March 9, 2015

Vizcaya Mansion

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I always knew I lived so closed to the Vizcaya Mansion but never knew how beautiful it was!!Or at least I didn’t remember. My mom tells me she took me when I was little girl multiple times but I always ended up wanting to leave soon after arrival haha. I guess it’s not a good place for kids.

Upon arriving with Luis there’s a nice trail to walk to get to the entrance and get tickets. This little trail made me feel like in the woods. When you arrive they offer a guided tour, headphones tour, or just a free map of the whole mansion. We decided for the map.

This was the first photo Luis took of me. When we got inside we were told by the security no photos were allowed inside. I was so tempted to take my phone out and start taking photos of my favorite rooms inside the house. I was intrigued by touching the walls, furniture, decor, just anything that my fingers could lay on. I can’t help it! I just like to use all my senses to capture the moment. It kind of felt like a dream. I was so in awe of everywhere I looked! The china set was incredible. Walking from room to room was so amazing. The high glass windows let in so much natural light, and it was just so beautiful. Every corner had something interesting to look at. Even the ceilings. I think that was my favorite, every room kind of had a different theme. My favorite had to be the breakfast room on the second floor, and almost next to that, the big kitchen. I can’t believe even back then they already had elevators. The house took two years to build from 1914 to 1916 by James Deering.

Another observation I made was the bedrooms were small, with small beds, so maybe couples didn’t sleep in the same room?? The house was built inspired by the estates of Europe, particularly Italy, to which they adapted the subtropical setting. This house has everything, a library, dining room, music room, living room, reception room, courtyard, just like anyone’s dream house!

Heading out from the back side of the mansion we were welcomed by the warm breeze of Miami. Beautiful animals, and time for more pictures. Photographers working on location with Quinceañeras and couples. Outside it had such an amazing ocean view. From there we could see the boat landing area, barge, and the tea house. The moving image below was at the tea house.

Continuing our walk we arrived at the garden. A BIG garden! This garden has a theater garden, maze garden, fountain garden, secret garden, and garden mound. So much to see! I don’t think we got to see it completely before leaving. This was another spot with photographers working with couples.

We decided to take a picture of each other at the same time, haha.  

The picture doesn’t do justice but these flowers had the most beautiful pink color I had ever seen. Really nice!

From the garden you see south terrace of the mansion.

I had to much fun but I was a bit tired from all the walking. For dinner I had Quesadilla, and Luis had La Pizza. Perfect place to get plant-based meals.

I had so much fun and enjoyed it very much! I can’t wait to go back and fully explore the garden, and take even more pictures!!

All the above photos were taken on Sunday March 1, 2015.

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