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Can you believe another month has passed by? I can’t! Where is time going?? I am excited to share with you today my May favorites 2022 because we have plenty of cruelty-free brands, Amazon fashion dresses and finds, and more. 


may favorites 2022


Soon enough we’ll be ending June and July will come which is the middle of the year! Have you made any progress with your goals? Here in South Florida school ends on May 8th and summer break begins! I think I mentioned last month we were going to be traveling to New York in June but we changed our travel dates to September. Still so excited about that because it will be our first time in New York City!

This post is all about May favorites 2022. 



Best May Favorites 2022



If you are new to my blog welcome! As usual, you will only find cruelty-free brands on my blog. I think it’s important for us to support these brands that do not test on animals, and share with you what’s new on the market and any current sales. To find out faster about any current sales you can follow me on the LTK app.


A. Cruelty Free Makeup

bite beauty lipstick

Bite Beauty: travel size mascara • Lipsticks: Red VelvetGlaceCavaAgave Lip Balm


bite beauty mascara

Bite Beauty travel size mascara • Bite Beauty agave lip balm


Bite Beauty Closing

Did you hear about the news? Bite Beauty is closing! This came as unexpected news and it was said that they were closing because they were in the process of changing all of their makeup formula to vegan. We know of some successful brands that are 100% vegan like E.l.f., Pacifica, Lime Crime, and more. Personally, I think if this is the case it’s very bad timing because we know how much prices have increased.

Bite Beauty Sale

Because Bite Beauty is closing all of its products are 50% on the Sephora site and on the Bite Beauty website.

Bite Beauty Lipsticks

The shades are so pretty! From top to bottom the lipstick shades are Red Velvet (rich, deep red), Glace, and Cava (lilac beige). As you can probably tell from the photo my favorite shade is Glace because it’s the one I have used the most often. Easy to apply and doesn’t dry up your lips.

Bite Beauty travel size mascara

My sister helped me choose this cruelty free mascara to see if I would like it, and honestly, I love it! It leaves your lashes so full of volume. I apply it on my top and bottom lashes for more effect.

Bite Beauty agave lip balm

I have enjoyed so much the Bite Beauty agave lip balm! It leaves my lips so soft and you only need a small amount to feel the hydration.


B. Cruelty Free Skincare

osea skincare

OSEA Sea Minerals Mist • OSEA Blemish Balm


cruelty free skin care

Leaf People Hydrating Mist • OSEA Sea Minerals Mist • Mario Badescru Facial Spray • Alteya Rose Water


natural skin care products


OSEA Skincare

OSEA skincare is one of the best skin care lines out there. They offer products that are organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free, clean ingredients, and USA made. The main ingredient in most of the products is seaweed.

OSEA Sea Minerals Mist 

I enjoy using the Sea Minerals Mist after applying my makeup or on a day I want to keep my skin bare. You can also spray it on your neck or on a hot day to freshen up your face.

OSEA Blemish Balm

The blemish balm is a great moisturizer for even skin tones. It contains three types of seaweed and essential oils like tea tree, juniper, and thyme. I apply it to my face and it feels really hydrating.

Facial Mists

This year I have really been into facial mists. The difference between a facial mist vs toner is that toners clean your skin to prepare it for moisturizing, and a face mist instantly freshens you up at any time. I currently have the four from the image and I switch it up depending on the scent that I’m going for.

Leaf People Skin Care

I received one of their PR boxes and received three boxes. I have the Hydrating Mist, the Body Wellness Serum, and the Eye Serum. All three products feel good quality, not only when you apply them to your skin, but their scent is subtle and lovely. They are on the expensive side but SO worth it!


C. Cruelty Free Body Lotion

hempz body lotion

Hempz Lotion: OriginalSweet Pineapple & Honey Melon • Sweet Vanilla Creme & White Orchid


hempz lotion

Hempz Lotion Orignal travel size


Hempz Lotion

I came across Hempz lotion when one day I was at CVS looking for a travel size moisturizer for my hands and they had the Original mini size. I got hooked! It left my hands feeling soft but without feeling oily. One day I was at Walgreens and announced on my Insta stories that they were on sale. I got a bottle for my mom, Little Lyn, and one for myself.

You can easily find Hempz Lotion on the Ulta site or on Amazon. Hempz lotion is vegan, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

Hempz Travel Size

The Hempz Original travel size is made of hemp seel oil and is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. No wonder it does a great job and hydrating my hands!


D. Cruelty Free Deodorant

cruelty free brands

LAVANILA Deodorant pure vanilla • Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon


LAVANILA deodorant pure vanilla 

One day I came across LAVANILA deodorant while browsing the aisles of Marshalls. What caught my attention was that it said baking soda free because other products have caused me to get red, itchy armpits.

Not only does it have a subtle scent of vanilla but it’s also paraben free, vegan, and has a velvet-soft formula. Other natural ingredients are lemon and tea tree oil.


E. Cruelty Free Hair Products

vegamour reviews

Vegamour ENSO Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask for medium hair


anomaly hair oil

Anomaly Hair Care Bonding treatment maskLeave-in conditionerHair and scalp oil


Vegamour ENSO review

I already did a complete review on the hair care line by Vegamour ENSO which you can see here: 3 Ways to have healthy and strong hair (my hair grows fast by doing this!). I must say all of the hair products smell divine and I enjoy the Vegamour ENSO mask.

