May 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

On Saturday I started my day with a yummy raw vegan smoothie that had water, nanas, dates, spinach, cashews along with flavored water with lemon and ginger slices. So refreshing!!


At 4 PM Lyn had a birthday party. She wasn’t in the best mood. This happens when she doesn’t take a nap. She had been playing throughout the morning and when we arrived at the party she was moody. She didn’t participate in any of the activities. The kids were dancing, they did the musical chairs, face painting, etc. Lyn in her good mood would have been the first to participate in everything. 


On Mother’s Day, Sunday, Lyn wanted her makeup to match her outfit. We did Pink, Purple, Green with my Coastal Scents Palette. I barely use it but as you can see it comes in handy.

I was wearing a casual, comfy blue toned dress. Bought it from Ross for $10, what a steal! 


 Lyn was anticipating giving her granny her gift to her. A card and a pair of beautiful earrings.

And for dinner Lyn had mashed beans, fries, blueberries, and chickenless nuggets bought from Whole Foods.

For a video of how our day went check out the vlog below.  



This was our awesome weekend, thanks for reading & watching! Until next time! 

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