Lightroom Presets – Whiter Whites


Whiter Whites Lightroom Presets Pack of 16 – Food & Products



  • Take your Instagram feed or blog to the next level
  • Produce the perfect influencer look for your images with a more consistent, cohesive aesthetic.
  • Edit photos like a pro without extensive knowledge of Adobe Lightroom
  • Improve your photos easily and quickly
  • Significantly reduce your editing time!
  • Works well with your photos shot with your iPhone or Android device.





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I call these the “Whiter Whites Presets” because these are the edits I tend to use on food and product photos but you can use them on any photo you want to enhance. These are the presets I often use of my Instagram photos. Take a look at the before and after pictures to see how you can transform your photos with one click!

For the minimalist to give your photos a bright and modern look. Make your whites whiter, a great way to enhance your whites with these presets. Now you can have them too, to help you enhance and speed up your editing process. I hope I will help you achieve a consistent aesthetic account as you would like and I can’t wait to see the content you create – #LynSirePresets

These presets is the perfect tool for bloggers, influencers or anybody else who wants to give their Instagram feed or blog a nice look.



A “Preset” is simply a set of editing adjustments that have been saved for easy reuse and duplication on future photos with only 1-click rather than repeat all of the needed steps.
Presets can be utilized not only to help your editing workflow become faster, but also to give your final images a more consistent look.



  • A total of 16-custom presets.
  • These presets includes files for Lightroom desktop and mobile version.
    • Presets in DNG format for free mobile app Adobe Lightroom (iOS or Android).
    • Presets for desktop versions Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (XMP) and previous Adobe Lightroom versions (LrTemplate). ZIP file.
    • Compatible with RAW and JPEG images.
  • Any of these package presets will be sent to you by email immediately after payment is received.
  • Included in this pack is a PDF Guide
    • How to install your new presets on Mobile and/or Desktop
    • How to apply presets to your own photos
    • Instructions with detailed screenshots
    • Photography tips and more
  • Lifetime free updates.



  • Please remember that all presets work differently on every image, sometimes you will have to make a few adjustments until you achieve the look you are hoping for.
  • All sales are final – Due to the digital nature of the product. Please read all product information carefully before making a purchase. I’m available to answer any questions you may have.
  • There is no cancellation, exchanges, returns or refunds for any presets due to the nature of a digital product.
  • Do not copy or redistribute, no sharing files or selling them in any form. Any kind of derivative work is prohibited.


If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please send us an email at: [email protected]


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