5 Tips On How To Maintain A Clutter Free Home In 2023

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Sometimes, looking after and maintaining a home can feel like a full-time job, especially when you have a growing family causing a whirlwind of mess and chaos every day. Simple yet effective ideas for a clutter-free home to create a serene living space.

It’s important to look after your home but in order to save yourself some time and effort, which can be better placed elsewhere, it’s worth trying to work towards a more fuss-free environment.

So how can that be achieved? Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully create a more fuss-free home for you and your family this year.

This post is all about a clutter free home.


clutter free home

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Best Ways to Keep A Clutter Free Home

Organizing techniques and decorating choices that strike the perfect balance between order and aesthetics.


1. Keep on top of your white goods

Your white goods are likely to be some of your more expensive and much-needed appliances throughout the home. From your heating system to the dishwasher and fridge, it’s important that you’re keeping on top of these appliances by giving them regular cleans and deep cleans.

Cleaning them is one thing but when it comes to ensuring they last for a long time, invest some time and products into the deep cleans. For example, clearing out filters and using vegan cleaning products that wash out the drum of the washing machine, is helpful to do once a month or every few months.

clutter free home clutter free home


2. Make any maintenance repairs quickly

When something breaks down, it’s important to try and fix the problem as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that without fixing the problem, you’re likely going to end up with a broken appliance.

Knowing what parts to fix a dishwasher are needed for example or calling out a plumber to fix a drainage issue, is good to be proactive about. After all, you don’t want to prolong the issue or cause more problems off the back of not fixing the appliance in the first place.


3. Free up space by decluttering regularly

As your brood grows, the space you have in your home is more than likely to become somewhat more limited. Therefore, it’s important to try and free up space as often as you can with regular decluttering.

Decluttering the space is somewhat therapeutic and can be a great way to clear the space of stuff that you no longer need. Try to do this once a month or as often as possible to keep on top of any growing clutter that is likely to form.


4. Approach home decor and design with minimalism

If you’re looking to work towards a fuss-free home, then minimalism is something you should lead with when it comes to home decor and design. Don’t overcomplicate your home decor with too much furniture or anything that’s just going to cause you to have to do more cleaning or maintenance around the home as a result.


5. Make sure everything has its place

Finally, make sure everything has its place. This is something that’s highly important because it’s easy enough to just put things in an area of the home, typically on the floor which takes up precious floor space. Try to find a home for all of your belongings and if it doesn’t have a place, find one. The organizers below are great storage ideas for your belongings.

clutter free home clutter free home


Maintaining a fuss-free home is easy enough once you have these tips to hand, so make yours a fuss-free one in 2023.

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