May 18, 2015

Warm in Coral Shoot

I found these photos in my laptop from 2012, so I thought why not edit them now? It’s never too late 😛 When I post my photos on my social media accounts, Intagram and Facebook, I go through a specific process. I pick my favorite ones, and when I edit them I post them up on my Instagram first. The leftovers I use them for my profile picture and cover photo for my personal Facebook account. In this case, I did the opposite. I posted my favorites on Facebook first, and three of them on my Instagram.

My Instagram is my inspiration. I follow only those accounts that I find motivating. Accounts with healthy recipes, beautiful travel destinations, positive quotes, photographers, etc. My only exception is close family members and close friends. Lately I have unfollowed some people not because I have anything against them, but for the same reason I just mentioned. After I saw this video I really got inspired to go with the idea that I’ve had for a while. I decided it was time for a ‘clean-up’. I noticed they unfollowed me as well. Or some people that start following me but because I don’t start following them back they will unfollow me. All of this is ok with me. No feelings hurt.

For the following photos I did a basic, really easy editing in Photoshop. I’m considering making a video tutorial to show how to achieve a similar effect. Blurry background when it’s all in focus, and how to get your skin looking ‘soft’ without losing facial details. Something I dislike about Blogger is that sometimes it makes slight changes to the original photo colors. The ones I edited have a blue tone background color, but these seem to have a yellow looking wall.

In the meantime I’ll share a Photoshop video tutorial with similar effects that I created last year.

And also before ending this blog post I want to share some of my favorite inspirational Instagram accounts I enjoy following…

About the Universe
@nasa Official NASA account.
@astrophysics_ To learn new things about the Universe :))
@ouruniversedaily More about our wonderful Universe.
Dating accounts with romantic couple quotes…
Healthy recipes
@bestveganblogs For healthy colorful recipes.
@IntheSoulshine for vegan quotes.
@jasonmpeterson Black and White photography.
@jordanherschel Amazing nature photography!
@juusohd I just noticed my fave photographers all start with J haha.
@beautifuldestinations Spectacular travel spots.
Cute piggie photos

Until next time! Thanks for reading :))

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