15+ Amazon Modern Decor Finds Under $25

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Are you on the hunt for Amazon modern decor finds? If so, you will enjoy seeing this list of finds for under $25! 

If you follow me on my blog or YouTube channel you already know we moved to a new place earlier this year. I knew that our new home would have more modern pieces, to give it a simple yet open space feel.

Our new place is a decent size, but not too big. When you decorate with light colors, it gives the illusion the space is bigger than it is. I can’t wait to do a home video tour once I receive a few more pieces I’ll be getting. Most of the home decor items I have bought are from Amazon because it’s my to-go shopping site to find something specific I have in mind. Our new home has a modern, and minimalist look so far so here I share various pieces I have recently bought, and will also be buying soon. Let’s begin with the modern decor ideas…

This post is all about Amazon modern decor.


1. Magnetic Hourglass
This a great gift idea for guys. I’m planning on buying this one for my boyfriend.


2. Storm Glass Weather
You can predict the weather with this storm glass. Once I get my new floating wall shelf from Ikea I would like to get one to place on top.


3. Metallic Bathroom Sign
I got this simple, and modern bathroom sign. I have this in my hallway bathroom in silver. It’s also available in gold tone.


4. Natural Rock Crystal
Crystals carry cleansing properties. It’s a good idea to have a few in your home to cleanse your home energy. I’m planning on getting a white one for my bedroom, and a blue one for Little Lyn‘s bathroom.


5. Ceramic Pineapple
How cute is this white pineapple with gold? It looks super cute, and has positive reviews! There’s also a matching pineapple lotion dispenser that would go great together.


6. Twisted Sharpener 
Literally a cute, modern twist to a regular white sharpener. Looks different from typical sharpeners, and makes a great gift. I own one and I love it!


7. Stone White Lamp
I actually shared this lamp in my June favorites. It’s a small white modern lamp with a lot of light. I have it in my bedroom.


8. Metallic Quote
I love reading this quote, “I Can and I Will”, because it makes me feel inspired each time. It’s in my room background and my June favorites video, and I bought a metal portrait frame (similar) to go with it. Mine is gold metallic, and there’s also one in silver.

This is how it looks in my bedroom:


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9. Kitty Mug
This kitty mug is actually called the ‘Mugtail Cat’. I love cats, but they actually have other animals available if you want to collect all of them.


10. Tissue House
How cute is this modern, and minimalist tissue house? It looks interesting, and cute at the same time.


11. Gold Jewelry Stand
I recently discovered the brand Umbra. Umbra creates modern designs for home decor. This is such a unique way to display some of your jewelry pieces. This is also available in Black and Nickel (silver).


12. Triangular Wall Shelf
Another modern creation by Umbra. Display your books, or other belongings in a different way. I love the look of this and you can hang it upright, or sideways for a different look.


13. Pink Salt Lamp
When I was getting a new lamp for our room I was undecided between the white table lamp I shared here or this pink Himalayan lamp. I would definitely go with this one instead for all its benefits!


14. Geometric Picture Frame
This is the third product I mention from Umbra! You can tell by now I really like their modern designs, haha. This is a cute way to display your pictures, and they have it available in black, chrome, copper, and matte brass.


15. Modern Photo Display
This is currently in my Amazon shopping cart. I usually accumulate a few products in the cart before I make a purchase. I can’t wait to get this and replace my old photo display in the living room.

UPDATE: I bought this Umbra photo display and I’m in love with it!

I have mine in the living room. This photo display is versatile as you can install it horizontally or vertically. I have it vertically…


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16. Geometric Terrarium
This is a sphere glass terrarium for succulent and air plants. A cute, and modern way to display your beautiful plants. For succulent plants, air plants, mini cacti, faux plants, and more.


17. Hanging Planter Base 
Another modern, and cute way to display your little plants. This is an attractive geometric modern design by Umbra. By now you can really tell how much I like Umbra haha.


Which is your favorite modern decor piece from this list? Leave me a comment down below!

I can’t wait to finish with the modern, and minimalist home decor of our new home and show you guys how it turns out. Until next time :))




This post is all about Amazon modern decor pieces.

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  • Sheena July 20, 2017 at 6:54 PM

    These pieces look amazing, I'm going to check it out.

  • Asiedua July 20, 2017 at 7:11 PM

    I'm going to check out "I can and I will"

  • Claire July 21, 2017 at 5:26 AM

    Super cute, I actually moved into my new home yesterday and can't wait to spice things up with cute home decor!

  • Stephanie J July 21, 2017 at 8:38 PM

    These are all such super cute ideas! I love that photo stand =) It's so modern! I feel like it's such a better way to display photos. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • Leslie Leon July 22, 2017 at 7:08 AM

    This is perfect considering I am just decorating my room!! Thanks for sharing!

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