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If you live with a partner there’s a better way than paying half and half, unless you both earn the same. If you don’t, both of you should be splitting the bills by percentage which I think this is the equal and fair way to split bills. And if you are single, no worries, I have also included a file for those of us that are single too!

See where your money is going. There’s a section for your Bills (Ex. Rent, internet, food, etc.), another section for Savings (Ex. Travel, house down payment, etc.) and see how much money you have leftover so you know how much you can spend on other items without never going to debt.



  • Some know it by the “Proportion Pay”
  • Categories for: Bills, and Savings
  • ‘Total” cells get updated automatically with the included formulas
  • Different category ideas to save money
  • Know by percentages how much you’re spending in each category
  • Separate tabs if you live with someone or if you’re single
  • How I personally save money
  • Recommended books on the topic of money
  • How to use with Google Sheets if needed
  • Included PDF guide with instructions, guidance, and tips

Start managing your money the smart way!



This download includes both .xlsx (for Microsoft Excel) and .numbers (for Numbers) formats, so you can customize it on your PC or Mac.

You can also use it with Google Sheets or from Dropbox to Excel (for free) if needed; instructions included in the PDF Guide.



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