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About LynSire / Rosy

My name is Rosy, and I live in sunny Miami, FL. I run the brand LynSire which is all about a cruelty-free, and vegan lifestyle. Whether it’s beauty, fashion, or lifestyle in general. We believe no animal has to suffer in the process for us to enhance our beauty or for us to live a good life. LynSire creates content in English and Spanish. With this blog, Rosy wants to inspire you that a cruelty-free life can be easy, and fun! ♥ 



Monthly Pageviews: 15,000+ Reader Gender: Female 83%
Top Network Referral: Pinterest Reader Age: 25-34 22%
Posts Per Week: 2 to 3 Reader Location: US 64%
Newsletter: 50+ subscribers All-time pageviews: 500k+



Facebook Page: 2,000+ Twitter: 500+
Instagram: 11,000+ Amazon Storefront: 200+ (550+ hearts)
Pinterest: 20,000+ (5+ Million monthly views!) YouTube: English channel 21,000+
Threads: 600+ YouTube: Spanish channel 48,000+
TikTok: 100+ Total Audience Reach: 103,400+



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Depends on what goals you have for your brand. Whether you want to do one or a combination of the following. We can work on something creative!

– Blog Post Collaboration
– Social Media Promotion / “What I Offer For Instagram
– Host a Giveaway
– YouTube Video Promotion
– Attend Brand Events and Do Social Media Promotion
– Restaurant Reviews with Vegan Options
– Travel Campaigns
– Acting Roles



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To work with LynSire please send an email directly to [email protected]

Let me know how you would like for us to work together, and please let me know the following:

  • What sets apart your brand from others?
  • Why is your product beneficial?
  • What is something unique about your product?

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