How to Make Vegan White Chocolate (the easy way!)

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Are you looking to make an easy way to make chocolate from home? If so, you’ll enjoy this easy recipe on how to make vegan white chocolate!

If you love the creamy, sweet taste of white chocolate then you will see that making the vegan version at home is surprisingly easy. Follow these steps and you will soon have a delicious snack to share with friends and family. You’ll learn how to make chocolate that is just as delicious as the classic version but animal-free!

Learn how easy it is to make your very own homemade white chocolate with only a few ingredients like cocoa butter, powdered sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla extract. Not only is this method easy, but also tasty! You might need some silicone molds.

You can enjoy this sweet and delicious dairy-free white chocolate by drizzling it over ice cream, grating over desserts, or dipping your favorite fruits. Yum!

This post is all about how to make vegan white chocolate.  



How to Make Vegan White Chocolate – It’s so easy!



What you will need to make your own white chocolate:



  1. In a heat-proof bowl, add the cacao butter. Place the bowl on top of a saucepan with a few inches of simmering water. Make sure the bowl is not touching the water. Let it melt, while stirring frequently. It takes about 10 minutes, and it will look like oil.
  2. You can now add powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and coconut oil (and a pinch of salt if using).
  3. Whisk until fairly smooth, for about 2 minutes.
  4. Once the ingredients have fully blended, you can turn off the heat.
  5. Pour into chocolate molds. Place in the freezer, and wait an hour.
  6. Now that it’s solid, keep your white chocolate in a covered container to store in the fridge or freezer. It’s time for you to enjoy it!



*Cacao Butter – If your cacao butter comes in large chunks, you can chop them into smaller pieces so they melt more quickly.

**Vanilla extract – Instead of vanilla flavor you can experiment with other extracts like almond, orange, peppermint, coffee extract, and more.

Topping ideas – You can a few variations like strawberries, chopped nuts, oreo cookie crumbs, dried raspberries, and more. Use the photo below as inspiration.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is vegan white chocolate made of?

White chocolate can be made with only four ingredients! Cocoa butter with powdered sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla extract. It’s perfect for grating over desserts, drizzling over ice cream, or dipping your favorite fruits.


Is there any vegan white chocolate?

White chocolate sometimes has cow’s milk, which contributes to a cycle of cruelty created by the dairy industry. Cows used for dairy produce milk for their babies, only to have it stolen from them. By going vegan, you help keep mother cows and their babies together. Thankfully, these ethical companies make delicious, and indulgent white chocolate without cow’s milk!


Is Nestle white chocolate vegan?

Nestle Toll House Allergen Free White Morsels are free from the 8 major food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, egg, milk, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish, making them a great vegan option. It’s available at Walmart for less than $5!


Do Whole Foods sell vegan white chocolate?

Yes, they do! Look for Raw Vegan Chocolate Bar White Chocolate Coconut Bar.



This post is all about how to make vegan white chocolate.

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How to Make Vegan White Chocolate

How to Make Vegan White Chocolate


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