April 8, 2015

What I Have Learned on a Spiritual Path

For me it all began when I met a person. A guy that lived on the same block as me, we went to the same college, and we worked on the same block, coincidence? I believe we meet everyone for a reason. Maybe because there is something we need to learn from them, or they need to learn something from us. He introduced me todsy The Secret. That was it. That was the whole beginning for me. From there I have been intrigued on books on the same subject, or documentaries, and it felt just right. It was like the answer I had been waiting for my whole life. I had always felt out of place in this city, sometimes in my family, and even in my circle of friends, and this was just eye opening for me. From here it lead to other things, to discovering that I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle, and my view of things changed dramatically as far as religion, school system, ways of having fun, and so much more. For the first time I felt I was seeing things my own way without anyone or anything influencing my way of thinking.

Little by little I felt like I was going through an awakening, and to this way I still am. It’s a way of learning, and being open minded. You start attracting the right people into your life, and start being selective with who to talk to about certain topics. During my growth a conscious path has taught me the following….

Plant based lifestyle.
To this day I’m surprised the day I knew I wanted to go vegan. Who would have taught this big meat eater would one day go full vegan? Not me! I could eat a whole package of bacon by myself. But this decision takes place when you realize we are all the same. Inside we are composed of the same: blood, muscles, tendons, bones, and skin. When there is no difference between your dog and a cow, between your cat and a chicken. You learn that all the nutrition we need it is available from foods that grow from the ground. Your love for everything expands and your heart is full of compassion.

To create a full meal all you need is three portions. A portion of whole grains (pasta, rice, bread, etc.), one portion of protein (tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, etc) and one portion of greens (mixed veggies, salad, etc.) Ever since then I have never looked back and I love being a vegan. This year will be my fourth year vegan anniversary :)) To learn more about eating this way The Kind Diet is a great book.

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” ~Abraham Lincoln

School system. 
When you think schools could do so much better in offering kids subjects that will help them far beyond school years. Sure math, reading, science, are helpful subjects, but there’s so much more than can be offered! Maybe a class of meditation to help them with stress relief, for better concentration, and to learn how to remain calm. A class about good manners, and how to treat animals as friends. A school that will not presume that school children are required vaccines and a school surrounded by nature. Ever since I saw this school in Bali it got me thinking this is the type of school I want for my daughter.

TV…. the news.
It’s been years since I don’t turn on the tv to watch the news anymore, in fact, I even stopped paying for cable. You will no longer feel attracted to reality shows, sports, and gossip. Plus the news only focuses on the negatives. For a long time I feared death from seeing all the terrible ways people lost their lives. I had a negative mind set thinking only tragic things happened. Good thing today there are sites that focuses on the positive news like Good and Good News Network. Good is a community site, and Good News Network is dedicated to good news as the name implies. It’s not that we shouldn’t be informed of the news that happen in our world, but it’s good to have a balance.

Social media & cell phones
I love and hate social media. I remember as a little girl when no one was attached to their computer or their cell phone. Social media really didn’t exist. Now days everyone is in it, and it’s almost uncontrollable. We have emails to check, phone calls to make, and check new statuses in each of our social media accounts. Little by little I started realizing ‘friends’ on Facebook are not really friends. Sometimes we add strangers, or friends we haven’t seen in years. For more than a year I decided to close my account on Facebook. It felt great. I didn’t have that feeling of being attached to my phone every few minutes. The best way to actually talk to someone is to actually meet with them and have a conversation eye to eye. It’s also about working on your life by reaching goals and not comparing yourself to others.

Now days to keep a balance I check my Facebook once or twice a day, or skip days in between. For Instagram I will check out other photos only when I post something new and that is every once in a while. And for Twitter I use it rarely just to announce when I have posted something new on my blog or it gets synchronized from my YouTube channel when I like a video. You will feel like you have more time to do other things and focus on important tasks.

Financial freedom.
When you don’t believe in the 9 to 5 job anymore. People can have passive income by doing what they love instead of being stuck in an office the whole day. There are many ways to work from home and it’s all about setting goals and achieving them. You can make so much more when you follow your passion. Maybe if you have a specific interest you can start a blog or a YouTube channel. Maybe get into Kindle publishing or it could be through music. It all depends on your interest but whatever it is, this is when you know you have found your life purpose. Your primary purpose is to help others along the way. 

