18 Vegan Inspirational Wall Art Printables

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These are free wall art printables that you can download.


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These 18 Vegan Inspirational Wall Art Printables are the perfect easy (and cheap) way to decorate a room or simply put on your desk for a little piece of motivation.

We’ve taken all of our favorite vegan quotes and designed them into trendy, and cute printables that perfectly fit in a frame.

This is a digital download and nothing will be shipped.

See the blog post about these vegan quotes here.


Vegan Quotes You’ll Get:

All good things are vegan, and cruelty-free.

All protein is initially made by plants.

Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends.

Be kind to every kind.

Being vegan is not a trend. It’s an awakening.

Eat beans, not beings.

“I could never go vegan” – Said almost every vegan (before going vegan)

If you love animals called pets, why do you eat animals called dinner?

My body is a garden, not a graveyard.

My body is a temple, not a tomb.

My food is grown, not born.

Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels.

Once you meet them, you can’t eat them.

Peace starts on our plate.

The future is vegan.

Vegan, because I’m being the change I wish to see in the world.

Vegan, because peace starts with how we treat the most vulnerable.

You can’t do anything violent humanely. -James Wildman



These vegan quotes includes an online download:

  • JPG Files – Small file size images
  • PNG – High quality images
  • PDF – High quality, multi-page documents.


Here is what you need to hang these wall art vegan quotes in your home:

A set of wall frames is a must if you are planning on hanging a couple of these around your home or you want to gift a couple of them.

I’m also linking Command Picture Hanging Strips if case you want to hang these wall art without the nails.

Wall frame colors available:

Set of Wall Frames in Black

Set of Wall Frames in White

Set of Wall Frames in Light Apricot

Set of Wall Frames in Mahogany

Set of Wall Frames in Taupe




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