Unboxing Cruelty Free Brands – Kaja Beauty, Biossance, and Hairitage by Mindy

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Put an end to animal testing with cruelty-free brands! Unboxing cruelty-free brands together with the latest beauty, skincare, and makeup products from leading companies that prioritize ethical practices. So let’s explore compassionate shopping now! 🐰

I still can’t believe I received four boxes inside a BIG box from Hairitage by Mindy! I thought the first box we received from them had been the biggest one I had received so far, but this one definitely topped it off so I feel so grateful ♥ 😲

As always thanks to you for liking and following my content, and thanks to these brands for choosing me to try out their latest cruelty-free products.

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This post is all about unboxing cruelty-free brands. 



Unboxing Cruelty Free Brands


1. Kaja Beauty Bento 🍱


  • Coral Sunrise (pink package)
  • Forest Night (brown package)

NOTE: The Beauty Bento eyeshadows I received are cruelty-free but not vegan, so the ones I’m linking below are vegan-friendly. Whereas, the Play Bento trio (Sephora / Amazon) are all vegan. 🎉


2. Biossance Skincare ✨

unboxing cruelty free brands unboxing cruelty free brands


3. Hairitage by Mindy 🎀

unboxing cruelty free brands





unboxing cruelty free brands



unboxing cruelty free brands



Unboxing Cruelty Free ASMR Video 🎥


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