5 Amazon Skeleton Costume Finds for a Spooktacular Look!

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Looking for the perfect skeleton costume idea? These are my top 5 Amazon skeleton costume finds. From gloves to leggings, press-on nails to black and white shoes, to help you create a bone-chillingly fantastic Halloween look!

I’ve had this Halloween costume idea since 2021 and have worn the pieces multiple times. The first I wore this skeleton costume I got invited to attend with my family the Museum of Illusions located in Miami Beach. A place with beautiful wall art to take lots of photos and create memories. It’s the perfect location for an evening of fun with your family or friends!

And in 2023 I got to wear it again to attend Halloween Haunt & Scream in Miramar. Get ready to be spooked from the moment you enter with your car and be chased by a chainsaw man. Another perfect location in South Florida to have fun during the Halloween season.

This post is all about Amazon skeleton costume idea.



Cute Amazon Skeleton Costume Idea

The ultimate skeleton costume accessories on Amazon! From the comfiest shirt to eye-catching leggings, gloves, press-on nails, and trendy black and white shoes, I’ve got you covered for a spooktacular night out.

amazon skeleton costumeamazon skeleton costumeamazon skeleton costumeamazon skeleton costume



1. Amazon Skeleton Shirt

This is an awesome shirt! It fits great and feels very comfortable. It’s soft and super cute. I didn’t know this but it also glows in the dark! Also, I put one clothespin on each side so it folds right under where the skeleton print ends. My only drawback is I wish it had a skeleton print on the back but no big deal. I got a size Small. – SHOP HERE

amazon skeleton costume


2. Skeleton Leggings

These leggings are the perfect match with the skeleton shirt! They fit so well and are comfortable. They’re flattering and have a nice stretch. I love that they have a skeleton print on the back too! These are one size. – SHOP HERE

amazon skeleton costume


3. Skeleton Gloves

To complete this bone costume idea I had to get gloves! I have small hands and they fit perfectly. They have a nice material stretch and feel comfortable. So cute! – SHOP HERE

amazon skeleton costume


4. Black and White Shoes

The exact black and white shoes I wore are from the brand Vepose but currently, they are not available so below I’m sharing with you three similar shoes I found. These sneakers are vegan-friendly because they don’t contain any materials derived from animals. Just double-check before buying because some sellers update the same listing with different products. Black and white shoes are the perfect addition to your bone costume idea and to walk around comfortably all day long! – SHOP HERE


5. Halloween Nails

I love using Impress press-on nails and already did a post with three Halloween nail ideas here. Press-on nails are so easy to use and you get a new manicure in five minutes! It can’t get any better than that. I’m sharing with you three spooky nail design ideas below. Kiss imPRESS nails are certified on Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, yayyy! – SHOP HERE



Skeleton Costume Idea TikTok Video 🎥

@lynsire GRWM Halloween time with a skull costume 🕷💀 #halloween #halloweenlook #skull #grwm #grwm_aesthetics ♬ original sound – Rosy • Cruelty Free


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