September 28, 2017

Natural Products / Productos Naturales

 Read in English      Leer en Español NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR SKIN CAREFor all skin types One of my viewers asked to share the natural products for skin care that I use. So of course I thought it was a great idea, and it was time to share my updated skin care routine. Everything that I use is cruelty-free, and tends to be natural. It feels great to know that I know I’m applying to my skin the best natural products that…

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September 18, 2017

My Vitamin Collection

For more follow me on Snapchat as LynSire MY VITAMIN COLLECTIONvegan + healthy vitamins I recently received in the mail my new vitamin organizer from Amazon, and I have been loving it! I have a few vegan vitamins stored in different bottles, and I just wanted easy access for daily intake. As I was doing my Amazon search, I stumbled across a few vitamin cases, and this is the one I liked. I liked the various compartments, and thought it would…

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September 9, 2017

Get Ready With Me / Arréglate Conmigo

  Read in English      Leer en Español GE READY WITH ME Before Hurricane Irma strikes us Hurricane Irma is making major destruction along its way, and it’s one of the biggest hurricanes in history. I’m sad to know Barbuda island has been mostly destroyed. Much of Puerto Rico has no electricity. And Florida’s faith is still unknown… Zones have been created to know which area to evacuate, A through E. We are in Zone C, and it was announced it…

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September 1, 2017

August Favorites / Favoritos de Agosto

  Read in English      Leer en Español AUGUST FAVORITES 2017 cruelty-free beauty + home decor August for me passed by so fast! I was doing last minute home remodeling, it was back to school week for Lyn, and it was also Little Lyn’s birthday party. Busy month for me, but I enjoyed it. For the month of August I had a few cruelty-free beauty favorites, and some home decor pieces that I have been loving so much! Let me share them…

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August 26, 2017

Smoothie Recipes / Recetas de Batido

  Read in English      Leer en Español 3 SMOOTHIE RECIPES 3 ingredients each (healthy + vegan) I feel like my morning is complete when I have a smoothie for breakfast. I usually like to accompany it with oatmeal and my beauty vitamins. At the moment I’m currently taking Deva vegan vitamins for hair, nails, and skin and Deva vegan vitamins astaxanthin for my vision. Smoothie recipes can be so easy to make, and at the same time healthy. I was asked…

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