Royalty Free Music for YouTube – A Complete List

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Last updated on February 19, 2023

Are you looking for royalty-free music for YouTube? If so this list will come in handy and add some creativity to your awesome videos.

As a YouTuber, I constantly look for new songs for my videos. I usually include a tune at the beginning and end of my videos but it all depends on the style I want to give each video. But you just can’t grab a popular song from a famous singer because most likely it is copyrighted so you have to be careful to avoid any Copyright strikes from YouTube. If you get to the third strike you risk getting your account down and not monetizing your channel which we want to avoid.

I have gathered the best go-to sites to find free songs for your YouTube videos. The list below is all the places you can find royalty-free music and you can still monetize videos without worrying. After all the time you spent editing you don’t want to later find out you can’t monetize your video because by mistake you used a copyrighted song.

In the beginning, I used to have a hard time finding creative commons songs for my videos so I want to share this useful list with you to make the whole video editing process much easier and more fun.

This post is all about royalty-free music for YouTube.



Complete List of Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Videos


FYI: A few things to know about free music…

  • Creative Commons – Creative Commons is a set of licenses that automatically give you permission to do various things, such as reuse and distribute the content. For more info read it here.
  • The composition itself – a song’s music and lyrics, apart from any particular recording of that composition. This copyright is owned by the songwriter and/or publisher.
  • The sound recording – a particular recorded version of a musical composition. This copyright is owned by the recording artist and/or label.
  • Most free music sites will require giving credit back or making a small donation.
  • You can monetize your videos with royalty-free music.


List of royalty-free music for YouTube videos (completely free and you don’t have to pay anything)

Amazing Music Tracks
Amazing Music Tracks is a royalty-free music licensing platform with music contributed by award-winning Hollywood composers. They have affordable single-track licensing, monthly subscriptions, and even free tracks available for use in any creative video project.

As soon as you land on the home page you are welcomed with a list of genres, and moods you can choose from. You can select different choices and click search to find the song that you’re looking for.

AudioPad – A YouTube channel that hosts their music on YouTube and provides links to free MP3 downloads.

Audio Library – No Copyright Music
This is another channel I found not too long ago. No Copyright Music is a YouTube channel and they have genres like pop music, alternative & punk music, ambient music, children’s music, and more.

Bensound (Free/ Paid)
I recently found Bensound and I can’t remember how I came across it but Bensound offers a variety of songs in different categories like cinematic, electronica, funky, and more. Bensound is run by a single artist, and most of the songs are free but for some, you might have to pay.

Canvai Music
Canvai is a twenty-something-year-old guy that produces music. On his channel, you can find electro, progressive, house, and chillwave music. I really like his style and I used one of his songs in my most popular video.

Copyright Free Music
Copyright Free Music is a YouTube channel that is updated daily. Their video thumbnails consist of anime images. They have a lot of dubstep songs.

Copyright Free Network
Copyright Free Network (CFN) is a YouTube channel with plenty of songs to choose from. Their songs are mostly dubstep and house. You can also check out their Copyright Free Network SoundCloud account.

Free Music Archive
You can find background music for your videos with Free Music Archive. With Free Music Archive, you can find different genres like Rock, pop, ambient, cinematic, dance & electronic, country& folk, jazz & blues, hip hop & rap, classical, reggae, R&B & soul. One of my favorite artists is Broke For Free.

Free Music Wave
Free Music Wave is a YouTube channel with single songs and with one hour song version. They also share top 10 song mixes. They have electronic, house, vocals, and trap-free music.

Free Songs to Use
I love Free Songs to Use (FSTU). They have a YouTube channel and also a Free Songs to Use SoundCloud account. I like many of the songs that they have in their house and dubstep playlists.

Heroboard has a no-copyright music YouTube channel. Here you can find a mixture of songs: ambient, chill, cinematic, orchestral, electronic, and much more.

