10+ Best Vegan Cheese Brands To Try This Year!

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Last updated on January 15, 2023

Are you looking for delicious vegan cheese brands? Here you will find a variety of cheese options to try!

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Vegan cheese is non-dairy, which is a perfect option if you are lactose intolerant or looking for an ethical alternative to cow derived cheese. Vegan cheese can be made of different plant foods, including soy, nut, seeds, and root vegetables.

Whether you prefer to make your own or you are looking for a cheese brand to try, here you will find a variation of the most popular vegan cheese products. From plant based mac and cheese, to cheese slices, grated cheese, and more.

What is your favorite plant based cheese? Let me know in the comments!

This post is all about vegan cheese.



Best Vegan Cheese Brands


Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook: 70 Delicious Plant-Based Cheeses

Synopsis: From Zesty Dijon Cheddar to Roasted Garlic Pistachio Cheese, this vegan cheese cookbook serves up plant-based alternatives to classic cheeses along with new favorites using nuts, coconut, and even cauliflower. Requiring nothing more advanced than a blender and using few, easy-to-find ingredients, the Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook has everything you need to bring the craft of cheese making to your kitchen.

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Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

Synopsis: Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making cheese―vegan cheese is simple and straight-forward, with clean, basic ingredients. Here, green-lifestyle expert Jules Aron shares the tricks of the trade for making sauces, cheese you can grate or slice, and soft spreadable options, using homemade nut milks, vegetables, and natural helpers like lemon juice, probiotics, agar-agar, and nutritional yeast. Her flavorful creations are enhanced with herbs and spices, and run from incredibly easy to more complex, mimicking familiar cheeses.

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Violife, Cheese Alternative Colby Jack Shreds

Amazon review: One of the best options for vegan, allergies and intolerance. Use frequently. I find the cheese melts best when it is melted in a pan like a sauce or put in an oven and although it doesn’t look like it’s melted if you spread the cheese out it is. Great for Mac & cheese,nachos, Burritos, taco and grilled cheese! I personally do not like it straight out of the bag to use without melting, great for salads and similar.

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Siete Dairy Free Cashew Queso, Mild Nacho

Amazon review: I have to eat both Paleo and vegan because of severe autoimmune conditions I have. Not only is this nacho cheese sauce vegan its also certified Paleo. Upon tasting it it brought back memories of eating nachos at the concession stand (before I was diagnosed and had to modify diet) its tasted just like the real deal!!!

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Follow Your Heart, Smoked Gouda Style Slices

Amazon review: I am not a vegan, so I know what deli cheese tastes like and this product is spot on. I have tried 4 vegan cheese products so far and this one is the best. If I didnt know this was vegan cheese before I tasted it, I would never have known. I ate it cold and melted on bread. The taste and texture are spot on, this will be my go to for making sandwiches and pizza. i still want to try a variety of vegan dairy products but this will be a keeper for sure.

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Violife, Wedge Just Like Parmesan

Amazon review: I have gone gluten and dairy free and have been trying to find alternatives. This has been great and makes me feel like I’m not missing out.

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Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning – Vegan, Gluten Free Cheese Flakes

Amazon review: I bought this after finding out I can’t eat cheese anymore, and was searching for something to sprinkle on vegetables or on pasta. Good stuff, and a super source of B vitamins. Hint: use this on foods that have some moisture.

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NOOCH IT! Fair Trade Dairy-Free Cashew Grated Cheeze

Amazon review: This absolutely 100% tastes nothing like Parmesan cheese, but I very possibly like it more than the real thing. It tastes like nutty garlic. It’a quite salty, and the texture is very similar to Parmesan. All in all, for this suddenly-later-in-life-lactose-intolerant person, I’m pleased with this alternative to sprinkle on my pasta that won’t send me running to the little girl’s room…

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Go Veggie Vegan Parmesan Cheese

Amazon review: When I first went vegan I thought there would be many things I’d be doing without. Turns out I was wrong. There’s a non-dairy or non-meat option to everything. This is one of those things. the Go Veggie parmesan cheese is awesome! My only complaint with it is that the bottles are about half the size of what I expected (good thing there were two). As far as taste, this stuff is spot on.

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Amy’s Entrées, Gluten and Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze

Amazon review: I LOVE THIS MAC & CHEESE!!!! I can’t say that enough!! I had my doubt because I love default Mac and cheese, but when I switched to a plant-based diet, this is one of the first things I tried and it. is. AWESOME! It tastes slightly different from regular Mac & cheese and is more sticky, but it’s absolutely incredible!

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Annie’s Organic Vegan Gluten Free Elbow Rice Pasta & Creamy Sauce

I’ve tried this before and it’s so easy to make! All you need are basic ingredients like plant based milk, and butter which it’s optional.

It’s dairy free, and gluten free.

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Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares

Amazon review: I am not a vegan, but I avoid dairy products like the plague, but that doesnt mean I dont miss them. When I saw these Cheddar Squares I had to have them. They taste good enough, end of story. I will definately get them again.

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Beanfields Bean Chips – Nacho

Amazon review: These are amazing chips!!! I was looking for a macro friendly alternative to regular chips and came across these at sprouts. Unfortunately I can’t find this flavor locally anymore but since amazon seems to have everything, I found them here. Taste is amazing and the spice is perfect!

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Earth Balance Gluten Free Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs

Amazon review: An awesome replacement for Cheetos. When I found out severe lactose intolerance was what was making me sick to my stomach, one of my biggest laments was “no more cheetos”. Well, I found out about these. While not dead on, they are close and made out of healthy ingredients. Win-win! My daughter mows through them like no tomorrow, too!

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This post is all about vegan cheese.

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