord, different methods of childbirth, and how to give baby medicine by eating foods and drinking teas to pass it on through breast milk. I’m excited to try all these recipes, too. Many of the ingredients are things I already use so it’s convenient while being creative. I’m just so pleased.” – Amazon Review



The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book: All You Need to Know for a Healthy Pregnancy that Fits Your Lifestyle (Everything Series) Paperback – September 18, 2011

“Do I need more protein? Am I getting enough nutrients for the baby? How do I defend my decision to stay vegan? These questions and more are on the minds of vegan moms-to-be who want to maintain their lifestyle but still nurture a healthy baby. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because a vegan pregnancy is not only possible, it’s also healthy and completely safe. With this helpful guide, you will learn about all aspects of vegan pregnancy from conception to bringing home baby, including: Which foods to eat (and avoid) to get optimum nutrients for you and babyHow to deal with disapproval from family and friendsMethods to ensure a vegan-friendly hospital birthSetting up a vegan nursery for the baby Packed with information for both moms and dads, including 150 nutritious and healthy recipes for the whole family, this book is the ultimate resource for parents who want the best for their baby-without sacrificing the vegan life!”

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“I love this book. It covers all the topics that I wanted to know. How to deal with people that don’t agree with your lifestyle, how to stay healthy and get enough nutrients for you and the baby and my favorite part is the recipes. I have tried so many of them and they are all great!” – Amazon Review



The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning

“When did making babies get to be so hard? Infertility is on the rise globally, affecting as many as one in six couples. But instead of considering diet and lifestyle factors, doctors pump their patients full of expensive and invasive fertility treatments. Once pregnant, women just accept that carrying a baby will be the gassy, swollen, irritable, sleepless nightmare that has become the new normal—and then assume that new motherhood will be just as challenging, from breastfeeding woes to screaming fits.”

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“I absolutely LOVE this book! My husband and I are hoping to have a family in the near future and this book is like a warm, comforting and reassuring hug that mommy instincts are reality! Alicia has a beautiful way of describing mommyhood and providing advice to be a happy, healthy and kind mama! So often, I hear negative things from current mommies about what mommyhood is like. Alicia provides such a positive perspective that I love so much! Also, I am plant based and appreciate her view on food and eco-friendly, non-toxic products. If you aren’t into healthy living you may not enjoy this book as much as I did, but I still think all mommies/mommies to be will find so much enjoyment in this book!” – Amazon Review



The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Keep You and Baby Happy and Healthy for All Three Trimesters (and Beyond)!

“As a vegan, you understand how important it is to get the right nutrients into your diet, but creating these wholesome dishes can present even more of a challenge now that you’re eating for two. The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook not only tells you what kinds of foods you should be adding to your plate, but also shows you how to incorporate essential vitamins and minerals into each meal, leaving you and baby feeling satisfied and strong.”

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“As someone fairly new to the whole vegan cooking thing, I was glad to find a cookbook with great, uncomplicated recipes that I can make for my family. Also, the information about balancing nutrition for pregnancy was especially helpful.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Pregnancy 101: Pregnancy Handbook for First Time Vegan Moms and Babies +Recipes

“If you know the amazing results veganism can produce by following the lifestyle yourself, or maybe seeing the positive changes in one of your friends. You probably can’t wait to share the benefits of veganism with your baby. Well your in luck! Practicing a Vegan Pregnancy is just as healthy for babies as it is for adults. In fact, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have deemed a plant based diet healthy at any age, including throughout infancy. Although, just as when weaning your baby with any other diet, you’ll need to be very strict with what you feed your baby to insure he/she is of perfect health.During your Vegan Pregnancy, you need to be careful to not exclude nutrients only found in certain foods, in particularly, you should try to incorporate foods with vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B12, as these nutrients are primarily only found in animal foods. Just like with any diet. It will take patience, and trial and error to perfect. This books goal is to serve as a guide for you as you are starting your journey in a society where information on vegan pregnancies is not yet so readily available.”

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Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide

“This pocket guide is a fun, informative, and totally comprehensive reference manual that provides readers quick answers to their most pressing pregnancy problems. From straight-forward nutrition information and strategies for maximizing meal plans to tips on choosing cruelty-free antacids (by brand name) and advice on how to thrown a vegan baby shower, the vegan mom will find complete validation for her chosen lifestyle. Written in an upbeat and casual tone, readers will feel like they’re having an awesome conversation with a super-supportive and super-positive girlfriend…who happens to know a ton about vegan nutrition and pregnancy.”

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“Buy this book! It is a fun, informative and quick read. I feel like you don’t even have to be vegan or pregnant to get some useful tidbits. Well written, well researched. Will buy it for any pregnant vegan, vegetarian, or nutritionally focused friends.” – Amazon Review



Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy: Your All-in-One Guide to a Healthy, Holistic, Plant-Based Pregnancy Paperback – April 2, 2019

“Being a vegan mother not only means you have to worry about getting the right nutrients for your own body, but for your growing baby as well. The benefits of a vegan diet can be passed down to your baby by following a healthy, well-rounded diet that incorporates the proper nutrients and minerals. With Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy, you’ll learn everything you need to know to nourish and grow a healthy, happy baby. With 50 recipes for satisfying meals and expert advice on getting all the proper nutrition you and your baby need, Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy will keep you and your baby strong for all three trimesters.”

