Swimwear and Intimate Lingerie from Target – Haul and Petite Fashion

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These are recent shops from Target for some inspiration. These swimwear and intimate lingerie options are between $20 to $40.

I am entering a new phase where I look to show a little more skin while covering certain parts of my body like my belly. After having Little Lyn I don’t feel comfortable showing my belly area as I have wrinkly skin.

I like bathing suits that are one-piece and high-waisted while feeling trendy. Depending on your likes and needs, we need to find clothing pieces that make us feel good.

PS 1 – I did not buy most pieces in Black on purpose. It happened by coincidence.

PS 2 – I know these photos don’t have the best quality as they are screenshots from the video. I need to make the video quality better for when I take photos from the screenshots.

This post shows you swimwear and intimate lingerie from Target.



Swimwear and Intimate Lingerie from Target (haul + petite fashion)




For Sizing Reference

I am petite 5’1, and I bought all these items in size Extra Small.






My latest swimwear purchases from Target. Some of these bathing suits are one-piece and some are two-piece with high-waist bottoms. All these options cover the belly button area.


Women’s Plunge Cross Back One Piece Swimsuit – Sea Angel Black

A one-piece bathing suit that covers the belly button, but is open from the chest area. I like how the straps on the back form an X shape. Super comfortable and fits great.

The only thing when you sit down make sure to cover your breasts because the fabric lifts up a little. If you have bigger boobs I don’t think you’ll have a problem because this area will stay better fitted.



Women’s One Shoulder Mesh Inset One Piece Swimsuit – Shade & Shore Black

Another one-piece bathing suit that I love! It is a one-shoulder bathing suit with mesh material. It covers the belly bottom area and fits really nicely. I like the look of it and feels comfy.



Women’s Mesh One-Shoulder Bralette Bikini Top – Shade & Shore BlackWomen’s Mesh Inset High Waist Bikini Bottom – Shade & Shore

This is a two-piece bathing suit similar to the previous one-piece bathing suit. The bikini top is a one-shoulder. Both pieces, the top, and bottom bikini, have mesh material. I like the high-waisted bikini bottom which is ideal to cover the belly button.



Women’s Caged High Waist Bikini Bottom – Shade & Shore Black

The high-waist bikini bottom is from Target, but the top isn’t. I love the X see-through on this bikini bottom. It shows a little without showing too much which I think it’s a good balance.

Colors available: Black and White stripes and just Black.

I talk about this bikini top in the following blog post in case you want to check it out: Denim Jacket and a Bikini Top with Leggings – Outfit Idea.






These are some nice, delicate pieces to wear to sleep. Both of the following intimate lingerie wear is from the brand Auden from Target.


Women’s Wirefree All Over Lace Babydoll – Auden

The fit is so nice! I like the delicate design of this lace lingerie. It comes with the main piece, and also a thong. The fabric feels a little strong, but delicate at the same time. To wash I put it in my mesh bag for delicate clothes. I let it air dry.

Colors available: Black and Red.



Women’s Unlined Plunge Bodysuit – Auden Gesso White

Another lace bodysuit that feels comfortable and fits nicely. I feel like the fit could be better, but doesn’t feel terrible either. I like the design and this one is more revealing than the previous one. The fabric also feels softer. To wash I put it in my mesh bag for delicate clothes. I let it air dry.



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Other Items In My Target Favorites:








This post is all about swimwear and intimate lingerie haul.

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  • Tiffany October 28, 2020 at 5:43 PM

    Nice options and very affordable. I have found some cute stuff at Target.

  • Mosaics Lab October 28, 2020 at 7:07 PM

    I super love the red swimsuit, looks amazing!!! I love Target, they always have amazing and affordable wear.

  • Dan "Jay" Reyes October 29, 2020 at 9:39 AM

    Nice-looking swimwear and lingerie! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Melissa Cushing October 29, 2020 at 11:21 AM

    Loved this post and love all of your choices from Target. I actually LOVE target and will be checking out their swimsuits next season as I am loving several that you showcase in this post…especially the Women’s Plunge Cross Back One Piece Swimsuit. Thank you for sharing!

  • Catherine October 29, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    I personally have always loved a good one-piece. You have chosen such stylish pieces. I love Target!

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