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3 Natural Face Masks / 3 Mascarillas Naturales

Face mask for acne, face mask to remove spots, face mask for dry skin

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Natural face masks that only require 2 ingredients each

Face masks are a great way to keep your skin healthy. They contain natural ingredients that are so beneficial to your skin. The best thing is that most likely you already have the ingredients in your own kitchen.

Face mask DIY is so quick and easy to make. In this post I'm sharing easy face masks that only require two ingredients each. Depending the problem you're trying to combat, whether you have acne prone skin, you want to remove spots, or you have dry skin.

Read on to see which face mask you need to try....

Face mask for acne, face mask to remove spots, face mask for dry skin

Face mask for acne
If you have acne prone skin try this mask. You only need organic turmeric and a ripe banana for most benefits. Bananas helps to balance oils in the skin, and at the same time nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Turmeric reduces inflammation and provides the skin with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits. For even more benefits you can add baking soda to pull out oil and dirt from the pores. Blend both natural ingredients together and apply to the skin for about 15 minutes a couple times a week.

You will need:
Half ripe banana
½ Tsp of organic turmeric

Face mask to remove spots
This is the ideal face mask if you're looking to remove spots from your skin. Aloe vera provides softness to the skin, and hydrates. The lime juice will help to remove dead skin cells which improves the appearance of your skin by making it look vibrant and clear. I like using natural ingredients directly from the plant source. Mix both really well and apply it to the affected area for 15 - 20 minutes. Finally just rinse away the mask with lukewarm water.

You will need:
1 aloe leaf or organic aloe vera gel
Half lemon juice or organic lime juice

Face mask for dry skin
Try this mask if you have dry skin. Agave nectar's benefits are similar to hose of honey which means it seals in moisture, and big difference is that we're not stealing honey from bees which they make for their own use. The agave helps skin to retain moisture which also helps to remove dead skin cells. The banana will aid to nourish the skin.

You will need:
Half ripe banana
1 Tbsp of organic agave

I enjoyed making the video so much, and share some easy face mask DIY ideas. Which one will you try? Let me know in the comments! Until next time :))

Mascarillas para la cara, acne, quitar manchas, piel seca

3 Face Masks DIY video:

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  1. I love natural organic products - and making them at home is even better! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful DIY natural face mask recipes. I'll be using your face mask for dry skin.

  2. So many great ideas for face masks! I can't way to try one!

  3. These are super easy! I want to try the banana and turmeric one!

  4. I love using natural ways for skin care, but it takes time and more efforts to create face packs. We all should use natural way, but if you don't want to do a lot of effort then try dermology anti aging serum it's totally natural and the results are just awesome.


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