This is just a small fun space answering questions about the things I get asked all the time whether it’s about veganism or just in general…


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When did you go vegan?
I went vegan in April 2011! This makes me feel old haha. April 12 to be exact, I still remember.

Why did you go vegan?
I had previously been vegetarian for one year, but then I went back to eating meat. That one year and a half I was back on meat I felt guilty about it. Then out of nowhere, I stopped enjoying eggs, cheese, and cow’s milk and I knew I was turning vegan on my own but didn’t know how to make the change. That’s when I read “The Kind Diet” and it made it so easy for me to start eating plant-based. Haven’t turned back after all these years :)) I have a handy page full of Vegan Resources you can check out.

Do you miss eating meat? 
At this point, I am so used to eating plant-based that I don’t even think about meat. I crave so much to eat veggies, and fruit and have smoothies in the morning to start my day. When I smell animal meat barbecue it’s not appetizing to me.



What is your fashion style?
I like to keep it minimal, trendy, comfy, and casual. I almost never wear heels, so rare for me. I share affordable fashion with the occasional luxury splurge. You can see my Instagram looks here.

How tall are you?
To be exact I am between 5’1 and 5’2. To make myself feel a little better I like to say I am 5’2 lol, but on all my social media pages I do refer to as 5’1.

What size do you wear?
In most stores, I go for size Small. On Amazon Fashion my size is Extra Small.

What is your shoe size?
Depending on the brand because they’re all different but for the most part I wear 6 1/2, if not a size 7.



When did you start your blog?
When my daughter was a baby I had a lot of free time. This is when I opened my blog on Blogger but I had previously been on Piczo (which no longer exists) and Wix. I started with the intention of just having a blog but didn’t have an idea what I was doing hehe. I would say I officially started around 2014 about the same time I started my YouTube channel.

Should I have Blogger or WordPress?
I like Blogger because it’s so user-friendly. If you don’t know anything about blogging or HTML coding I would say start with Blogger. Plus it’s super affordable at only $10 a year. If you want something more advanced and professional go with WordPress. With it comes bigger payments and many bumps along the way.

Should I blog in two languages? 
Personally, I like to reach my content to two different audiences. I’ve noticed over the years each one is different. Just keep in mind that it’s more time and work. If you truly enjoy blogging and you don’t mind translating then I say go for it.

What camera do you use?
For my photos and videos, I tend to use my Canon 70D with the 18-135mm lens it came with. When I take videos I also use a Rode VideoMic microphone.  As a side camera, I have a Canon G7 X Mark II for the go or for more casual vlog footage especially if I’m traveling. Visit my Resources page for all the equipment I use.

How do you make money online?
My income comes from YouTube ads on my videos, collaborations with brands, affiliate links, and the digital products I sell on my blog. To sustain my income I also have an office part-time job. These are the online courses I recommend for blogging, and I share 5 Ways To Make Money Online with real examples.



How old / how tall are you?
I might not look like it but I’m currently in my 30s and shorter than 5’2. People always think I’m much younger :))LynSire cruelty free petite fashion blog

Where are you from?
Ni de aquí, ni de allá (Nor from here, nor from there). I was born in Miami, FL., my mom is from Guatemala, and my dad is from Honduras. In certain ways, I have my gringa side, but sometimes I have my Latina side.

My gringa side: I’m always on time, and I dance really basic. My Latina side: I’m very romantic, and sometimes I get moody for really small things haha.

What’s your horoscope?
I’m not into horoscopes but if you’re curious enough I’m Aries and the Dragon in the Chinese horoscope.

You know you look like Shakira when she had black hair?
Haha, I get this ALL the time! On my Instagram photo comments, my YouTube channel comments, even from people that have seen her in real life! She’s beautiful but I still don’t see the resemblance lol

Do you want to have more kids?
That’s a tough one because I don’t have a boyfriend to begin with haha. I was single for six years, then I dated George for three years (he will always have a special place in my heart), and now I’m single again. Who knows, sometimes I get baby fever and sometimes I don’t want to know anything about babies lol.

What’s your religion?
In my family, there’s a Christian, a Catholic, and an atheist, and I follow a spiritual path. We all have different beliefs and we respect each other. I enjoy meditation, yoga, eating plant-based, learning about the Universe, I recycle to help Mother Earth, etc. To put it simply I don’t follow any religion however I do believe in Angels and the LOA


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