Unboxing 3 Cruelty Free Brands – Glow Recipe, JVN Hair, and AmLactin

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Are you looking to make more ethical choices when it comes to your beauty and skincare routine? Unboxing cruelty free brands can help you make more conscious decisions and feel good about the products you’re buying. With the growing awareness of animal testing, the beauty industry is making more humane practices. We can do our part to make sure our beauty needs don’t come at the cost of another living being. 💔

Now, it’s time to break the box and discover what cruelty-free products we received!

Glow Recipe continues to surprise us! I think this is the third or fourth time we have received one of their PR packages. In case you are not familiar Glow Recipe creates each of their products based on a fruit. So the bottle color will match the individual fruit and even the scent. I love it! JVN hair products continue to surprise us as well, with the third time receiving their products. It is easily accessible at affordable prices, averaging around $25 per item.

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This post is all about unboxing cruelty free brands. 



Unboxing Cruelty Free Brands

Thankfully the animal cruelty-free movement is gaining global traction, and more people than ever are deciding to purchase products from cruelty-free brands. Let’s choose cosmetics that don’t include animal testing. 🐰🌱


1. Glow Recipe Skincare ✨

unboxing cruelty free brands


You can find a few Glow Recipe sets on Amazon:


2. JVN Hair Products 🎀

unboxing cruelty free brands

  • Nourishing Shine Drops – Amazon / Sephora
    💭 It does what it promises! It adds shine without adding weight and doesn’t feel too oily. Highly recommend it!
  • Air Dry Cream – Amazon / Sephora
    💭 I had never heard of an air dry cream so I can’t wait to see the results.
  • Use code LYNSIRE20 💰


3. AmLactin Lotion 🧴

unboxing cruelty free brands

  • AmLactin Daily Lotion: Amazon / Target
    💭 What I like about it is that it almost smells like a cupcake! 🧁



Unboxing Cruelty Free ASMR Video 🎥

You can also see the Spanish unboxing video here.



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