Glow Up Naturally: 16 Clean Girl Makeup Picks (Cruelty-Free and Vegan Too!)

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Are you ready for a makeup routine that not only enhances your natural glow but also aligns with your values? Take a look below for the perfect clean girl makeup.

clean girl makeup

This beauty guide is all about simplicity, freshness, and being kind to our furry friends. Oh, and did I mention it’s cruelty-free and vegan too? Whenever I’m out shopping for beauty or food, I have created the habit of scanning products with the Yuka or Think Dirty apps. These apps make it easy to shop for clean and healthier products.

It’s not just good for you, but it’s also a win for our animal pals. Get ready for a beauty that’s as clean as it is glamorous! 💄🐰

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This post is all about clean girl makeup.



Best Clean Girl Makeup Picks

Elevate your beauty routine with clean girl makeup that’s all about simplicity and radiance. This guide is easy and fresh but also cruelty-free and vegan 🌱💄


clean girl makeup


  1. Rose Inc Softlight Skin-Smoothing Hydrating Foundation
  2. ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation
  3. LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation


  1. Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer
  2. Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-puffing Concealer
  3. tarte Mini SEA Power Flex Vegan Concealer


  1. Saie Dew Blush Blendable Liquid Blush
  2. MERIT Flush Balm Cream Blush
  3. LYS Beauty Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush


  1. caliray Come Hell or High Water Mascara
  2. Rose Inc Ultra-Black Lash Lifting & Lengthening Serum Mascara
  3. Milk Makeup Kush High Volumizing Mascara


  1. Kosas Air Brow Tinted Clean Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
  2. Merit Brow 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel


  1. bareMinerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick
  2. ILIA Color Block High Impact Lipstick



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the clean makeup look?

It’s super easy, simple, and just feels right. The clean girl look is all about choosing good stuff instead of lots of things, and you’ve probably seen it on your FYP. It’s all about having shiny skin, smooth hair, defined lashes, and full eyebrows, plus some gold hoop earrings and maybe a fancy blazer if you like.

But you don’t have to have all those things—it’s just makeup that helps you be yourself. And guess what? It’s really easy to do!


What do I need for a clean girl makeup look?

Think cosmetics you can easily purchase online or in person like from Sephora or Ulta. Products with a “clean” label to avoid toxic ingredients. And perhaps choosing vegan and cruelty-free products to take care of our animal furry friends. 🐇


How to do a clean girl look?

The clean girl loves to go for a natural, “no makeup” look that’s all about being subtle and fresh. Picture soft brows, glowy skin, a touch of blush, clear lip gloss, and a bit of mascara. No need for heavy contour or bold eyeshadow here—just a radiant, “glow from within” vibe. It’s all about keeping it light and easy! 😊


Where did the clean girl makeup come from?

The TikTok terms “clean girl” and “clean girl aesthetic” became a big thing in late 2021. When you hear “clean”  it’s about aiming for a flawless and easy-breezy look, along with a certain kind of lifestyle that goes along with it. It’s all about that perfect, effortless vibe! 🌟


What is considered clean makeup?

Clean beauty is all about non-toxic beauty. Basically, it’s all about cosmetics and skincare goodies that don’t have any yucky stuff in them. Think no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances – just pure goodness for your skin! 🌿✨


What is clean look makeup?

The clean girl makeup look is all about keeping things fresh, simple, and so natural. It’s like giving your beautiful features a little boost without going all heavy or overboard with the makeup. Just a touch of magic to let your natural beauty shine! 🌸💄



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This post was all about clean girl makeup.


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