Ways to have fun
Going to a club or hanging out at the bar doesn’t sound like fun. Neither drinking nor smoking. Instead fun means spending time outside. Going to the beach under the moon and having full jars of raw coconut water, or fresh pure juice. These are the things that make you feel ‘high’. You know this will nourish your soul, and keep you aligned with your well being.

Even watching movies or reading novels is not appealing anymore. You will find watching documentaries and reading personal development books is more interesting. You read or write to feed your mind and not to entertain it momentarily. These are things that make you more aware of global issues and make you grow as a person. A few good books to start with about spirituality are The Power of Now, The Secret, and The Hidden Messages in Water. A few good documentaries to watch are Earthlings, The 11th Hour (with Leonardo DiCarprio) and The Inexplicable Universe. Also conventional music might not interest you so much as Hang Drum music does or any other relaxing music.

When exercise doesn’t come before eating, but exercise comes after eating. Meaning, there’s no point in having an active lifestyle if you’re not choosing the right foods. Being active comes after eating whole-foods and you know yoga, running, or any other exercise activity will add advantages to your healthy lifestyle. You can even add meditation as a daily activity. You will feel more centered and more energized overall.

We are all Earthlings
When you realize we are all the same. The moment you know under our skin, seeing like an x-ray, we are all composed of bones. Without layers of muscles, tendons, skin, hair, you can’t tell if we are female, or male. You can’t tell our race, or religion. We just simply don’t believe in separation. We also don’t believe in countries. If we look at the Earth from the Moon, borders don’t exist and much less, country names. If we could all speak the same language, I can’t imagine the bond we would create with one another. You don’t take for granted the precious opportunity to be living on this beautiful planet we call Earth. I still can’t believe out of all the planets in this galaxy, Earth is just the right place. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. We don’t even know yet where other life forms exists, yet we look elsewhere when we don’t even take care of the ones we have here. For this reason we love all beings, humans, and animals alike because we are all simply just Earthlings.

Everything in nature has a cycle. You eat an apple, you drop the seed on the ground, and an apple tree grows. And the cycle goes on and on. You understand human life is the same. We are born, we have a human experience to evolve in this dimension, and we return to the same place we came for. Hence, infinity or eternity. We have no beginning nor an end. We will always be as we always were.

Love is religion. When you don’t believe in a religion or going to church. At least to me church will not teach about what I consider important world topics. Church will not teach me about eating only what grows from underneath. The benefits of eating better for the well being of everyone, for your health, the animals, and the planet. Church will not teach me about how to be more eco-friendly and importance of recycling glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper which is beneficial to keep sustaining life in this planet a gift from God. Church will not teach me about the Universe. How we are composed of the same elements found out there, far, far away. Church will not tell me how to communicate with the Angels. The day church is surrounded by trees and not constructed by concrete walls, I will love attending.

God has no religion. -Ghandi

You will not hold any grudges against anybody no matter how bad was the situation. You will still desire the best for them, and you will know those experiences were part of a personal growth. All that matters is the now for a better tomorrow. You won’t mind what others think about you and you will also know there is no difference between a person wearing a suit from a person in rags. I see all of us like a canvas, we are ‘painted’ by the way we were brought up. By the people who surround us and the society we live in. This will define the way we dress and talk. And no matter how busy the city you live in you can still remain calm and emit a beautiful aura.

When you want to travel to places with the highest tress or mountains and not a place with the highest skyscrapers. All you think about is nature and being surrounded by the beauty of it. You want to visit a place to explore a forest, hike a volcano, or maybe rappel down a waterfall. Seeing the Aurora Borealis and swimming in the Bioluminescent Bay might be in your list of places to visit.

Sex is for pleasure, and to make love is to connect with someone on a deeper level. You will not find appealing to consider sleeping with someone on the first day you meet them. Instead you will rather wait to get to know them to form a connection and see if there is any chemistry. Note: It is said by experts that if you wait at least three months to start getting intimate you will know that person is really into you. If they are not able to wait that long then you know they are not meant for you.

These are some of the ways to know you are on a conscious path, or maybe you already are. Of course nothing is set on stone and people will still think differently and make their own choices. Spirituality is freedom and being your own unique person without following the norm. It feels like a big weight has been lifted off and you finally feel like at ‘home’. Everything will make perfect sense and it feels just right. Namaste.

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