11 Winter Skincare Essentials You Should Have This Year

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Don’t let the cold weather dull your sparkle! Explore our curated list of winter skincare essentials to maintain luminous and nourished skin all season long.

The harsh effects of winter are well documented, with the likelihood of having dry, flaky, or itchy skin increasing during this season. Experts say 25% of the population has varying degrees of winter itch, mostly from experiencing dry skin. With its relatively low humidity, cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry and flaky from dry air.

Since you’ll most likely rely on indoor heating to keep you warm, you can deplete your skin of moisture. The result? That unbearable winter itch. The right beauty products can protect you from the harsh weather, keeping you looking and feeling perfectly fine during the cold months. Here are some beauty essentials worth having this winter.

This post is all about winter skincare essentials.



Best Winter Skincare Essentials

Embrace the chilly season with confidence! Check out the essential skincare products and tips to keep your skin glowing and hydrated during winter.


1. Lip balm

The lips are usually the first body part affected by harsh winter conditions. Compared to other areas of your body, the skin on the lips is very thin and loses hydration super fast. It doesn’t matter how often you lick your lips. Of course, occasional licking of the lips may not cause any problems. But if that’s your only remedy or protection against the cold weather, you’re up for a cracking surprise (pun intended). Persistently licking your lips throughout the day will hasten dehydration and cause further chapping, cracking, flaking, splitting, or peeling. So, carry a good vegan lip balm product, especially if you’re heading out into the cold. It’ll form a protective barrier against the cold, dry weather. Even if your lips are already dry, cracked, and flaky, using a lip balm will restore nourishment and hydration, giving your lips a glossy look.

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2. A hydrating serum

A vegan hydrating serum will perfectly start your beauty routine before applying your moisturizer. But pick a product made purposely for winter weather, especially a hyaluronic acid-based serum. Hydrating serums enhance your skin’s hydration, improve its moisture retention, and keep it from getting dry. Most serums contain lipid-replenishing ingredients that offer intense nourishment for the skin. They work perfectly when you use them as the base before applying your preferred moisturizing lotion. They trap water on your skin’s outermost layers to create a dewy and enchanting appearance, with the moisturizing lotion as the cherry on top. Most people limit their serum usage to their face but feel free to apply it to your entire body. Use a good serum daily throughout the winter (even throughout the year), and your skin will quickly feel firmer, tighter, and smoother while looking absolutely luminous.


3. Moisturizer

Your moisturizer will come in right after applying your serum. Vegan moisturizers top the list of must-have winter skincare essentials. They are the most desired skin care products every winter season. They help keep the skin supple and hydrated, offering soothing relief from the harsh weather. The right moisturizers will repair and heal your skin tissues, creating a smooth texture with a glow. So, how do moisturizers work? They restore essential oils that the dry air strips from the skin. It can also improve skin hydration and increase stratum corneum water content by replenishing the skin with water. Plus, it can also create a protective film on the skin surface and increase occlusion to reduce epidermal water loss. Use a good moisturizer with a serum, and you have complete protection against skin barrier damage.


4. A mild face wash

Skincare experts advise a minimum of two daily face washes, ideally in the morning and before bedtime. However, during winter’s dry weather, excessive face washing can dehydrate the skin due to increased water loss. The drop in humidity levels exacerbates this, leaving your skin parched. Opt for a vegan gentle face wash instead of harsh facial wipes, especially in this season. Keep a mild face wash handy, especially after workouts or runs, as sweat evaporates faster in the cold, potentially clogging pores. It’s crucial to cleanse your face promptly to prevent dried sweat, a mix of bacteria, dead skin cells, and grime, from obstructing your pores. Make it a routine to cleanse post-exercise, safeguarding your skin’s health.


5. A Micro Derma mitt

In the shower, opt for a gentle body cleanse using a Micro Derma or Microdermabrasion mitt, an ideal beauty tool for winter. This mitt effectively buffs away dead skin cells and grime from your body, prepping it to better absorb serums and moisturizing lotions. Employ gentle, long strokes or firm, side-to-side motions depending on the area you’re cleaning. Unlike regular bath mitts, which may harm your skin’s protective layer due to their harsh texture, a Micro Derma mitt ensures a gentle cleanse without causing irritation or itching. It efficiently removes unwanted impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and ready to benefit from post-shower skincare products, making it essential for winter skincare.


6. Eye cream

If you’re hearing of an eye cream for the first time, no, it’s not for your eyes. The skin around your eyes is very thin, so they need extra hydration to plump up the fine lines and prevent flaky dryness and redness. Vegan eye creams are formulated to do just that – hydrate and protect the thin, delicate skin around your eyes. Look for creams containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides without harsh chemicals. Apply it directly on the skin surrounding your eyes (and please close them when doing so) after prepping your skin or showering. Ideally, you want to leave your skin damp before you apply the cream, as it helps to retain more moisture this way.

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7. An ‘SOS’ cream

This is for those who feel miserable during winter because of their skin issues and reactions. While a vegan SOS cream does not have a standard meaning in the beauty industry, it’s usually used for creams specially formulated to tackle complex skin reactions in specific situations.

Most of them are nourishing creams designed for complex care of stressed and irritated skin to restore and strengthen it. Different skin types experience irritation during winter due to various circumstances, including health issues. You can speak with a dermatologist or beauty expert if you have specific skin challenges during winter. They can help you identify what cream is ideal for you.


8. Cold cream

A vegan cold cream can restore dull skin, making it look bright in minutes. Most cold creams emulsify water, fat, and oil, creating a cool feeling when you apply it to your body (hence, its ‘cold’ name). While some use it as a makeup remover, a cold cream can also provide an extra protective layer during the cold months. They can work on skin tissues and give you a sleek and soft look. So, what makes them ideal as winter skincare essentials? These creams can replenish skin moisture. But you must use them continuously for an elastic and soft skin. Most have skin-friendly and all-natural formulations, so you don’t have to worry about your specific skin type. If you have dry and itchy skin, a cold cream is a great addition to your beauty arsenal this winter.


9. Oil-based foundation

Has your facial skin ever felt ‘cakey’ during winter? That’s low humidity issues messing with you. Since there’s little to no humidity, your skin will struggle to grab moisture from the air during cooler months. The result? Dry, flaky, and ‘cakey’ skin. You may even find dead skin particles build up on your face. Most vegan oil-based foundations contain argan and jojoba oil with other essential minerals. They create a very hydrating and nourishing effect on the skin. The oil content offers an extra perk of a dewy and radiant finish.


10. An exfoliating rub

Even the best moisturizer may not be enough to solve all your winter skin problems without a vegan exfoliating rub. You must consciously remove all that dead skin instead of just taking a regular shower and splashing heavy moisturizer all over your body. Exfoliating during winter is essential. You can expect your skin to dehydrate faster when the temperature drops, accentuating your fine lines and wrinkles. Using heavy moisturizers alone, without removing dead skin, will only lead to clogged pores. When you exfoliate, you unclog your pores and eliminate dead skin cells. Your skin can now release natural oils and better absorb your beauty products.


11. Sunscreen

Round up your skincare routine with a good vegan sunscreen product. No, the sun going missing in action does not mean its harmful rays are no longer a threat. Wearing sunscreen is still important, even during cold and hazy winter months. When you step out, your skin is still exposed to the natural elements, leaving it susceptible to damage. Believe it or not, harmful UV rays can penetrate even the cloudiest sky and wreak havoc on your skin. Give your skin the protection it needs with an effective SPF (sun protection factor) throughout the year, not just in summer.

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