4 Styling Tips to Maximize the Coquette Aesthetic

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Coquette fashion is enjoying a resurgence, especially as the style has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The coquette aesthetic is characterized by styles that allude to the Victorian and Regency eras and emphasize femininity. Distinct features of the look include milkmaid tops, bows, ruffles, and pastel motifs. Dating back as early as the 18th century during the time of Marie Antoinette, coquette fashion reappeared in the early 2010s when celebrities like Lana Del Rey reintroduced the aesthetic.

coquette aesthetic

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Today, the coquette style has reemerged as a popular fashion trend, with shows like Netflix’s Bridgerton and other celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Lily-Rose Depp showcasing the aesthetic to a wider audience. The coquette fashion trend allows you to accept and flaunt your feminine and romantic side with a bit of a modern twist. Want to figure out how to add this new trend to your own wardrobe? Here are four styling tips to help you maximize the coquette aesthetic:

This post is all about the coquette aesthetic.



Coquette Aesthetic

How to infuse your style with the charm of the coquette aesthetic! This is your guide with 4 easy tips to enhance your look and captivate the world with the allure style.


1. Nails

Pastel colors are essential when incorporating the coquette aesthetic, and what better way to incorporate it than through pink nails? Our previous article on nail designs that you should try showcases cute pink nail ideas that you can wear. Add an extra flair to a classic look by decorating your pink nails with hearts, flowers, and ribbon beads, or you can go for more minimal designs that nonetheless help accentuate your feminine style. You can opt for cruelty-free brands like Deborah Lippman’s pink nail polish, but if you want to be extra stylish and quick, you can use pink faux nails from Quo.


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2. Accessories

The coquette aesthetic maximizes femininity, and you can never go wrong with accessories that help polish your look. You can find diverse options for women’s sunglasses that can add a unique air of sophistication to your coquette aesthetic at Sunglass Hut. The Tiffany & Co. TF3066 is a great option if you’re looking for sunglasses that embrace your feminine side, especially given the pair’s dainty rose gold color. Burberry’s violet gradient BE4371 Helena can also add a luxurious flair to your coquette look, especially when paired with other accessories like a pearl necklace.


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3. Clothes

The coquette aesthetic is all about embracing your femininity, and nothing screams femininity more than wearing pieces with ribbons, lace, ruffles, and bows. These elements can add the perfect girly touch to your coquette look. Opt for pastel baby doll dresses or milkmaid tops adorned with ruffles to add a sweet flair to your look. Laces, ribbons, and bows can also help underscore the feminine touches of your outfit. Sandy Liang’s Corsage Hair Bow, a pink ribbon from Lilyrin, and Cami NYC’s Luca Silk & Lace Camisole are some pieces of clothing that you can use to maximize your look.

coquette esthetic

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4. Shoes

A coquette look isn’t complete without the right pair of shoes. Drawing inspiration from the regal Victorian era, the coquette aesthetic is heavily influenced by elements that scream high fashion, and a pair of shoes can be a great way to cap off your outfit. If you’re gunning for this style, try opting for ballerina-type shoes that resemble Victorian-style footwear. Mary Jane shoes, like T-bar flats and double-strap slingbacks, are also great options that can help tie your whole look together while exemplifying the coquette style’s feminine elegance.

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In Conclusion

Getting on the coquette aesthetic fashion trend can help you embrace comfort, style, and elegance. Be sure to follow these styling tips to accentuate and elevate your overall look and enjoy the best of this sweet, feminine style.


This post was all about the coquette aesthetic.


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