3 Hidden Gems Around the World for Vegan Workation

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Did you know you can now satisfy your wanderlust while working? And without even compromising your vegan lifestyle?! It is now possible to go to places where you focus on all three things simultaneously, hence vegan workation.

The rise of remote work has made it easier to go on a workation. However, finding destinations catering to remote workspaces and vegan eateries could be daunting.

Thats why today we have compiled a list of incredible locations that tick all the boxes for your vegan workation. Let’s get started!



Best Vegan Workation Ideas

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What is a workation?

First of all, what is a workation? A workation is a growing trend that involves combining remote work with travel and leisure, allowing people to work and vacation during the same trip. The rising popularity of workations can be attributed to increased location flexibility and the need to combat worker burnout.

It provides the opportunity for individuals to destress, recharge, and find motivation while working remotely.


1. Boulder, Colorado

It is situated in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado and is a beautiful vegan workation destination. It offers many restaurants, such as Flower Child, Thrive, and more, that accommodate vegans happily. The majestic Rocky Mountain backdrop and vibrant city atmosphere perfectly blend nature and urban charm.

Imagine gazing at the stunning mountain views from your workspace while using your Mac seamlessly to tackle tasks. Also, with Apple’s Continuity feature, you can synchronize messages, emails, and other data between your iPhone and Mac. It further helps streamline your work process.

In case of any syncing issues, a helpful guide on ‘Why aren’t my messages syncing to my Mac‘ can troubleshoot the problem. After work, you can immerse yourself in outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, or rock climbing. Moreover, you can also indulge in the city’s rich cultural scene with its bustling farmers’ markets, art galleries, and live music events.


2. Portland, Oregon

This vibrant city is known for its diverse stay options and welcoming atmosphere for vegans. A plethora of hotels, cozy Airbnbs, and eco-friendly hostels make it a perfect place to stay.

When you visit, you can explore iconic sites like Powell’s City of Books, the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden, and the enchanting Pittock Mansion. Interestingly, it is a chosen destination for foodies, including vegans. It has many vegan restaurants and food trucks that offer delectable plant-based dishes.

You may want to try Plant-Based Papi, Epif, and other vegan restaurants in Portland. Whether you love simple vegan cuisines or are looking for mouthwatering desserts, you can find them all here. So, indulge in an eco-conscious vibe, relish the sights, and savor the vegan delights during your stay in Portland.

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3. Austin, Texas

Are you seeking an ideal vegan workation destination with a dynamic blend of business and leisure opportunities? If yes, Austin is your go-to place. It is known for its “Keep Austin Weird” mantra.

Interestingly, the city has a unique, creative energy that fuels productivity. You can find a variety of co-working spaces, cafes, and libraries to set up your remote office seamlessly.

You can also explore Austin’s lively music scene with live shows and festivals or take a leisurely stroll around Lady Bird Lake after work. The city’s culinary landscape has a multitude of plant-based restaurants and food trucks. For example, the Counter Culture Food Trailer is popular among foodies for its plant-based diets. You may also check out The Vegan Yacht in case you’re traveling with children because they offer a kid’s menu. So, it ensures a fulfilling workation experience that will leave you inspired and rejuvenated.

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Bottom Line

These three hidden gems worldwide offer the perfect blend of work and adventure, thus, making them excellent choices for a fulfilling workation. Whether you like mountains, beaches, or just lovely city vibes, these destinations have everything for anyone.

Moreover, for our fellow vegans, don’t worry as these places boast a variety of delicious plant-based eateries to satisfy your culinary desires. So, pack your bags, set up your remote office, and go on an unforgettable workation. Happy travels!

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