4 Glow Up Unboxings: Axiology, Kaja Lip Oil, JLO Beauty, and Sunglasses Must-Haves

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Today let’s have a PR unboxing time filled with amazing things like cruelty-free beauty. Including Kaja lip oil duo, beauty finds, and a few more goodies.

That means the beauty products you will see here were made with love, and not tested on cute animals. We’ve got some cool goodies like Axiology beauty sticks – they’re like magic wands for your lips and face, and guess what? They’re free of plastic! Plus, there’s a fantastic duo of Kaja lip oil to add some shimmer and shine. And the glam of JLO beauty products and stylish Amazon sunglasses.

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Unboxing Haul: Axiology, Kaja Lip Oil, JLO Beauty, and Sunglasses


1. Axiology Beauty✨

Discover the enchantment of Axiology beauty sticks – your go-to magic wands for lip balm and contouring, and the best part? They’re totally free of plastic! Where beauty meets sustainability, as each swipe brings joy to your lips and a glow to your face.

I previously shared Axiology in 10 Brands for a Greener Beauty Routine and I absolutely love this brand! I love the eco-friendly glamour of Axiology’s commitment to both beauty and the planet! 🌎

axiology lipstick


2. Kaja Lip Oil

Indulge with the luscious Kaja lip oil duo – a duo ready to add a touch of glamour to your lips! The perfect blend of hydration and shine as you unbox this pair. With each application, let the Kaja lip oil duo elevate your beauty routine, leaving your lips feeling pampered and looking radiant. 💕

kaja lip oilkaja lip oil

The Juicy Glass Lip Duo is available for purchase in the following online stores:


3. JLo Beauty

JLo Beauty is a cruelty-free line, but currently two JLo Beauty products are vegan. That Fresh Take eye cream and That Star Filter complexion booster because neither contain any animal byproducts. 🌱

  • Beso Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Mask
  • That JLo Glow Serum


4. Amazon Fozono Sunglasses

Step into the sunshine with polarized aviator sunglasses – your ticket to style and UV protection! The perfect blend of style and sun protection. They fit me big and loose on my face, but if you’re taller they will fit you better than me.

Fozono has from chic frames to reliable sun-shielding technology, these sunglasses are more than an accessory – they’re a statement. Elevate your look with Amazon sunglasses and let your eyes shine under the sun!



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