5 Amazon Fashion Finds, Cruelty Free Brands, and Books! | July Favorites 2022

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Ready for August? I am glad to share with you my July favorites because these are such great products you will not want to miss. From Amazon fashion finds, to cruelty-free brands, and alternative medicine books. How exciting! 

July was a good month for me. I spent my days learning so much about how to sell on Etsy and I have been taking a lot of notes before I begin anything. It’s my way of giving myself self-confidence with knowledge and not starting into something without knowing what I’m doing.

I also spent my days in weekly meditation sessions, and taking Lyn to her tae kwon do classes, so everything has been good and I can’t complain. I have also started to tell myself more positive things like: I am grateful for having my family healthy, I am grateful I am healthy, I am grateful I have a job, I am grateful about the city I live in, and so forth. Sometimes with our busy lives it’s easy to focus on the bad and forget about the good things we have. What are you grateful for?

I also can’t believe in August my Little Lyn starts eighth grade! Where has the time gone?

This post is all about July favorites 2022. 



Best July Favorites 2022



As an Amazon fashion influencer I get to pick 5 free clothing items every month and these were my picks. Everything I am wearing is a size extra small.

amazon fashion plus size


A. Amazon fashion dresses

What do these 3 dresses have in common? They all have pockets, which is my favorite part! And they’re all the same size, I am wearing a size extra small.

NOTE: These dresses are under $40.


amazon fashion sale amazon fashion dresses

Cami Maxi Dress | Similar Wedges | Michael Kors watch

Back in June I wore the short version of this dress, and this is the exact same dress but as a maxi dress. I think this dress is sooo flattering, I love it! I am 5’2 and wore it with wedges so it would touch the floor. Nice style, and it’s comfortable. It’s flowy and breezy for the summer weather.


amazon fashion prime

T-shirt dress | Beige sandals | Michael Kors watch

Comfy dress and has nice dark olive color, which makes it easy to wear with sandals or white sneakers. The material is thick and makes it feel good material. It comes down to the knees, but I do wish the elastic would hug more around my waist. To me it feels a bit loose but it does feel comfortable. This is a great dress for teachers or for a more modest look.

Plus size options are also available!


amazon fashion finds best amazon fashion finds 2022


Relaxed fit dress | Gold coin necklace | Michael Kors watch | Beige crossbody purse | Beige sandals

I am in love with this dress! It has a relaxed fit style as described, and I received compliments from my sister and a stranger when I was doing groceries haha. It has pockets and a zipper on the left side. The fabric is breathable and comfortable. It fits perfectly and has the perfect length. I paired it with beige sandals and a beige crossbody bag for a casual look.

Plus size options are also available!


B. Amazon fashion finds

Below I am wearing two pink tops, and both are size extra small.


amazon fashion blogger

best amazon fashion finds 2022

Cropped yoga t-shirt | Criss cross sandals

I love the look of this top! The criss-cross detail and the pink color are flattering. The material is soft and not see-through. It feels comfortable and curves with your body to give shape around your waist. This is the perfect top to wear as loungewear or for the gym!


amazon fashion influencer amazon fashion

Puff sleeve top | Steve Madden flat sandals | Michael Kors watch

This is a nice top to wear to work or for a modest look. The material is very soft, feels cozy, a little thick, and has a nice stretch. On hot summer days this top will make you sweat, but a nice top to wear on chilly days. Fits nice, and it has a comfortable relaxed fit. The sleeves are flattering, the long top covers the belly in a flowy way, and does not show bra lines on the back.

I am wearing the color Dusty Lilac but it’s available in so many other colors!




As it’s common on my blog you will only find cruelty-free brands on my blog. I think it’s important for us to support these brands that do not test on animals. I share with you what’s new on the market to support these ethical brands, and if you want to find out faster about any current sales you can follow me on the LTK app.


A. Glow Recipe

cruelty free skin care glow recipe watermelon

Glow Recipe sent me their newest skincare kits! These kits include the Soothe and Glow duo and the Plump and Brighten duo in travel size. The Soothe Glow duo is ideal to re-balance and minimizing pores. The Plump and Brighten duo is ideal to plump your skin, treat dark spots, and even skin tone. I can’t wait to use them!

For each duo you can use the products individually or use them together for optimal results.


B. Versed Skincare

versed skincare headband vegan skincare

Thank you for my box Versed skincare! I always saw all the TikTok girls with this cute headband and I had no idea it was from Versed until I got one too lol. In this goodies box they included the following products, left to right:


C. Versed Headband

Great news: all first-time shoppers that spend $45+ get a free black headband with their skincare goodies. It’ll be added automatically to your cart, so no code needed!

Although they have don’t their famous headband they have other cute merch like The Hydrator Reusable Tumbler and the Instant Grafitifcation At-Home Dermaplanting Tool.

Good thing I was able to find similar headbands (pink and black ones) from ASOS, Amazon, and SheIn which I’m sharing below:




I briefly mentioned in my June favorites that I had started listening to Think Like a Monk and in July I finished the audiobook!

I always tell myself this: A happy mind is positive and organized!


self confidence books

ayurveda books for beginners

A. Alternative medicine book

Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty

I enjoyed hearing Jay read his own book while I was in my office job. His book taught me the correct breathing technique to meditate, the importance to breathe with your belly and not the chest, positive mind thinking, and much more. Thanks to this book it inspired me to find meditation centers near me and I started going to weekly meditation sessions which I’m glad I did because it’s helping my mind a lot!

Also available in Spanish: Piensa como un monje: Entrena tu mente para la paz interior y consigue una vida plena


B. Ayurveda books for beginners

Practical Ayurveda: Find Out Who You Are and What You Need to Bring Balance to Your Life by Sivananda

Ayurveda for Life: A Beginner’s Guide to Balance and Vitality by Monica Bloom

After reading Think Like a Monk I started watching Jay Shetty videos on YouTube. He has a beautiful and smart wife, her name is Radhi Devlukia Shetty. I think they compliment each other so well, so I started watching her videos too. She enjoys sharing recipes and how to live a healthy life. In one of her videos she talks about the correct ways to drink water and she talked about Ayurveda. After watching her video I requested these two books from my local library, and I have been learning from them helpful techniques to balance life with easy and achievable steps.


Thank you for being here! Until next month for more outfits, cruelty-free brands, and lifestyle! Enjoy August :))



This post is all about July favorites 2022.

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