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“I love this book. Even if you aren’t pregnant, it covers the main nutrients to watch when vegan and gives food recommendations.” – Amazon Review





Vegan Baby Foods


Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide: Simple, evidence based, & dietician approved

“The Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide is a straightforward, evidence-based guide for parents embarking on the journey of plant-based diets for their little ones. Written by a decade-long vegan mom with a background in science, this supportive guide is a dietitian-approved resource that will walk you through the essentials of meeting your child’s nutritional needs.”

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“As a new vegan parent, this guide is an invaluable resource to my family. It is reassuring to have a book that easily explains how to feed our baby in a way that we can easily follow and without any overly complicated foods or recipes. We especially liked the fill-in yourself chart and how the author takes the time to explain several claims that turn out to not be true based on research.” – Amazon Review



Baby Led Weaning for Vegans: 60 Plant-Based Recipes for Babies and Kids that Adults Will Love

“Baby led weaning is feeding your baby real, whole foods rather than pureeing vegetables into traditional baby food. I learned about it when my daughter was 4 months old and it was the first time I’d ever heard of such a feeding style. It freaked me out, but it also intrigued me. How could she possibly eat a whole pear without choking? I’d only ever seen parents spoon-feeding their babies from jars or homemade pureed steamed vegetables. Could it possibly be safe to let her pick up her own food and eat as much as she wanted? But it struck a chord with me. I believe in real, whole vegan food and its power to transform a human. I wanted my child to love and respect healthy food without having an emotional attachment to it that caused her to overeat as an adult. It makes so much more sense for her to decide for herself how much to eat, rather than me randomly deciding she’s done. It also turns out people have been feeding their children this way since time eternal. It’s actually more of a modern tradition to puree everything before giving it to a baby learning to eat. After I read more about it, I dove right in. I found a few great books and websites about baby led feeding (a better term in my opinion as it really has nothing to do with actual weaning off breastmilk,) but I could not find much about people feeding just plant foods. I had to really research to make sure I gave her everything she needed and was balancing her diet well. There was no book on Baby Led Weaning for Vegans, but now there is. This has 60 completely vegan recipes that you can serve to any age person, from 6 months on. These are healthy recipes we use all the time and love and all can be whipped up in under an hour, from snacks and salads and soups to beans and patties and whole grain dishes. Some of our favorites are PB&J smoothies, fettucine alfredo with shiitake bacon, and oozy vegan mac-n-cheese. Enjoy!”

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“this was a very quick read and was exactly what I wanted to solidify Baby Led Weaning for our vegan baby (I initially read the regular “baby led weaning” by Raplay book but wanted vegan meal ideas since I need to clean up what we eat by the time our son starts solids). It reiterated the concepts from the first book in a simpler quicker fashion which I appreciate for caregivers and my husband who just need the gist of what baby led weaning is but aren’t necessarily excited about reading long books pertaining to the subject.” – Amazon Review



Vegan Babies First Foods: Quick and Simple Meals and Purees for a Happy and Healthy Vegan Baby

“You know the amazing results veganism can produce by following the lifestyle yourself, or maybe you’ve seen the positive changes in one of your friends. You probably can’t wait to share the benefits of veganism with your baby. Well, you’re in luck! Veganism is just as healthy for babies as it is for adults. In fact, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have deemed a plant-based diet is healthy at any age, including throughout infancy. However, just like you’d wean your baby with any other diet, you’ll need to be very strict with what you feed your baby to ensure he/she is in perfect health.You need to be careful not to exclude nutrients that are only found in certain foods; in particular, you should try to incorporate foods with vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B12 as these nutrients are primarily only found in animal foods, just like with any diet. It will take patience, trial and error to perfect. The goal of this book is to highlight the most healthy and nutritious recipes for your baby, from their first purée to their first vegan burrito, when and how to introduce fruits, veggies and other harder to ingest foods and how to make delectable delights that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy.”

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“Easy and nutritious recipes. Great book.” – Amazon Review



Veggie from the Start: Easy Vegan and Vegetarian Foods for Babies and Up―Perfect for Baby-Led Weaning Families – January 5, 2021

“Whether your family is vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to eat more vegetables, Veggie from the Start guides you through starting baby on solid foods—including lots of healthy produce and all the nutrients they need. Little Veggie Eats creator and vegetarian mama Rachel Boyett shares 60 easy recipes complete with food-prep hacks and expert advice to make mealtime enjoyable for all.”

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This post is all about vegan guide books for pregnancy and baby food.
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Best vegan guide books for pregnancy and baby food. #vegan #veganpregnancy #veganbabyfood #pregnancy #babyfood

Best vegan guide books for pregnancy and baby food. #vegan #veganpregnancy #veganbabyfood #pregnancy #babyfood



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