5 Easy Tips for a Comfy Road Trip

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Just as there needs to be a middle ground for comfort and style when it comes to airports and long-haul flights, it’s basically the same thing for long drives. There has to be this balance, and you can plan out your outfit for extra confidence. But at the same time, for comfort’s sake, you need a comfy road trip. Sure, you can opt for the viral Amazon lounge set, but that’s more airplane-focused than car-focused.

The airport is this magical land where wearing pajamas and drinking a glass of wine at 10 am is socially acceptable, not so much on the open road. So, how can you stay comfy during your next road trip since you’re usually in a car way longer than a plane (on average)? Well, here’s what you need to know!

This post is all about a comfy road trip.



How to Have a Comfy Road Trip

Hit the road in style and comfort with these tips for the coziest road trip ever! Read must-have essentials and hacks to make your journey a breeze.

comfy road trip

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1. Is Your Car Up for the Ride?

Yes! Can your car handle it? Is it in good enough condition for the long ride? Is it comfortable enough? While you don’t have to go onto Edmunds to search for the most comfortable car for this trip, it will help if you make sure that you’re in a car that’s comfortable enough for all of these hours on the road. You might also want to consider renting, but of course, you usually won’t be able to test out the seats in comfort).


2. Invest in a Seat Cushion

If you think about it, your car seat is your throne for the journey, so make it as comfortable as possible. On a plane, you can usually ask an attendant for pillows- something you can’t do if you’re the driver of your own car. So, you should consider investing in a high-quality seat cushion to provide extra support for your back and hips. Honestly, memory foam or gel cushions can make a significant difference during long hours on the road.


3. Think About Your Clothes

Similar to the airport, you’ll want to opt for loose, breathable clothing that allows for easy movement. Especially if you plan on taking a lot of stops and doing activities. Think about wearing chic lounge sets that are cute cute and comfy. So, it’ll be best to consider layers, especially if you’ll be traveling through different climates. Also, be sure to avoid tight shoes and choose comfortable vegan footwear to keep your feet happy throughout the trip.


comfy road trip

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4. You Need Breaks

Alright, this is obvious, but most people only think about vegan snack breaks or bathroom breaks. But are those actually enough? So, you’ll need to plan breaks into your journey to stretch your legs, take a breath of fresh air, and rejuvenate. You should try and use rest areas or scenic spots along the route to enjoy short walks and simple stretches. This not only enhances your comfort but also helps prevent sore muscles.


5. Be Prepared for Discomfort

Sometimes, discomforts are going to happen, like back pain while driving or even sitting in the passenger seat. It happens, just as others can happen, too. Ideally, making a mini kit to help take care of discomforts ASAP might be your best bet. So, go ahead and create a comfort kit with essentials like vegan hand sanitizer, travel-size tissues, vegan lip balm, and a small first aid kit. Having these items readily available ensures you can address minor discomforts promptly and stay focused on the joy of the journey!

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This post was all about a comfy road trip.


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