15+ Vegan New Year’s Eve Dessert Recipe Ideas

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This year most of us will probably get having a small setting since most places will be closed. Nonetheless, even if you stay at home it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in some of these vegan New Year’s Eve dessert recipes to have everyone happy and asking for more.

These are plant-based sweet recipe ideas, that look fun and easy to make. Some of these recipes have chocolate and others include champagne to keep the spirit alive. With vibrant and healthy colors in your food, to resemble the New Year’s Eve fireworks. These dessert recipes are a great addition to your dinner meal.

Is there any particular flavor you prefer for the New Year? Which dessert recipe will you be making to welcome the year? Leave a comment down below!

This post is all about vegan New Year’s Eve dessert ideas.


Some fun New Year’s Eve decoration ideas to serve with your food:



Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Delicious Vegan New Year’s Eve Dessert Recipe Ideas

These mouthwatering vegan dessert ideas are perfect for ringing in the New Year! Easy recipes that are cruelty-free and bursting with flavor. Make your celebration extra sweet with these guilt-free delights!



vegan new year's eve dessert

Pb & J Energy Bites: No Bake, Gluten Free and Vegan

“The classic combo of PB & J in energy bite form!”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Salted Maple Pecan Vegan Fudge

“The easiest, most fool-proof, rich, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth Salted Maple Pecan Vegan Fudge. Punctuated with crunchy pecan pieces and a smattering of sea salt crystals, it’s like salty, sweet perfection!”



vegan new year's eve dessert

New Year’s Vegan Champagne Custard

“Seeing double? That’s because this recipe serves four! Also, note that the prep time does not include chilling. This is a great make-ahead treat that can even be prepared the night before.”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Mini Cranberry Mimosa Bundt Cakes

“Celebrate the new year with a Cranberry Mimosa Bundt Cake. These mini cakes are spiked with your choice of bubbly – ginger ale, champagne, etc. – are loaded with fresh cranberries, and are topped with a simple orange glaze.”



Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet Recipe

“Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet is an easy sorbet recipe perfect for New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and the holidays! Isn’t it so pretty and festive? This pomegranate sorbet is a classy treat for the season!”



Soft Nougat Crème Brûlée

“This is an easy recipe that can be made in the blink of an eye, the only “but” is that you need to prepare it one day in advance so the cream sets in the fridge overnight. Other than that you’ll have a great individual dessert to wow your guests and start off the new year on a sweet note.”



Glitter Vegan & Gluten-free Cake Pops

“It’s almost time to say farewell to one year and welcome another. Welcome the new year in style with these adorable glittery cake pops!”






vegan new year's eve dessert

Vegan Brookies with Peanut Butter Swirl

“A liaison of brownies, cookies & peanut butter. Oh my! An awesome treat at any party but a very special (and delicious) way to start the new year. Yum!”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Mind Blowing Vegan Tiramisu

“You won’t believe it’s vegan. Creamy, dreamy, and delicious. You can indulge in this classic fave free from eggs, dairy, and refined sugar.”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Vegan Chocolate Truffles With Champagne

“This vegan chocolate truffles recipe uses a secret, heart-healthy ingredient to make them so creamy and only 60 calories! Add a little champagne to make them perfect for New Year’s Eve!”



Vegan Wagon Wheels with Chia Jam

“Wagon Wheels — chocolate cookies stuffed with chia jam and a cream center — will show your New Year’s Eve guests that you take their dessert needs seriously.”







Salted Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Slices

“The most amazing afternoon snack. Juicy and sweet mandarin slices dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt – Yum!”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Sugared Champagne Grapes Recipe

“Ring in the year with sweet, sparkling Sugar Champagne Grapes – a poppable appetizer or dessert that will have everyone raving!”



vegan new year's eve dessert

Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream

“These vegan Fruit Salad Cups will surely impress your guests and family members! They are cute, take only minutes to make, and are oh-so heavenly!”







vegan new year's eve dessert

Gluten-Free Vegan Champagne Cupcakes

“Celebrate the New Year with these gluten-free vegan champagne cupcakes. Light vanilla cupcakes infused with champagne, topped with a champagne buttercream. Cheers!”



Vegan Raspberry Champagne Cupcakes

“What I love about this recipe is, everything! It’s packed with notes of champagne and raspberry, the frosting light and fluffy(just stay away from photography lights or it will start to melt lol), the sugar content is lower than typical cupcake recipes, has aesthetic appeal, and is simply a perfect concept for any day!”



This post was all about vegan New Year’s Eve dessert recipe ideas.

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