I think this is one of the most well-known music sites in the YouTube community. This is the first music site I started using when I didn’t know of any other. Tons of YouTubers use this site to find songs. Incompetech was created by Kevin MacLeod. This site has a handy search bar and you can search by Feel, Tempo, Genre, and Length of the song. Don’t forget to credit back if you use a song.

Josh Woodward
Josh Woodward is a musician who offers a lot of guitar and soft rock songs. A good resource for acoustic and pop rock music. Just make sure to credit back.

Moby Gratis
Royalty free, and created by the celebrity Moby! Yes, this is free and he will donate any profits to animal rights organizations.

No Copyright Music
Ben Rousse created the No Copyright Music YouTube channel. He doesn’t post as often but has a large following. His songs are mostly dubstep.

No Copyright Sounds
No Copyright Sounds (NCS) is another YouTube channel that I check often. They have free songs in the following genres: house, dubstep, trap, and drum step. You can also check out their No Copyrights Sounds official site.

Twin Musicom
Twin Musicom is a free music portfolio. This site doesn’t have a lot of songs but all of them are free. You can search for songs by selecting genres, and moods, or entering text to find songs.

Purple Planet has royalty-free music. They separate their songs by category and I have found some cute songs for Little Lyn’s channel. I only wish they had more songs to offer.

YouTube Audio Library
The handy-dandy YouTube audio library. At first, I didn’t like most of their songs, and I felt like it wasn’t to my taste but not long ago they updated their music library and I like it. My current favorite artists are Vibe Tracks and Unicorn Heads. Do you have a favorite artist from the YouTube audio library?


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Royalty-Free Music (the one you have to pay)

FYI: Just because it says it’s royalty-free music it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely free. On some websites, you have to pay a small fee to gain access to a particular song or pay a monthly fee for unlimited songs.

AudioMirco is a stock audio library. On this site, you can find royalty-free music, sound effects, loop packs, and more. More expensive than most but it’s a great selection. They even have big clients like Microsoft, Discovery Channel, CBS, Cisco, Random House, and more.

Audio Jungle
Fairly new to me, Audio Jungle is a popular site that has a huge selection of professional music tracks. Premium songs are available for a low price.

Epidemic Sound
Recently I found out about this site, and they have nice jams! This site is among the most POPULAR  sites for YouTubers to find new songs. They have a wide range of genres and artists. You can link your YouTube channel,   Facebook, and even your Instagram! This means you can still monetize your content without having to worry about copyright strikes.

Jamendo Music
Jamendo Music is an independent music community. You can discover new indie artists, and it has unlimited free streaming & download.

Music Bed
Music Bed is a beautiful site that has some fantastic audio tracks from talented artists. A great choice for cinematic videos.

Pond5 has a variety of things to use like footage, music, sound fx, after effects, images, and 3d models. A monthly membership fee is required.



Free Sound Effects

SoundBible has so many free sound effects! They have a lot of variety depending on what you’re looking for, and you can easily find what you’re looking for when you insert a keyword in their search box. I used this site to find the wind sound effect for my LynSire YouTube channel trailer.


More Sites For Sound Effects

Other sites where you can find sound effects but you have to pay a small fee: Envato MarketSoundSnap, and SoundDogs.



If this music list has been helpful don’t forget to save it in your bookmarks to have it handy for your amazing video creations. Do you have any music sites you like? Share it with us in the comments, and for more YouTube help check out my Recommendations page. Until next time :))



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  • Lindsay August 15, 2016 at 1:39 PM

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    I guess I have never looked into royalty free music for videos, but will be pinning this for the future. Thanks for taking the time to research and share.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this! These will definitely come in handy 🙂

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    I needed this!! I have been looking for music for some videos. Thanks!

  • Jason January 16, 2018 at 10:00 PM

    Yes, excellent list. Also can add this channel for royalty free music for videos.


    Here is music with free download and sorted by mood, use, genre. Best and new no copyright music from a different artists.

    Excellent background music without copyright for video content!