August 6, 2022

July Favorites 2022 | Amazon Fashion Finds, Cruelty Free Brands, and Books!

amazon fashion dresses

Ready for August? I am glad to share with you my July favorites because these are such great products you will not want to miss. From Amazon fashion finds, to cruelty-free brands, and alternative medicine books. How exciting!  July was a good month for me. I spent my days learning so much about how to sell on Etsy and I have been taking a lot of notes before I begin anything. It’s my way of giving myself self-confidence with knowledge…

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July 10, 2022

June Favorites 2022 | Amazon Fashion Finds, Cruelty Free Brands, and More!

amazon fashion dresses

Happy July! I am so happy to share my June favorites because there is plenty of good stuff I want to share with you. From Amazon fashion dresses and other fashion finds, to cruelty-free brands, and a natural lifestyle.  Our summer has been good so far! I signed up Little Lyn for Taekwondo martial arts classes and she has been enjoying it so far. Currently, I am using the Libby app to listen to Think Like a Monk by Jay…

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June 1, 2022

May Favorites 2022 | Cruelty Free Brands, Amazon Fashion Dresses, and PR Boxes!

amazon fashion dresses

Can you believe another month has passed by? I can’t! Where is time going?? I am excited to share with you today my May favorites 2022 because we have plenty of cruelty-free brands, Amazon fashion dresses and finds, and more.      Soon enough we’ll be ending June and July will come which is the middle of the year! Have you made any progress with your goals? Here in South Florida school ends on May 8th and summer break begins!…

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May 5, 2022

3 Ways to have healthy and strong hair (my hair grows fast by doing this!) | Vegamour Hair Growth

Want to grow your hair faster? In this post, I share with you 3 easy ways to achieve healthy, and strong hair quickly! I share my Vegamour hair growth experience so you can know if it’s worth it or not.      To achieve healthy hair it’s not only about what you put on the outside but also about what you put inside your amazing body. Also, a few factors like age, health, genetics, and the type of foods you…

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May 1, 2022

April Favorites 2022 | Skincare, Outfits, PR Boxes, and Books!

april favorites amazon fashion petite

Happy May! Can you believe it’s May already? How are your goals going? I am excited to share my April favorites because there are a quite few things I want to share with you today.      I recently bought You Goal, Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook because it was recommended when I attended the South Florida Bloggers event here in Miami. It’s a useful book to keep track of your goals, and it keeps you accountable. We are also planning…

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