9 Cruelty-Free Mint Nail Polish for Every Season

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Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, minty green nails are always in style. Not only does it make your nails look stylish, but did you know you can also make a kind choice for our furry friends by choosing vegan mint nail polish? Not only gives your nails a fresh makeover but also adds a sprinkle of self-care magic. ✨

mint nail polish

Imagine having beautiful mint green nails that not only make a style statement but also contribute to a cruelty-free world. Brands like Zoya, Londontown, and 786 Cosmetics have got your back with their amazing range of colors, ensuring you can rock a trendy look guilt-free.

It’s now about having nails that are not just chic, but vegan nail polish is ideal for a little extra self-love. Making this color perfect as an all-year-round treat and a bit of that “it girl” vibe.

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This post is all about vegan mint nail polish.



Vegan Mint Nail Polish

From vegan options to cruelty-free brands like Zoya and Londontown, find your favorite mint polish shade. Have that clean girl aesthetic, and treat your nails to a touch of minty green for a stylish look! 💖


mint nail polish

  1. Patagonia from 786 Cosmetics
  2. Mint by Lakur Londontown
  3. Pastel Mint by Heroine NYC
  4. Don’t be Blue by ella+mila
  5. Mint to be by Mineral Fusion
  6. Jade Jelly by Cirque Colors
  7. Little Blue Box by Karma Organic
  8. Spring Bouquet from ILNP
  9. Dillon from Zoya



When is the best time for mint green nails?

Wearing mint green nail polish is super stylish, and you can rock it any time of the year, but it’s especially in spring. It’s perfect for a pretty manicure or pedicure. Mint green is an excellent pick for May because it’s a light and fresh pastel color, just right for the spring season.

Mint green is also a good choice in the cooler months and it looks really nice in winter. Pastel colors like a soft green can show off a sweet and playful side. It’s also associated with creativity and a fun vibe.


What do green nails go with?

Green looks great with neutral colors like nude. If you like to avoid bright colors, using neutral shades like black and nude can make the green look not too flashy. Mint also looks good with beige and white. And if you want to make it stand out more, you can add some yellow, blue, orange, or pink for a cool contrast.


What is vegan nail polish?

Vegan nail polish is made without using anything from animals like fish scales, crushed bugs, or animal oils. Instead, it uses ingredients from plants and things that don’t come from animals. If you see words like “crystalized guanine” or “pearl essence,” those are non-vegan ingredients, so keep an eye out for them!


Is vegan nail polish any good?

Vegan nail polish is kind to animals and often has fewer harmful chemicals compared to regular nail polish. People believe that using vegan nail polish can be better for your nails than the regular kind.


In Conclusion

Whether you’re rocking it in spring, winter, or any time in between, let your nails shine with that minty-fresh vibe. Have fun with it, and remember, happy nails make for a happy you! 💅🏻


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This post was all about mint nail polish.


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