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Helping you grow online!

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I can help you be more consistent on social media to gain more engagement, and help you free up your time as your UGC Creator!



Package 1 – $250/month

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Package 2 – $500/month

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Package 3 – $750/month

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1. TikTok Short Videos

Short-form edited video for less than a minute.  HINT: ASMR videos are trendy right now!

Creation of 2 videos but as a first-time client I’ll create a bonus video the first month, so 3 videos in total.


2. Instagram Posting

Plan and post your Instagram content for a month. This includes the creation of posts with image/s, location, written captions, hashtags, SEO keywords, tagging accounts if necessary, and more.


3. YouTube Video Editing

This includes eliminating unnecessary parts of the video, writing a description, adding hashtags, location if necessary, thumbnail creation, and more.


4. Video to Text

If you have a video let’s convert it to text. This is useful to create blog posts or use text snippets for Instagram posts or new Tweets!


5. Website Review

Do you have a WordPress site? Let’s improve your SEO usage, make blog post titles more engaging, if you have shoppable products let’s add descriptive descriptions, and more.



6. Email Newsletters

Let’s plan your weekly or monthly newsletter. I have experience using Mailchimp and ConvertKit.


7. Translate Content

Do you need to make your content bilingual? I am fluent in English and Spanish!


8. Creation of Pinterest Pins

Don’t have time to spend on Pinterest? I’ll create for you new pins for more engagement!


9. Creation of Freebies

From freebies to printables, and PDF’s that you can offer to your audience.


10. Business Photography

I am based out of Miami, FL but also available for hotel and travel opportunities within the US. I’ll go to your business location to take photos/videos, and edit them for your social media use.

  • City Visuals – Multiple spots to shoot and lots of activities to do while recording content
  • Brand Modeling
  • Product Photography



Rosy worked for more than two years with Wedding Photography by Liam. Rosy helped Liam increase his YouTube views by uploading content with the use of SEO strategies. See a photo of Rosy on his site – https://www.WeddingPhotographyByLiam.com/team/

Rosy also runs her own social media accounts, blog. rapidly growing on Pinterest, and getting more than 10 million monthly views! See her Media Kit page here – https://www.LynSire.com/media-kit/ 



Rosy has taken a variety of online courses to expand her knowledge. She has taken:

To know more about these useful courses visit my Resources page.



  • 10 million Pinterest monthly views!
  • 81,000 Total audience reach



I’m curious to know a little bit more about the goal of your brand or current campaign? What would success look like for you? If you have worked with past content creators or UGC creators what are some of the things you have liked and not liked? I’m also available to hop on a call to learn more about your brand.

Let me know why you want to grow your social media presence for your brand. Let’s work together, and I can’t wait to hear from you to be your UGC Creator!



Email Rosy: [email protected]


Business Photography Sample – L’Artisane French Vegan Café in Coral Gables