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Banana Peel / Cascara de Banano

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5 Strange Uses with Banana Peel

Did you know banana is the second most eaten fruit in the world? Apples come in first place. Bananas come ready to eat, and you don't need a knife to eat it. It comes in a protective layer, known as the peel.

I personally love bananas in smoothies. I love making smoothies every morning, and I slice it to eat in a cereal, or to make açaí bowls.

Just don't toss away the banana peel, it can have other beneficial uses!! Either for beauty purposes, or for home use.

Let's begin with 5 strange uses with banana peel. For all of these I recommend you use organic bananas, and bananas that are ripe with a lot of spots.

1. Clear skin
To have clear skin, just massage banana peels on your face and body for 5 minutes every day to cure pimples. The results should be visible within a week. Keep applying the peels till the acne disappears.

Dry skin: Another good use is if you have dry skin. If you have psoriasis, try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your affected areas twice a day, and you’ll see the dry scaly skin vanish.

Itchy skin: Also if you have itchy skin. For a fast, chemical-free relief from an itchy bite, rub the inside of a banana peel against the inflamed area. This will stop the itchy skin, and promote healing.

2. White teeth
To get pearly whites rub a banana peel on your teeth for about two minutes, and leave the paste for about ten. When you're done, brush your teeth (I love using bamboo toothbrush) with toothpaste to remove the residue.

Another way is to simply rub the inner white side of a peel against your freshly brushed teeth for about 1 to 2 minutes every day.

3. Shiny shoes
Make those shoes look like new again. Simply rub your shoe with the inside of the peel. When you're done, buff the shoes with a soft cloth. Bananas are full of potassium, which is also in shoe polish. Plus, the banana's natural oils soak into the shoe fabric which helps make your shoes last longer!

4. Use in compost
Think about your garden. Banana peels break down quickly and add lots of nutrients to the soil for your flower and vegetable garden. Peels add potassium and phosphorus to compost for overall plant health when incorporated into garden soil.

5. Stop a scratched CD or DVD from skipping
If your favorite disc just won't play smoothly, fix it with a banana peel. What you have to do is rub the back of the disc in a gentle circular motion with the inside of the peel. Wipe off any residue with a soft cloth, then lightly spray the disc with glass cleaner and buff it until it looks clean. The wax in the peel will fill in scratches without harming the plastic finish, so the disc can play.

EXTRA - Banana Tea
Did you know you can also make banana tea? Steep the banana peels in filtered water over low heat for 10 minutes with cinnamon. Make sure they are organic so that you’re not drinking pesticides. The skins are super rich in magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants that will aide to calm down your nervous system. Really useful if you’re having trouble to sleep. Sweeten if you like with cane sugar, agave, or maple syrup. The banana flavor is really subtle. Fantastic even for kids!

Have you tried any, or will you be trying any of these banana peel uses? Let me know what you think! You can leave me a comment in the area below! Until next time :))

5 Strange Uses with Banana Peel video:

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  1. I had heard about using a banana peel to help whiten teeth but had no idea you could use a banana to help clear your skin. That's such an awesome trick/tip.

  2. I have never heard of using a peel to help with scratched DVD's! I am going to try this!

  3. I am one of the many people that have at least one banana a day. I had no idea about ANY of these ways to use a banana peel. I will definitely have to use the one for clear skin and to whiten teeth. Thanks for sharing! This was a great read.

  4. interesting! i've never heard of some of these! i did use the banana peel as a "polish" on my boots one fall (life hack i saw on pinterest!) and it worked for a little bit! then the band dried and my shoes looked normal and scuffed again!
    have you tried it??

  5. This is amazing. I eat a banana a day and just throw away the peels. Not any more...

  6. I've heard of all of these, but not banana tea!! I've got to give that a try.

  7. i have never in my life heard of banana tea either - sounds yummy though!

  8. What a great post!! My husbands spends a a lot of time polishing his shoes - I will have to let him know about this!

  9. Great Post!!! Wouldn't have thought to use banana's for uses like these!!!

  10. WOW! Who knew? The only thing I do with a banana peel is throw it out! I'm going to have to try some of these!

  11. So many great tips. What makes the banana peel whiten your teeth?

    And banana tea?!?! I need this in my life. I'll be trying this after my grocery run friday and I'll make sure to tag you in my post :D


  12. Love this! I had no idea you could use them for teeth whitening, definitely gonna give that a try! I discovered that you could use them to get rid of mosquito bites while I was traveling in South America, it's one of the best tricks I've ever learned. :)

  13. What a FUN and interesting post! I'm going to have to try to trick for whitening teeth!

    - Kaitlin

  14. white teeth and clear skin?! what?! I've never heard of this before! I cannot wait to try!

  15. I ever knew it was so good for your skin; I'll def have to try!

  16. Oh cool!! I love these tips, especially about using them to whiten teeth. Can't wait to try it out!

  17. This is amazing!! I never knew any of these!! So excited to give them a try!

  18. That's awesome! I've never heard of any of these uses before.

  19. It is really cool and dandy! 1st time i hear this.


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