Template Bundle – Job & Money Manage


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This bundle includes both templates: Job Résumé, Cover Letter & References and Personal Money Managing.


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Template Bundle – Job Interview and Personal Money Manage

This bundle includes both templates: Job Résumé, Cover Letter & References and Personal Money Managing.



Both templates have a minimal, and simple design to appeal to the eye.


JOB INTERVIEW – Résumé, Cover Letter, and References Templates

  • INCLUDES ALL 3 TEMPLATES: Résumé, Cover Letter, and References
  • How to increase your chances of getting that job position
  • An employer will remember you more if they see a photo of YOU on your resume! (Optional)
  • If you still don’t have a photo to use or you simply prefer not to add one you can leave it out. See screenshots for both versions
  • You can easily customize the colors; or for a more uniformed look make all the text black
  • A lot of useful tips: How to take your own headshot photo, my personal experiences going to job interviews, and much more
  • What to write email templates: After your interview, second interview, follow up or if you want to decline the position
  • How to use with InDesign or Google Docs if needed
  • Included is a PDF guide with instructions, guidance, and tips

This job resume is perfect if you want to make a good firsthand impression and you want the employer to easily remember you. In the PDF guide I include how to achieve this so you are more likely to get your dream job!



  • Some know it by the “Proportion Pay”
  • Categories for: Bills, and Savings
  • ‘Total” cells get updated automatically with the included formulas
  • Different category ideas to save money
  • Know by percentages how much you’re spending in each category
  • Separate tabs if you live with someone or if you’re single
  • How I personally save money
  • Recommended books on the topic of money
  • How to use with Google Sheets if needed
  • Included PDF guide with instructions, guidance, and tips

Start managing your money the smart way!



This download includes both .xlsx (for Microsoft Excel) and .numbers (for Numbers) formats, so you can customize it on your PC or Mac.

You can also use it with Google Sheets or from Dropbox to Excel (for free) if needed; instructions included in the PDF Guide.



I will often update my templates with current information, so you get unlimited updates. When there is a new update it will be here with the date, and page number.



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