5 Amazon Fashion Finds Under $55 and 3 Cruelty-Free Brands You Will Want To Try Now | September Favorites 2022

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Happy October! As usual I am happy to share with you my monthly faves and now we have September favorites with various goodies. From Amazon fashion dresses and other fashion finds, to cruelty-free brands. 

We visited New York for the first time! We went from Thursday to Sunday and it was a nice short trip to visit main attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, we drove by Chinatown, had vegan pizza, and more plant-based meals. I got to take plenty of cute New York photos which you can see on my Instagram.

How is the fall season going for you? I love the fall season feeling each year, I enjoy it so much!

This post is all about September favorites 2022. 



Best September Favorites 2022



As an Amazon fashion influencer I get to pick 5 free clothing items every month and these were my picks. Everything I am wearing is a size extra small.


A. Amazon fashion dresses

amazon fashion amazon fashion

Wrap Dress | Steve Madden Margie Sandals

It seemed like I would like it but I LOVE it! This dress is nice and feels comfortable. It is fitting but at the same time the fabric is stretchy. This is a nice dress to wear to work or any formal event. Can look great with sandals or heels. I really the two front twists on the dress because it accentuates my body.


amazon fashion dressesa amazon fashion dresses

Sweater Dress | Similar Beige Sandals 

This is a great sweater dress! It’s not too thin but not thick either. I think the red wine color looks beautiful, and it feels super comfortable without feeling clingy. It holds it’s shape throughout the day. You can wear it with sandals and I have worn it with beige combat boots (I have the vegan-friendly Natural Soul Ozzy Combat Boots) which also looks great! A nice dress for work or for a casual evening out.


B. Amazon fashion finds

amazon fashion finds amazon fashion finds

Loose Pleated Pants | Sweater Top

The waist fits a little tight but it was elastic in the back which makes it manageable to wear and the legs feel too loose from what I’m used to. It was a little long so I had to roll them up. These are light and good for the hot weather.


amazon fashion influencer amazon fashion influencer

Lightweight Sweater | Forever 21 Faux Leather Pants

This is a great basic piece to have for the fall season. I feel happy to wear it as the fit is nice except the sleeves are a little long but I just fold it. It is so comfortable and soft to the touch. I just wear it as it is but it’s a nice piece to layer up or look good under a scarf or blazer.


amazon fashion shoesamazon fashion shoes

Chunky Cardigan | Sweater Top | Loose Pleated Pants

This sweater feels heavyweight but it’s warm and good quality. The buttons feel they are nicely attached and not loose as if they’re going to fall. I think it looks cute but it was a little bigger than I expected. A perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.


C. Amazon Jewelry

The jewelry pieces I am wearing are Amazon finds:

Hoop earrings | Similar Initial necklace | Michael Kors rose gold watch




If you are new to my blog welcome you will only find cruelty-free brands here as usual. I think it’s important for us to support these brands that do not test on animals. I share with you what’s new on the market to support these ethical brands, and if you want to find out faster about any current sales you can follow me on the LTK app.


A. Glow Recipe Watermelon Night Treatment

glow recipe watermelon glow recipe watermelon

Available at Glow Recipe site | Sephora

The new Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment promises to gently exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten to wake up with smooth and glowing skin. Glow Recipe recommends you use it 2 or 3 times a week.


B. Anomaly Hair Care

Did you know Anomaly hair care brand uses recycled plastic trash from landfills and ocean plastic to create their product packaging? Apart from these amazing details the products are cruelty-free and vegan.

anomaly shampooanomaly hair care

Anomaly Bonding Treatment Mask | Clarifying Shampoo

The bonding treatment mask is rich and reparative to get healthy and shiny hair. It contains quinoa and vegetable proteins. And the clarifying shampoo removes build-up and provides volume as well as cleanses the scalp. It has eucalyptus and charcoal to help detoxify the scalp.


C. Green Label Goods

green label goods

Did you know Green Label Goods is a woman-owned skincare line? They offer high quality, ethically sourced, clean health beauty products.

I received their body care, vanilla moisturizing lip balm (unfortunately it is not vegan-friendly as it contains beeswax), and anti-aging facial serum.

Discount Code: Use the code LYNSIRE10 for 10% off your entire order.


Thank you for being here! Until next month for more Amazon fashion finds, and cruelty-free brands! Enjoy October :))



This post is all about September favorites 2022.

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