In April 2011 I went vegan. Changing to a lifestyle where I don’t support animal cruelty. This includes in the way I eat, dress, and products I use. My lifestyle helps animals, my health, and Mother Earth. Going vegan is one of the best changes I’ve ever made! I enjoy knowing I can now look at an animal’s eyes, and say I love them. I truly believe in Ahimsa (the principle of nonviolence toward all living things). In January 2012 I gave my blog a majorly new look, and made it bilingual including content in Spanish.I began site building back in my teen years when I was a member of the Univision design forums (no longer available). Seeing creations of blends, banners, blinkies, and more from other users using various editing software programs inspired me to begin creating my own designs. I wanted a site where I could share my work and offer site building help. I began with Piczo in March of 2007. During the time I started getting more into photography. My love for photo editing grew so wanting a more professional look to my site I moved on to Wix in September 2010. It’s just a site where I can share my hobby. I also wanted a blog where I could focus on beauty related topics, talk about my personal life, and anything else I find interesting. So I started with Blogger back in September 2010 as well. I chose to name my blog LynSire as in Rosalyn‘s Desire.

As of today I enjoy video editing, web design, blogging, and photography. I took one year of Graphic Design at Ai, but I graduated from college in 2010 with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. In 2013 I also completed my certificates in Quickbooks, and Bookkeeping. My future goals includes to speak fluent French, and meet my soulmate. Mome of two, one human and one cat hehe.

Rosy / LynSire


Loves – Jaslyn. Mishi. Animals. Nature. Universe. Angels. Organizing. Oil perfumes. Jewelry. Surprises. Books. Indian food.

Dislikes – Animal cruelty. Extinct animals. Global warming. World Pollution. Soft drinks. Cigars. Scary movies.


LynSire (Beauty Channel) – youtube.com/LynSire
JustJaslyn (Little Lyn’s / Mommy Channel) – youtube.com/c/JustJaslyn

LynSireEspañol (Canal de Belleza) – youtube.com/LynSireEspanol
LynSireVlog (Vida personal) – youtube.com/c/LynSireVlog


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