Anomaly Hair Care

Anomaly hair care is available at Target and is affordable. This hair care line was launched by actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas. What’s amazing about Anomaly is that they found a way to shrink our plastic footprint by using 100% plastic trash and thinner bottle.

I was lucky to have received a PR box because the products have been amazing. Little Lyn had been suffering from dandruff and ever since I have been applying this hair care on her scalp we noticed a big improvement because they do a great job at soothing her irritated scalp.

First, you start with the Anomaly bonding treatment mask, as you shower you leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. When you are out of the shower you can apply the Anomaly hair and scalp oil on damp or dry hair (personally I prefer dry hair). Then to finish it off apply the Anomaly leave-in conditioner.

I have a friend that also tried the Anomaly hair care products but didn’t see the same results. Personally, I have been LOVING the soft texture of my hair!




As an Amazon fashion influencer I get to pick 5 free clothing items every month and these were my picks. Everything I am wearing is a size extra small.


A. Amazon fashion dresses

amazon fashion dresses

Daily Ritual v-neck t-shirt dress

This is a comfy t-shirt dress to wear at home or run errands. It’s a soft material, a little thicker than a regular t-shirt, and feels really good quality. For me it’s knee length and a bit loose but I do like the V-neck that looks flattering. To make it a little more stylish I put on a belt and some sandals. It is not sheer and it feels lightweight. My sister liked it so much that she kept it!

I am wearing it in the color Pale Pink with a black crossbody bag from Amazon.


amazon fashion finds

Amazon wrap dress for the summer

This is such a nice dress to wear to work or travel. It fits so nicely that it gives you a nice silhouette. The material is stretchy, soft, and breathable. For me, it hits a little below the knees. My favorite part is the bust wrap, and the style stays the because it is sewn even though you have to tie it.

I am wearing it in the color Burgundy but there are more colors to choose from, and it has pockets!


amazon fashion blogger amazon fashion luxury amazon fashion dresses

Yellow Wrap Dress • Amazon Essentials Beige Sandals • Ray Ban Sunglasses


amazon fashion influencer

Yellow Wrap Dress • Ray Ban Sunglasses • Michael Kors Rose Gold WatchGold Hoop Earrings


Yellow Wrap Dress

It looks so pretty and it’s a nice yellow color for the summer. The fabric is lightweight which is excellent for hot summer days. It has elastic on the waist and loose fabric on the right to tie it nicely on the left. Nice dress to wear with heels or tennis shoes. It can be see-though so I recommend using a beige color bra and panties. It feels a bit loose in the bust area but nothing major.

It’s available in other neutral tones like Black and other prints. Before we headed I made sure to get rid of all the wrinkles and we headed to Berry Farms. By the time I did an outfit change it got wrinkles, I got bummed out hehe.

Amazon Essentials Beige Sandals

These beige sandals are lightweight and comfortable. I have worn them for hours and they have not bothered my toes. Got a size 6.5 and it’s available in black and white.


Most of the time these are my staple accessory pieces. My Ray Ban Sunglasses and my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch. Always looks great with any outfit!



amazon fashion influencer amazon fashion best amazon dresses 2022

Sleeveless V-Neck DressQuilted Slip-On ShoesHigh-Waisted Tummy Control Panties


Sleeveless V-Neck Dress

This dress has really soft and thick material. It feels a little between a sweatshirt and a sweater. A little warm for hot days but I can also imagine wearing this during the fall. Fits a bit loosely but looks nice, feels so comfy and casual. I like the V-neck because you can wear it with a nice necklace. Looks nice with low heels or combat boots.

Quilted Slip-On Shoes

When I don’t feel like wearing open-toe shoes these are my go-to slip-on shoes. They have a cute quilted pattern and are SO comfortable to wear. So easy to put on and take off. I got a size 6, and it’s available in more colors.

Tummy Control Waist Panties

I LOVE wearing these control tummy panties because it is comfortable and feels good quality. It makes dresses look nice. It does not compromise the booty shape lol. Got an Xsmall.


B. Amazon fashion finds

amazon fashion finds

White Denim Leggings


amazon fashion sale

Gold Hoop Earrings


amazon fashion

Similar white and yellow tops:


Amazon jewelry finds:

These are the exact same hoop earrings I’m wearing and found a few similar coin necklaces.


C. Amazon fashion shoes

amazon fashion shoes

Strap Open Toe and Low Heel • Denim Leggings


White Denim Leggings

These white denim leggings are so comfortable! I got the white ones in size Small. They look flattering and if you buy them just make sure to wear a color beige underwear. It’s also available in colors denim, and black.

Available in more colors:


Nude buckle sandals:




bite beauty closing

Don’t forget unfortunately Bite Beauty is closing.  They currently have all of its products are 50% on the Sephora site and on the Bite Beauty website.


Thank you for being here, and until next month for more cruelty-free favorites! Enjoy June :))



This post is all about May favorites 2022.

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amazon fashion dresses amazon fashion dresses




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